Little city on the prairie

After 6o years of “progressive” Democrat governance,  Detroit is looking more and more like the little village founded by Antonie Laumet de Cadillac.



UPDATE: This can’t be helping – Detroit releasing suspected murders and rapists due to staffing cuts at the prosecutor’s office and a resulting warrant backlog.



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9 responses to “Little city on the prairie

  1. Flash

    I wish Bridgeport would look so pastoral

  2. Anonymous

    Both Hartford and Bridgeport are right behind Detroit.

  3. Anonymous

    Kwame Kenyatta is an f’ing hypocrite. He defaulted on his own home and walked away from it. Yet another example of do as I say not as I do entitled liberal nonsense.

  4. Anonymous

    Reminds me more of Pyongyang than any city I’ve seen in a “developed nation.” Big, wide open streets for enormous parades of nationalistic pride. East Germany was smart – they built a wall to keep people in.

  5. Anonymous

    make it a requirement for able-bodied state & federal aid recipients not currently working to clean up dilapidated areas. that’d be interesting. oh and an uproar too. what, work? no way!