Just as I’d never hire a women’s studies major, for anything, I’d never use a Colombia Law grad to defend me – too fragile

I can't breathe!

I can’t breathe!

Columbia Law delays final exams, provides “trauma rooms” for its students upset by Ferguson decision.

The grand juries’ determinations to return non-indictments in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases have shaken the faith of some in the integrity of the grand jury system and in the law more generally. For some law students, particularly, though not only, students of color, this chain of events is all the more profound as it threatens to undermine a sense that the law is a fundamental pillar of society designed to protect fairness, due process and equality.

For these reasons, after consultation with students in the law school and with colleagues on the law faculty and in the administration, I am taking the following steps to assure our responsiveness and involvement in this particular moment:

In recognition of the traumatic effects these events have had on some of the members of our community, Dean Greenberg-Kobrin and Yadira Ramos-Herbert, Director, Academic Counseling, have arranged to have Dr. Shirley Matthews, a trauma specialist, hold sessions next Monday and Wednesday for anyone interested in participating to discuss the trauma that recent events may have caused .

– I support the idea of an open community dialogue to discuss the concerns of students in the wake of recent events, and to share diverse and collective notions of injustice that these cases raise. I will encourage all members of our community to attend.

– The law school has a policy and set of procedures for students who experience trauma during exam period. In accordance with these procedures and policy, students who feel that their performance on examinations will be sufficiently impaired due to the effects of these recent events may petition Dean Alice Rigas to have an examination rescheduled.


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14 responses to “Just as I’d never hire a women’s studies major, for anything, I’d never use a Colombia Law grad to defend me – too fragile

  1. What a joke. The joke’s on those who put up with it.

  2. Columbia returns as leader, otherwise we would probably have bases in Viet Nam still….ask any Cambodian what they think of Columbia U….

  3. another starbucks 4 me

    my 2 cents —>> WTF?!! Trauma my @$$

  4. anonymous

    trauma counseling is a huge business today. these so-called trauma experts get fat and rich off school districts across the USA, being called in after any event that the district deems traumatizing (like seeing what little Michelle’s Get Healthy lunch gets you on your tray, or not being included as a transgender to the list of potential prom queens).

    i’m old school enough to think its the parents job to help a child through any issues related to trauma. i’m also cold-hearted enough to believe if you tell a child there will be trauma counselors at school, the child will think he/she should feel traumatized.

    the thought that columbia is caving to such emotional drivel makes me traumatized. what do I get for my suffering?

  5. Publius

    The only trauma related to Columbia law grads or those of any other elite university is their legal bills. This assumes of course that one is stupid enough to retain one for advice/counsel……

  6. Publius

    The future of elite schools. Inspired by Chris R.

  7. Publius


    At first I thought this was related to the toxic soil at the high school. Oh… how naive I am!!!

    • anonymous

      that’s the most hysterical (as in laugh) story I’ve seen in a long time. these kids are going all out for the cause, a whopping 15 minutes.

      Press questions??? Like, “who are you wearing”?? 🙂

      11:30: Organizers meet, set-up begins

      11:37: Fourth-block classes end

      11:40: ‘Die-In’ begins

      11:45: ‘Die-In’ ends, speech, press questions

      These kids would be better off having a discussion in their classroom, letting the classroom debate format be the forum for airing both sides. I’d be thrilled if my fourth period class were blocked and I had an exam that period.

    • Anonymous Citizenette

      I’m reminded of the same thoughts I had back in the late 60s/early 70’s when I saw these type of youths having a good old time protesting and such, which was “gee, it must be great to be able to have all that fun out there like that…. I’m too damn busy with school and working after school and weekends”.

  8. Babylon Sister

    What a bunch of useful idiots. I wonder which incompetent faculty member is most responsible for instigating this pathetic, anti-justice freak show.

    Get ’em while they’re young and can’t yet think for themselves!

  9. AJ

    Step right up, Stupid:

    ‘Beloit Police Ask Residents To Volunteer To Have Their Homes Searched For Guns’

    ‘Chief Of Police Says He Hopes Initiative Can Help Residents Begin Thinking Differently About Guns’

    “Police in Beloit are launching a new effort to reduce gun violence in which they’re asking city residents to volunteer to have police search their homes for guns.

    Police Chief Norm Jacobs said he doesn’t expect the phone to be ringing off the hook with requests for police to search their homes. He nevertheless hopes the program will encourage people to think about gun violence as an infectious disease like Ebola, and a home inspection like a vaccine to help build up the city’s immune system.

    “Gun violence is as serious as the Ebola virus is being represented in the media, and we should fight it using the tools that we’ve learned from our health providers,” he said.

    Jacobs said he hopes some searches will result in the discovery of guns they didn’t know were in their own homes. He said that there’s also a chance they’ll find guns linked to crimes. . . .”


  10. AJ

    “A new law will place restrictions on scientists with clear knowledge on GMO dangers, and create room for experts with overt financial ties to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries affected by EPA regulations. H.R. 1422, which passed 229-191, is an earthquake rumbling through the Environmental Protection Agency’s Scientific Advisory Board.

    This means that the EPA can no longer be advised on their own research regarding GMOs or pharmaceutical drugs like antibiotics or vaccines. Can you say circular reasoning, or insular logic? This ‘reform’ means industry-appointed experts will determine what is ‘safe’ and what is not safe for the public, and that the scientists with the most knowledge about the risks pertaining to GMOs and pharmaceuticals will be gagged.
    . . .

    In other words,” says Union of Concerned Scientists director Andrew A. Rosenberg in an editorial for RollCall, “academic scientists who know the most about a subject can’t weigh in, but experts paid by corporations who want to block regulations can.”

    If there was ever a question that our government has been completely infiltrated by extremely questionable interests, let it be known that the stakes have just been raised.”


  11. AJ Nock

    The world is a different place than it used to be. Obama really did fundamentally transform America into a buncha wusses.