Another “Guess That Price” contest

18 Perryridge Rd

18 Perryridge Rd

18 Perryridge Road, next to the hospital, has been the subject of much discussion and comment here since it was first put up for sale in 2010 at $4.650 million. Today, marked down to $3.495, it reports a contract. Selling price?


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8 responses to “Another “Guess That Price” contest

  1. Greedy Bastard

    What do we win if right?


  2. Mike

    went for 3.250

  3. Cos Cobber

    $2.9 and the seller tries to remove the appliances and fixtures the day of the closing.

  4. Publius

    $3,124,999 (nets seller (before transfer taxes) $2,999,999 after 4% vig…..)

  5. Anonymous

    Perryridge is such a pretty, quaint street on which this junker is out of place. FARports should stay on the eastside. Kudos to the realtor for referring to the basement the “garden level,” as though this were a Brooklyn Heights townhouse, and avoiding addressing the apparent complete lack of a backyard. $3.3m.

  6. james

    Nice house but there are only 3 bedrooms on 2nd floor with the “4th bedroom” in the basement.


  7. Anonymous

    551 River Road, Cos Cob, CT…..better value here at 1/2 the price, looks like Cos Cob is making the next move (especially if you’re in North Mianus / Eastern School Districts). Saw Gregory Rd sold for $2.05m….correct me if I’m wrong…..

  8. Anonymous

    $3.5 is a good deal. It would be hard to find this quality house close to town in this price range. However, it does not have a yard (and I don’t mean a small yard, it has absolutely NO yard). That’s a smaller buyer pool in kid-friendly Greenwich.