Sale, price cut

21 Cedarwood Drive

21 Cedarwood Drive

65 Conyers Farm in happier, sunnier days

65 Conyers Farm in happier, sunnier days

21 Cedarwood Drive, which was reported under contract back in August, has closed at $2.4 million. Looks to be a decent, 1961 home, perfectly livable, but it now appears  to be for rent, suggesting that the new owner is planning to build new. $2.4’s about what a 2.5 acre lot should go for here, so free house, in other words.

65 Conyers Farm Drive, on the other hand, can report no such success, and has reduced its price today to $3.995 million, down from its 2009 price of $6.9 million, and still below its 2007 purchase price of $5.125. Fifteen acres in the back country just ain’t what it used to be.




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7 responses to “Sale, price cut

  1. SBH

    Didn’t that Conyers listing start over 10 million?

    Hedge fund party has been crashing since 2007.
    1000+ hedge and private equity funds closing this year….highest number of “Cntrl Alt Deletes” since 09′

    Even PTJ can’t keep the lights on this Xmas…citing “technical difficulties”.

  2. james

    15 acres in Conyers for $4M is a steal according to me… I wish I had the money…

    • I think readers have said it has a lot of wetlands in that 15 – I saw it once, some years ago, but did no more than gaze upon it from the fence. But it does come with a complete set of architectural plans.

      • with accommodation for 26 cars!

      • Backcountry

        To give some perspective, this property has 15 acres, but there is not a site on the property that can accommodate a tennis court. You may or may not want a tennis court, but that tells you something about the quality of the land we are dealing with here.

        • james

          I am sorry but if there is room for a 5 car garage and 21 car underground garage I am sure you could get a tennis court, pool, and indoor basketball court. 15 acres is a very large property regardless of wetlands.

        • Backcountry

          No, I know the property and the site plan is maxed out and there was no place for a court. The land is basically slopes down to a “hole” (that’s what the neighbors call it), and the house/ garage, everything, gets built essentially filling it in.