Wienies take over Harvard Law

Harvard student

Harvard Grad

Students now can’t stand seeing “trigger” words such as “violate”, as in, “does this provision violate the constitution?”

A professor at Harvard Law School warns that law students have grown so sensitive to psychological “triggers” that it is becoming difficult to teach about rape law in law school, and that many professors are considering abandoning the subject entirely.

In an article penned for The New Yorker, Professor Jeannie Suk begins by asking readers to “imagine a medical student who is training to be a surgeon but who fears that he’ll become distressed if he sees or handles blood.” That situation now more or less exists at Harvard, she says, where a number of students are actively avoiding instruction and discussion on the topic of rape law.

Student groups at Harvard, Suk says, now routinely advise students to simply avoid classes and subjects entirely that may traumatize them. Sometimes, it goes beyond avoidance, and students intend seek to modify the classes themselves to accommodate their neuroses.

“Individual students often ask teachers not to include the law of rape on exams for fear that the material would cause them to perform less well,” writes Suk. “One teacher I know was recently asked by a student not to use the word ‘violate’ in class—as in ‘Does this conduct violate the law?’—because the word was triggering. Some students have even suggested that rape law should not be taught because of its potential to cause distress.”

Depending on how she pronounces it, Professor Suk’s last name could in itself be a trigger – change it!

UPDATE: It occurs to me that much of our body of law is off limits to these fragile flowers. Real estate law, for instance, includes a provision against forcible entry and detainer.


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14 responses to “Wienies take over Harvard Law

  1. Cos Cobber

    Interesting, so let’s say the Oral Roberts or SMU decide they don’t want to teach rape law under the same false guise, wouldn’t liberals take a different point of view? Absolutely they would. This is more crap from the feeble minds of lefties. It’s a dangerous age ahead if law schools can’t teach adult subjects that are rooted in the very real world.

  2. Walt

    Dude –

    The only way to overcome ones fears is to confront them. Not to run away from them like a little girly-girl.

    How long did it take you to overcome your irrational fear of the term “FSBO”? Yes, it was tough, and you soiled many a good polyester leisure suit to overcome your greed based fear. But you DID IT!! You are over that, right Dude? It has made you a better human being, and I use that term lightly.

    This leftist fairy tale view of the “perfect world”, where no one is ever offended, where we are all winners, where we are all the same, no one ever loses, all adjectives are banned, no one is ever sad, is absolute La La Land.

    Until people start to take individual responsibility, realize the problem is them and not everyone else, we are just pissing up a rope.

    GET OVER YOUR PHOBIAS!! Then we will start to make progress. Are you still frightened by the Easter Bunny Dude? I am still struggling with my Mime phobia as well. And Jerry Lewis. YES I ADMIT IT!! But I think those are normal, rational fears, and signs of common sense. Not like your neurotic, irrational phobias.

    Your Pal,

  3. Shellebelle

    The most financially successful attorney I know – my next door neighbor from the age of four – happens to be the most clueless individual I have ever met. He once commented that he makes so much money that he, seriously, doesn’t know what to do with it.

    He also asked me at my mother’s wake (she died fairly young), ” why did this happen? I don’t understand. Can you explain it to me?”

    He was serious. And 40 years old at the time.

  4. burningmadolf

    Triggering. What a bullshit concept. Pussies!

  5. anon2

    What does FWIW commenter and current Harvard law student JBH have to say? He doesn’t strike me as a total pajama boy.

    • We haven’t heard from JRH in a while and I’d ben assuming he was so busy down on Wall Street learning how to screw the poor that he hasn’t had time to write. Now I’m worried that he’s in a private sanitarium receiving electrical-shock treatment for trauma.
      Let’s hope he’s alright.

  6. Fred2

    The whole “trigger” , “trauma” is such … oh, nevermind.

    I think we should reinforce this trend & hard! All the trigger words I want banned, are: “social justice”, socialism, studies, communism, soft power, deconstruction, micro aggression, equality, fair , …you get the idea.

    In one fell swoop the entirely edifice of modern BS American academia would be MUTE.

  7. Fred2

    I’m actually serious, the huge problem with this is it’s the wholesale mangling of the language, and making words have power as if they are real things not concepts to talk about real things.

    It’s obscenely stupid.

    • Demmerkrat Patriot

      Not sure I’d qualify this as mangling the language, as the language hasn’t changed. I’d put this closer to emotional maturity ….

      Some people have excellent reasons for fearing people or situations, I’m not sure if a “trigger word” equates to an actual trauma (physical or emotional). If it does, the invading army need only put up loud speakers and say the trigger word over and over to subdue the populace.

  8. You can tell what’s coming next…..the word “coal” will require a trigger warning. Both rape and coal are simply too too horrible for liberals to utter…….

  9. anon2

    At least one college professor has common sense. 🙂

    An Oberlin freshman asked her professor to delay exams Here’s his reply:

    (Note the time stamp to profs reply. Less than one minute. Ha ha ha ha ha)