If alcohol abuse is a symptom, then this is a symptom of a symptom

Lower West Side: bad day for this banker

Lower West Side: bad day for this banker

Greenwich physicians inaugurate mobile hangover recovery service.

Josh Shajan and Steven Murphy, are launching a new business, HungoverMD, on Jan. 1. That morning — America’s top hangover holiday — the duo will begin making house calls to hook up patients to IVs in an effort to rehydrate, effectively eliminating the fatigue, nausea and headaches that come with too many cocktails.

“It’s like Uber for IVs,” Murphy offered earlier this week, while sitting at Greenwich Hospital’s Garden Cafe.

Rehydrating intravenously is something Murphy, Shajan and plenty of doctors throughout the world are familiar with. But by setting up a service that offers both pre-scheduled and on-demand appointments, they’re aggressively targeting a new market.

A bit of market research showed there are a few services like this scattered around the country, in markets like Las Vegas, but that hedge-fund-heavy Greenwich didn’t have anything to fill the niche for what Murphy said is a demographic in need of this kind of service.

“We think our clients are mostly going to be hard-working young professionals,” Shajan said. “Anywhere from 21 years old to your mid-40s is probably the target demographic — anyone who’s adopted the work-hard, play-hard lifestyle, which is a good number of people here. People on trading desks, financial professionals, you know.”

It’s none of my business, but if you find yourself on a first-name-basis with your Uber IV tech, if he can find his way to your house without directions, you might want to look at your lifestyle.


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15 responses to “If alcohol abuse is a symptom, then this is a symptom of a symptom

  1. anonymous

    In my humble opinion, this boutique service is nothing more than an expensive enabler. But, if these doctors saw an opportunity and the Greenwich community is willing to support it, then hey, it’s American Capitalism at work.

  2. Maitre d'Oyer et Terminer

    Why you old curmudgeon you. Save them a seat, they’ll be be along in their own good time, or not.

  3. Fred2

    A division of Butler Inc.

    Apply IV
    Remove or bring party girls & any other leftover guests

  4. Mickster

    I thought this was a joke when I read your article first. But the delivery is all wrong. You set up in Grand Central or Penn Station.

  5. Anonymous

    no reason why people can’t do this on their own.

    • Maitre d'Oyer et Terminer

      Sure there is. Steady hands are not a certain thing when practicing venipuncture while drunk or hungover.

  6. Anonymous

    Do they show up to your house in a vehicle plastered with “HungoverMD”? Talk about getting the rumor mill started…..

  7. Publius

    I think it rather odd that physicians, putting aside the free market/business side of medicine, are in a certain way supporting this lifestyle. What would one think of let’s say an endocrinologist providing emergency iv insulin to their patient that goes on sugar binges. The Hippocratic oath that MD’s take in summary is “do no harm” and while technically they are providing relief the underlying message is you can do harm and will help you deal with it. It seems like the $$$ signs in this case have overwhelmed the ethics.

  8. On the bright side:

    Greenwich has very very little chance of a white cop accidentally killing a black citizen. Thus, we should avoid costly legal issues, protests and looting.

    Every town has a silver lining.

  9. Anonymous

    Is this covered by Obamacare?

  10. Riverslide

    Well doctors have been enablers for quite a while. They implant bands around peoples stomachs to get them to eat less, and they give all sorts of meds to people whose main issue is obesity. The doctors should just say, “Eat less! When you’ve lost 50 pounds come see me and we’ll discuss your possible needs.”

  11. AJ

    Hey Walt, these girls want to be your friends.

  12. Marti

    This is a sad commentary. Hahaha…good ol’ rich boys get hammered and sick and physicians (?) profit and pamper the excess. UGH