I’m alive-really

A number of reader/friends have emailed me, concerned at my absence. That’s really comforting, in a Sally Fields-sort-of-way: “you like me, you really like me!” But I’m fine. Daughter Kate came in from Oregon the other day, and I took her up to Maine to reunite with the clan, then returned. Some blogging tomorrow, back up to Maine Monday, and back again at the close of next week.
John and Kate performed tonight up in Portland, Pal Nancy reports, to great acclaim. There’s to be a repeat performance next week, which I’ll be around for.
So all is good – we’re preparing for a joyful Christmas, as I hope all of us, gentile, Jew and skeptics all – what’s the point, otherwise?


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42 responses to “I’m alive-really

  1. jB

    Thanks for the note. Merry Christmas.

  2. Yos

    Amen! A Happy Christmas, CF.

  3. if you do it right, Christmas, once a year, is more than enough

  4. Anonymous

    A double Ahmen. LVL

  5. Goli

    Merry Christmas to all!

  6. Cos Cobber

    Merry Christmas CF and family, may you and yours find form of gold in your stocking this year.

  7. all the best to you and your family. you need to realize that many look to your blog several times a day, hoping for humor or inspiration or even annoyance, and, not finding it, feel discomfort, even abandonment. so when you’re too busy to blog, please let us know when we might hear from you again.
    wishing you and your family a joyful christmas and a year of happiness and healing.

  8. Peg

    Glad to hear you are OK. I myself am heading home to foggy MN this afternoon, after a quickie visit with my VERY old mom and dad.

    Looking forward to the holiday week and celebrating all for which I am so grateful – including Christopher and my buddies here!

  9. Walt

    Dude –

    I just assumed you left unannounced for your annual excursion to Phukit. Mama San’s ruv you rong time!! I figured you were up to your ears in LBFM’s right about now.

    Isn’t that what “your people” do around this time of year? Head off for an Asian sex romp, the same way the Jews head to Miami? Or Steph to St. Bart’s? Or the Irish to the nearest bar? Actually the Irish do that all year, not just around the holidays.

    So have a great Festivus!! Are we going PC this year so as not to offend anyone, correct Dude? When is the Airing of the Grievances? I have a long list. It starts with your “writing”. Will the GAR Evil Princess be there? I think she may have been a naughty little girl. I know what goes on at those open houses.

    Anyhows, enjoy the holidays with the family. Give Sarah a hug for me. And wish Francis well as well. As well as well? As well. And the reader too!

    Your Pal,

  10. PLEAAASSEE take some video of next John and Kate performance and post it here! We’d all love to see it.

    Have a very Merry Christmas. Happy trails back and forth to Maine.

  11. Pete

    Merry Christmas to you and all your family.

  12. Walt

    Dude –

    Did you read about the two poor cops shot execution style? You can read, right Dude?

    This is the face of liberalism. Two dead cops, simply doing their job, gunned down by a maniac, inflamed by the hateful rhetoric of Barry, Holder, DeBlassio and Reverend Al. THEY SHOULD ALL BE IN JAIL!!

    Al led a rally calling for DEAD COPS!! How is he not in jail for that? This is liberalism. Divisive, hateful, intolerant, and dangerous. And DeBlassio was elected by 73%!! It’s mind numbing. The rift they all wanted is here now. And it’s very real. The city is going to collapse under his progressivism. I blame the Jews. Why not, right? They take the blame for everything else. But they did elect him.

    And I fear this is just the start, not the finish. Why would cop’s even bother to go to work? For a mayor who shows them no respect. The black community considers law breaking thugs idols. Fanned on by race baiting “progressive” leaders. It is a recipe for disaster.

    But how Al and DeBlassio sleep at night is beyond me. They directly ENCOURAGED THIS!! And two guys simply trying to protect others are dead. Blood is on their hands.

    Not too late for brunch though!! My treat!!

