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Someone else beat me to the punch, “did they read him his Carmen Miranda rights?”

Police arrest man for pointing a banana in their direction, causing them “to fear for their lives”. 

Michael Brown could not be reached for comment.


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Home improvement

A friend is preparing to paint her basement after a couple of decades and found this, left behind by my daughter Kate and another friend (Cliff, you know who you are) when, I’d guess, they were maybe 8, 10 years old. Pal Nancy suggests that it looks like something the Manson gang might have left behind but to me, I’d bet our friend could sell the wall as an “installation” in a NYC gallery and get millions.

Better yet, she could sell it directly to Steve Cohen.



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Watch out, Walt, they’re going after your pals

Is it the black hood on the poor guy that makes this racist?

Is it the black hood on the poor guy that makes this racist?

Dutch beer under fire by New Yorkers for its “racist” slogan, “You’ll be a slave to the flavor”. Since the beer’s logo is a dominatrix with a (white) slave at her feet, we can assume that, just as “master bedroom” and “slave cylinder” have been banished from the politically correct dictionary, dominatrixes must now refer to their clients as “friends with benefits”.


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Related headlines?

Still smiling - former Speaker o the House is still speaker of her sty

Still smiling – former Speaker of the House is still speaker of HER house and for now, that will have to do

Beginning of the end for Nancy Pelosi?

Disruptive pig kicked off US Airways flight.

The real beginning of the end for Pelosi was probably marked in 2010, when she lost her position of Speaker of the (Democratic) House and was forced to quit using the US Air Force’s fleet of Gulfstreams as her personal taxi service (85 trips in 16 months leading up to that sad day, including trips for grandchildren, friends  and business associates). Will she ever regain her private air-limo service? Only when pigs fly.


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