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If I didn’t think it will affect prices in the remaining 49 states, I’d enjoy this story more

Bon apitite

Bon appetit 

California’s new law on creature comforts for chickens will drive egg prices up 40%

Look out Californians: Egg prices are expected to rise as a result of the state’s new chicken welfare law.

Farmers are prohibited from housing farm animals in cramped cages under Proposition 2, also known as the California Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act. The cage systems sometimes house tens of thousands of chickens in stacked rows of 8-by-8 inch wire cages, and activists say the law will prevent suffering and reduce the chances of salmonella contamination.

The cost to chicken farmers of upgraded housing is expected to translate to a 10 to 40 percent increase in the price of wholesale eggs next year, reports the Los Angeles Times. The chickens must be able to ”turn around freely, lie down, stand up or fully extend their limbs,” which means many farmers have or will have to get rid of cages and keep fewer chickens to allow the animals more space.

California voters overwhelmingly approved the law in 2008.

The average voter out there on the left coast is both whacky and woefully ignorant of how food is produced, so they whooped this law through and, satisfied, have sat back to enjoy their omelette. As usual, the liberal elite that sponsored this bill will pay far more for a basic staple and be delighted; their poorer cousins will just buy Twinkies.


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Fortunately, its citizens are too stoned to do much beyond chanting and banging kettles

Portland Oregon protestors go a’caroling,: “Deck the halls with rows of dead cops”.

And a merry Christmas to you.


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If you’ve ever wondered whether regulatory agencies have slowed our economy, try imagining how Thomas Edison would be treated today

Amazon wants to develop delivery drones – that won’t fly with our protectors

Commercial drones have taken off in other countries. Thousands of drone companies operate legally under simple safety rules in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. These companies use drones to deliver emergency medications, to monitor farms, drilling areas and construction sites and to film movies and news. By contrast, the FAA has approved a mere 10 commercial drones operators in the U.S.

In July, Amazon asked the FAA for permission to test its drones in a rural area outside Seattle. Regulators responded in October with a long list of questions, including this doozy: “Why granting your request would be in the public interest; that is, how it would benefit the public as a whole. What data or analysis supports Amazon’s position that aerial delivery is in the interest of the American public?”

For that matter, had the FCC still had the power to protect AT&T’s monopoly when Steve Jobs proposed an iPhone, he’d have been disconnected .


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There’s something in here about women drivers or women preachers, but it’s sad either way

Oopsie! Didn't notice

Oopsie! Didn’t notice

Maryland’s first female Episcopal bishop flees after hitting bicyclist, leaving him to die in the street. I don’t believe Episcopalians administer last rites, so that might be why she went on her merry way, but it’s also possible, given her past history of drunk driving and drug use, that she had other reasons.


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