    Confucius say “Tit for tat ain’t where it’s at. Homie.”
    Your Pal,

    • Call It Like I See It

      Don’t forget the “die in” by out own liberal youth at the high school, endorsed and sanctioned by our school administration. They are part of this too. What do you bet that there is no protest or formal remembrance for the slain officers by these same students? Our Greenwich kids may be part of the problem. The proof will be in if they do or do not rally in support of the two dead officers, or more importantly to your point of rallying against “The black community [who] considers law breaking thugs idols.”


      • Walt

        The worst mistake I ever made was moving to Greenwich. And I really mean that. Well maybe right after my addiction to reading this blog. Just busting your stones DUDE!! You have your moments, be they few and far between.

        This entire town is made up of privileged assholes, who think they are better than everyone else. It sickens me. Having money doesn’t make you smart. Having money doesn’t give you the right to feel superior to others, or treat others with a lack of respect. I believe we are all assholes, dumbed down by the LCD.

        Being a Waspy Wasp doesn’t give you a permit to look down on others. It does give you a free pass to avoid “Catholic Guilt”, of which I am a suffererereer, but that is a topic for another day.

        This town needs leadership to restore its greatness. THAT MEANS YOU FRANCIS!! AND YOU LEE MAZZILLI!! Start doing the right thing, and be held accountable. And so does this state. It is going down the shitter, and not all that slowly. We elect a Dick and a Dannel, SO WHAT DO WE EXPECT?

        I WANT TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT!! I WANT POLITICIANS HELD ACCOUNTABLE!! I WANT TO GIVE STEPH A CHRISTMAS BRONSKIE!! Plus a little doggie ride. Is that asking too much? I have been good all year.

        I don’t want little Zuzu to cry in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. That always makes me cry like a snot nosed little bitch.

        I want the Dude to get his first commission check for selling dirt. Why he deserve money for that exactly, I have no idea. I want your children to be well, John to kick ass, and to see a movie with Sarah. No worries Dude. It’s platonic. But tell her to avoid the popcorn. I am a weak little man.

        Anyhows, wishing you and yours all the best for 2015. You deserve it. And your writing doesn’t really suck. At least not all the time. Sometimes. But not always.

        Your Pal,

        • Walt, If you were able to have a do-over, and if you knew then what you know now, where would you throw the dart to live?

          I think many families struggle with this. Balance of work opportunity and quality of life, plus a town that has a sense of community.

          Mr EOS has said a million times that when he graduated from college, he wished he had moved to Alaska. Homer Alaska. Me, as a do over, I’d not have come to Bedford. It was very hard or me to make friends because I’m no cookie cutter wife and our kids are very different. Different was fine for me but made it hard for them in a town when everyone else was the same.

          I’m not sure there are many places left with all you want Walt.

        • Call It Like I See It

          If you hate Greenwich, you can move to Chicago. I bet you could get a job as a community organizer. Just don’t let your kids outside with a cell phone.


        • Walt

          EOS –

          Thank you for asking. That is most kindly of you.

          I would live in Montana. And I would marry a very round American woman and waise wabbits, and she will cook them for me. And her breast would be large. VERY LARGE!! And I would have a pickup truck… maybe even a “recreational vehicle.” And drive from state to state. Do they let you do that?


          MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and the reader!!

          Are you going to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”? That is my favorite, even though it makes me cry like a little bitch. Dobie Gillises dad is in it. And SUPERMAN!! Although that may be GWTW.

          Your Pal,

        • Cos Cobber

          I respect your sentiments Walt and my choice would be Montana as well. I must point out something I am sure you know, that its easy to romanticize life on a modest income when you are 2/3rds through with a padded bank account. In the alternate life, you’d likely work nearly the same hrs you do now with no means to travel or make a financial difference for others your care for. There are exceptions of course, but not many who find that perfect balance. Many that we perceive to have a good balance spend more time worrying about their finances and wishing for the ability to do more than we realize.

          EOS, I was beginning to think I missed out not settling in Bedford. I thought everyone there might be as cool as you and your Mr. Despite your misgivings, Bedford seems to have served you well as whole. At least what one can see from this point of view.

