Fortunately, its citizens are too stoned to do much beyond chanting and banging kettles

Portland Oregon protestors go a’caroling,: “Deck the halls with rows of dead cops”.

And a merry Christmas to you.


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10 responses to “Fortunately, its citizens are too stoned to do much beyond chanting and banging kettles

  1. I say, let these people chant all they wish and when they need the system, a cop or EMT or fireman to come running to save them or their loved ones, replay their chants and let them fend for themselves!

  2. i’m confused. why do they need revolution with Dear Leader in control now?

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Because he’s still campaigning and they can’t wrap their ganja addled brains around the fact that he’s been Prez for 6 years and things have only gotten much worse. It’s Bush’s fault of course and ours because we’re all racists. Never mind that a black president could never win the presidency on the black vote alone, since blacks represent about 14% of the U.S. population.

  4. Off Topic. Presidential golf plans forces army couple to move wedding.

    And people say that this administration doesn’t care about the people in uniform.

    • anonymous

      He’s since made his ‘apologies’, calling the couple personally. Still, his advance team HAD to know there was a wedding and decided they were of less importance than The Man playing golf. Yesterday, tourists were told to vacate a beach so the family could sun bathe. The thought of Michelle in a bathing suit would make me vacate willingly! And expeditiously.

    • Call It Like I See It

      O is a man of the people. And even if he did not know, his staff made sure that they treated the commoners accordingly. O just makes it right with a phone call. It fixes everything.

    • Anonymous

      F him and his golf game. The fact that he made 2 Army Captains move their wedding so he could play his precious golf makes me want to kick his scrawny ass all over the yard.

      F u dollar bill

      • Libertarian Advocate

        Anonymous @5:29: Obviously you don’t understand your rank in the pecking order. Apologize to Dullard Bill immediately.

        • housecat

          But LA, $Bob was unable to secure a position in his local Ministry of Truth! Given the staggering decline in Bob’s Party status of late, perhaps Anon needn’t kow-tow after all. I’m sure a mere “kumbaya” will suffice.

  5. jB

    The daily caller website is fucked up. Please stop linking to it. Thanks.