Sale and a price cut

34 Oval Avenue

34 Oval Avenue

34 Oval Avenue, Riverside, sold for $1.440 on an asking price of $1.495. It must have sold so quickly, I assume, because it has been “thoughtfully updated”, according to the listing broker. I wonder what that means?


It's an estate sale - can you tell?

It’s an estate sale – can you tell?

522 Lake Avenue started at $4.995 million, yours today (second price cut) for $4.1.


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14 responses to “Sale and a price cut

  1. anonymous

    i like that house on lake a lot, except for the parquet dark wood floors. I’d have to take them up. but the bones of the house look well taken care of – of course, no photo of bathrooms – but the kitchen looks perfectly 1950. I’d keep it exactly as is but change the wallpaper. The current homeowner has a thing for yellow.

  2. Anonymous

    Oval Ave still the epicenter of the key party?

  3. Brad Benedict

    This is great… I think a couple of days ago you indicated what I think is an all over market reality, that between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, there is a lull in activity, and no expectation of real estate news… and since you’ve said this, quite a few things have been reported. I’m not complaining. I am nearly 100% with you on your realty commentary, in general and specific, and nearly 0% on your political commentary. As to your son, and his health, 100% with you and with him.

    • Thanks for your kind thoughts (about John, not my politics, but that’s okay, there’s always time to come to one’s senses); there is some activity to report, but don’t forget, most of the sales that are happening are the culmination of contracts made some months ago. However, “pendings” are current, and that’s why I like to report on them – best gauge of what’s happening day-to-day.
      UPDATE: Having said that, 63 John Street, $6.9 million, has just reported a contract. This was an interesting legal case, with the owner trying to evict his ex-daughter-in-law. I guess he finally won.

    • Babylon Sister

      0%? I suspect that’s an exaggeration… I’m sure even Bill de Blasio, lifelong Cuba sympathizer extraordinaire, could admit to some sort of intellectual common ground with CF

  4. SBH

    Oval a land sale?

  5. Anonymous

    Doubt Oval is a land sale. Lot is small and $1.4 is a lot for land…good price for live able hous win Riverside.

  6. GreenITCH

    Not sure if the following holds true to Greenwich mkt but this article generally supportive of RE …

  7. FF

    Hey, wasn’t the Oval property the one with the renaissance tower? It its removal the “thoughtful renovation”?