        • housecat

          Walter!!! How can you say that moving here was the worst mistake you’ve ever made?!?! Our key parties wouldn’t be the same without you! You know you’re a total value-add in that department, so: why so glum? It’s not *all* bad.

        • AJ

          Cos Cobber, you could buy yourself a two bedroom house for $4,000 down and seventy dollars a month in upstate NY, be close to good boating, skiing, fishing, hunting, inexpensive food and entertainment, good medical facilities with no shortage of doctors, and heat your house with natural gas and a wood burning stove for very little. That means you could easily live on nothing more than Social Security. Or you could by six of them for $24,000 down and become a real estate tycoon with pinky rings, one for each of your ten thumbs.

          Perhaps you might want to splurge, and for $99,000, have 1.15 waterfront acres on the St. Lawrence River in the 1000 Islands region — much better boating and fishing than Greenwich — about 15 minutes outside of Alexandria Bay:


        • Cos Cobber

          AJ, The idea of being a sponge, soaking up SS is repugnant. It only works if others are working for the system.

        • AJ

          Cos Cobber you are confused. Social Security is a retirement benefit that you paid for, or, if you are self employed as I spent most my life being, that you get to pay double for. Collecting from a retirement account that you paid into is not being a sponge. Same thing with Medicare: you paid for it. But you are free to decline both if you so choose. Somehow I doubt you will, but in the meantime talk is cheap. Will you decline Medicare ’cause other people have to pay for it — how altruistic — or stick with Obamacare?

          The only reason SS is not self sustainable is because the politicians stole all the money, your money, and put it in the general fund. If only you had voted for Al Gore and the money were safely tucked in his lock box — you Conservative fool.

          But if you are going to decline SS because other people have to sustain it, then you are a fool’s fool: they are going to make those people pay whether you take SS or not. And if you think that you or anyone else paying taxes or paying SS or Medicare deductions actually makes any difference, then you are an idiot of a fool’s fool. When they put the taxpayer on the on the hook for quadrillions of high risk derivatives that the taxpayer gets absolutely no benefit from (heads they win, tails you lose), endlessly pump hundreds of billions of dollars into TBTF banks, even foreign TBTF banks, tell you that the deficit and the debt are totally irrelevant, print all the money that they and their friends need, do you really think that taxes even make a difference? Of course they don’t: the sole purpose of taxes at the federal level is just to keep you a slave, to let you know whose bitch you are.

        • Cos Cobber

          AJ, the vast majority of boomers and pre-boomers will take from medicaid and SS far more than then ever paid in. That’s a fact.

          At my youthful age, most projections conclude there wont be SS or medicare when my time comes, at least not anything like the current form.

        • housecat

          AJ: does it still get down to 30 Below for most of January up there in the North Country?

        • Riverside Dog Walker

          AJ @ Dec 22 4:37pm. Your arguments, while blunt, are in my opinion accurate. I’m glad Cos Cobber took them in the right vein.

          Along this line, here is a homework assignment the next time anyone is in Shop Rite or Fairway. This may not work in Kings or Whole Foods, or maybe in Bedford. If the person in front of you pays with a credit card, look at the cashier’s screen to see if it is an EBT card, which to the naked eye looks like any other credit card. If so, it will state it on the screen.

          I know this because while in Fairway the other day, an able bodied young fellow nicely made room on the conveyor belt for my things. He was buying coconut water and a few other odds and ends. I happened to look up when he swiped his card and saw the screen say this was an EBT card. It is also a dead giveaway when the person separates their things into two orders. This is no longer buying groceries for the neighbor, this is because some things are not eligible under EBT.

          So not only did I pay for my own groceries, I (and all of us) paid for this moocher’s coconut water of all things. Someone on this blog passed along that a Shop Rite cashier said maybe half their sales were EBT.

          This country has become an endless welfare and warfare state. As such, its economy and finances, which are ultimately the basis of its power, are a house of cards. This situation will probably continue just fine for much longer than you think it should. Then one day, there will be a crack in the dam, and then a flood. Be prepared as best you can.

