Yes, but we will only end ethanol, if at all, when presidential primaries are no longer held in Iowa

Study debunks all-electric cars as being cleaner than gasoline, but this bit about ethanol, while not new, bears repeating.

The study finds all-electric vehicles cause 86 percent more deaths from air pollution than do cars powered by regular gasoline. Coal produces 39 percent of the country’s electricity, according to the Department of Energy.

But if the power supply comes from natural gas, the all-electric car produces half as many air pollution health problems as gas-powered cars do. And if the power comes from wind, water or wave energy, it produces about one-quarter of the air pollution deaths.

Hybrids and diesel engines are cleaner than gas, causing fewer air pollution deaths and spewing less heat-trapping gas.

But ethanol isn’t, with 80 percent more air pollution mortality, according to the study.

“If we’re using ethanol for environmental benefits, for air quality and climate change, we’re going down the wrong path,” Hill said.

And then there’s the quaint custom of “rolling coal” over Priuses


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10 responses to “Yes, but we will only end ethanol, if at all, when presidential primaries are no longer held in Iowa

  1. John

    ISO-NE, our grid operator has an instructive website with real-time information on price and source. Today “renewables” collectively supplied about 8 perent of the 16,500 or so MW used around noontime. Impressive you might say until you look at the breakdown of these “green” sources. Of the eight percent of the total generation exactly zero percent was supplied by solar, it was a little cloudy… now Wind was 9 percent of the 8 percent, so not a big deal I’m afraid. The rest of the ” renewables” were wood and trash plants which both have smokestacks for the, ahem, smoke. Your tax dollars at work.

  2. chris r.

    don’t let Dirty Mike and the boys near your Prius

  3. Anonymous

    If you believe this story, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. Totally does not pass the smell test, come on Mr. Fountain. I bet that author didn’t even take into account how much coal is used to make gasoline.

    I much believe this story:

    • While an appeal to authority can be a weak argument, I note that the professor quoted as praising the study is from the Carnegie Institution for Science, which is not only a highly respected, objective science organization, but a devoted fan of the global warming theory. In other words, I wouldn’t think they have an axe to grind in this matter.
      (You do realize, by the way, that the article you link to is the same report I cite in the original post?)

      Driving vehicles that use electricity from renewable energy instead of gasoline could reduce the resulting deaths due to air pollution by 70 percent. This finding comes from a new life cycle analysis of conventional and alternative vehicles and their air pollution-related public health impacts. The study also shows that switching to vehicles powered by electricity made using natural gas yields large health benefits.

      • Anonymous

        Isn’t it funny how the same study can elicit two totally different headlines? Seriously though, in only a few select states is the vast majority of energy produced solely from coal. Everywhere else, electric is so much better than gas in terms of environmental safety. And electric cars have the option of being almost 100% emission free if powered by mostly renewables. Gas cars will NEVER have that option.

        • It was the ethanol I was railing about – a complete fraud, foisted on us by politicians and corn farmers, both corporate and Mr. Green Jeans. When the day comes, and I hope it does, that we can produce a steady supply of electricity from non-polluting techniques, I’ll be as happy as you will be – we both breath the same air, after all.

  4. Fred2

    And let us not get into the whole battery fiasco where the extraction and raw materials ( and rare-earths) which is incredibly polluting when done wrong, plus manufacturing processes which ships that material all over the place before it finally ends up in “electric” cars and what not.

    You know if the Dept of Energy really did it’s job, we have a complete report on this stuff which analyzed coal, gas, alcohol, renewables and came up with all the numbers about what stuff really costs what once you strip out all the subsidies and other stupidity.

    That being said you;d save time and money right away, multi-billions by simply whacking the obvious offenders like alcohol..

  5. Anonymous


    I suppose extracting, moving, and refining oil is an easy, environmentally safe process? LOL. But I agree with you on the DOE topic.

  6. pulled up in OG

    4:30 pm 17,667 MW
    Coal 2%