Law students continue to swoon

No more pencils, no more books; no more teacher's dirty looks!

No more pencils, no more books; no more teacher’s dirty looks!

Harvard, Georgetown “students of color” insist that they’re too traumatized to sit for finals, demand the same soothing hands provided to their Columbia peers.

Minority student coalitions at Harvard and Georgetown law schools are pressing administrators to postpone or defer final exams because they claim they have experienced trauma over the recent grand jury decisions in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

[Harvard Dean] Cosgrove responded to the students, according to the group, which posted her letter to its website.

The dean offered to provide “a space for reflection and support” to distraught students, as well as access to a university specialist who can help students focus on exams. She also directed students to counselors who can provide one-on-one support.

The perceived brush-off did not sit well with the coalition which followed up with a more focused letter demanding that Cosgrove follow the lead of Columbia Law.

The Georgetown Law coalition used similar dramatic language in its request for sympathy.

“Your silence is suffocating,” begins a letter sent on Saturday by the group, A Coalition of Students of Color at Georgetown University Law Center.

“We, students of color, cannot breathe. At Georgetown University Law Center (GULC), law students of color are underserved, unacknowledged, and unable to seek relief from our institution of legal education.”

As with Columbia and Harvard, the group’s main demand is to postpone final exams.

And, naturally, they want more:

They are also demanding that school administrators publicly address the issues surrounding both grand jury decisions across the entire school and that the school provide “targeted mental health resources.”

“We may take courses in which we are never called on: some of us remain unseen,” the open letter reads. “Invisible. Many of us are consistently called the wrong name, or the name of another person of color in the same class. These are commonplace experiences for people of color in the legal Ivory Tower.”

Other requests include diversity “retraining” for law school faculty as well as an increased focus on diversity in the student body.

What a waste of scholarship money.


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16 responses to “Law students continue to swoon

  1. Anonymous

    all of this “I am weak/special and need special treatment does not make equality possible…. ever. Either minorities (and women) are equal and or they aren’t. Can’t have it both ways.

    • From the demand letter linked to in the post:

      2. PROVIDE IMMEDIATE INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT: We demand specific, targeted mental health resources, meditation counselors, or the service of chaplains, rabbis, or other religious persons to assist us in coping with the violence we witness outside of the halls of GULC every day. We must be permanently provided with safe spaces on campus in which to deconstruct our trauma as students of color. These resources should be provided in conjunction with Georgetown Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS).

      They aren’t equal, obviously – they’re too weak to stand up to life. I wonder whether they’ll demand recovery rooms staffed by psychiatrists outside of courtrooms, to console them when a judge rules against them?

  2. Cos Cobber

    When I am 60, I’ll probably follow my kids to Asia where capitalism reigns supreme and diversity questions are entirely in the back seat. The pervasiveness of this victimhood mentality is alarming.

  3. many, if not most, of the non-white. non-asian minority students in top law schools are there because of affirmative action anyway. so what difference does it make if they don’t take the exams or take them later? we know how it turns out — a kenyan/hawaian from harvard is not the same caliber as a wasp from harvard. deficit going in and deficit coming out.

  4. Greenwich Gal

    Actually Edgewater, If the top colleges and universities were to admit students on the basis of merit alone, the student body would be predominantly Asian and female.

    • Anonymous

      Nah, not asian and female Greenwich Gal, just asian and white.
      Affirmative action hurts the minorities. You see them in law firms and you now how they got there. So, for all of the brilliant minorities out there – you must be fighting mad. You are assumed to be lesser than.

    • smittCT

      Females already make up a larger % of the student body in colleges than males do. Well into the 50%’s.

  5. Publius

    Once upon a time before all this box checking really caught on, I thought that an Ivy league school was most likely a stretch for your humble 2 cent contributor. As I espy the current “higher” educational landscape, it is apparent to me that the only place where I would be challenged today is the local public library. The Ivies? Not good enough for me!

    • AJ

      Autodidacts rule. Maybe one day the majority of companies that require a college degree as a prerequisite for employment will wake up and start using aptitude tests instead. Oh, but wait, wouldn’t that be discriminative?

      • That’s exactly what happened, AJ – the Supreme Court ruled that aptitude tests were discriminatory if they resulted in fewer blacks hired, so businesses turned to a safe harbor and simply required college degrees for all sorts of jobs that didn’t require them. The result was even fewer jobs for blacks but, like everything else on the progressive agenda, it’s the intention that counts, not the outcome.

    • AJ

      I’m surprised by the ignorance of so many of my degree holding friends. It’s like they never cracked open another book after earning their degree.

    • AJ

      In Connecticut the results of Blue Sky tests are unavailable to potential employers. There is no score, only pass or fail. Wouldn’t want to discriminate based on the intelligence of prospective employees.

  6. Gnawbone

    This is happening all over. I understand the Culinary Institute of America in NY is postponing finals for students who have been traumatized by the changes in Pizza Hut’s menu.