        • Appalled in 06830

          I have a great idea, Walt. Move out of town. Really. We’d all be better off.

        • Walt

          OK. Because it is Christmas time I will go light on you.

          You are a pig. Absolute scum. Who are you to judge anyone? Your arrogance sickens me. You are truly detestable. You brag about your zip code? You absolutely sicken me. That is your biggest accomplishment? You are all things bad about this planet.

          A phony Greenwich ass hole. So fuck you. Twice.

          Besides that, I wish you a Merry Christmas. Besides the fact you are a moron.

          But best wishes to you and yours. You stuck up snob.

        • Anonymous

          Housecat, I’m in Quebec right now and it’s +43°F, It rained with heavy fog (fog melts snow much faster than rain) on Christmas Eve and melted most on the snow. Only an hour to the south in upstate NY, most of the snow had already melted last week. It’s much warmer than this time last year.

  13. housecat

    Merry Christmas/Happy Chanukkah everyone! Glad to hear that things are well with the Fountain clan. 🙂

    PS: was asked by sweet little old lady to fetch an item off the top shelf at A&P just yesterday. I’m forming a protest committee as we speak – this grave injustice cannot stand and must be redressed immediately!

  14. Libertarian Advocate

    EOS beat me to it.. Video of John & Kate performing together would be really KEWL and would be a FANTASTIC present to all your readers. Maybe even $B would crack a smile at it!

  15. Merry Christmas to all of you!
    There is much to complain about……but we’ll leave that for the other 50 weeks of the year.
    We are fortunate to live in this wonderful community (which includes Darien, Bedford, etc…..)
    Actually, try this experiment: ask anyone, and they’ll say: “I grew up in the greatest town for little kids…” whether it’s Evansville, Indiana or Tupper Lake, NY or Modesto, California.
    Being born in the USA is like winning the lottery.

  16. Matt

    Thank goodness for this string of comments otherwise I would have had nothing good to read this morning during this short lull at the office. I can’t wait for “It’s a Wonderful Life’ on Xmas eve. Thank God it doesn’t end until midnight with my wife and her mother in law are fast asleep so I can turn on the waterworks at the end when Harry returns in uniform to toast ‘the richest man in town.’ It’s a nice little reminder that, while I don’t have a hell of a lot, I certainly don’t need much aside from my wife, son and close friends…well that and the damn P&Z to approve / allow me to do something with my parent’s property.
    Merry Christmas all.

    • Walt

      You only need five things.
      ONE – People who love you.
      TWO – People you love.
      TEN – A spectacular rack to snuggle.
      That is all you need.

  17. Anonymous

    so let’s see, you take off for a few days, during which, coincidentally, north korea is mysteriously kicked off the internet.

    you got skills. have you considered a career other than real estate?

    • housecat

      that was AJ, anon. credit where it’s due, and all…

    • AJ

      I think the whole Sony “Interview” thing was a false flag, staged event like the Fatty Arbuckle kidnapping to boost the number of people who would want to see a dumb as shit movie that probably would have been mostly ignored if not for all the publicity, and to bring about SOPA style suppression and control of the internet. John McCain seems to think it was an act of war and can hardly wait to drop bombs on somebody. Definitely an inside job/false flag — guaranteed!

  18. AJ

    “And just like that Americans got punk’d again.

    From two of the countless New Yorkers waiting in line to see The Interview:

    “We are taking a stand for freedom. We want to show the world that Americans won’t be told what they can and can not see. If we want to see a movie we’ll go see a movie and make up our own minds….”

    “I came to express my very strong support for the free expression of ideas.”
    . . .
    Now sit back and enjoy as “North Korea’s unmatched computer geniuses” hack even more movie studios and “demand” Cutthroat Island 2, John Carter 2, Waterworld 2, the Postman 2, the Lone Ranger 2 and, of course, Police Academy 32 are likewise never released. ”