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But foreign money can’t hurt

Your home ('s buyer) here

Your home (‘s buyer) here

Chinese, among others, seek safety in US real estate. If you’ll excuse the reporter’s perception that a million-bucks is a lot of money, the basic facts are true: high-end houses are selling, while the middle-grounds is not. That’s a reversal of what was happening in the market just a year ago.

My partner Fudrucker is incredibly busy with Chinese buyers at the moment; in fact, he’s off to China in two weeks to explain, and sell, we hope, the Greenwich market to potential buyers in that country, and I’m sure he’s not the only Realtor responding to international demand. As bonuses shrink for the mid-level Wall Streeters and soar for the top, Greenwich property owners should cross their fingers and hope for continued instability in the east, including, of course, Russia.


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This won’t help central Greenwich property values

Annie get your gun

Annie get your gun

Owners of 62 Ridge Street, which sold, new, for $6 million back in 2011, “bound and robbed” in home invasion.

Pretty rare for Greenwich – I can think of only two such robberies in the past 20 years – but still …

Three blocks from police headquarters, for those who appreciate ironic, useless information.

At about 10:15 p.m. the couple a heard noise and were suddenly confronted by three black males wearing masks and carrying crowbars,” Gray said. “The couple was tied up and the robbers made off with thousands of dollars of cash and jewelry from the family safe,” he said. No one was injured during the robbery.

The suspects are described as: black males wearing partial masks and dark clothing, athletic build, average height, and believed to be somewhere in their late 20’s or early 30’s.


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Nobel Peace Prize winner update

Blowing the peace: This is not your grandfather's Oldsmobile

Blowing the peace: This is not your grandfather’s Oldsmobile

US plans to return tank brigade to Europe to counter Putin.

I’m no military expert, but a 150-tank fleet, plus all the support vehicles and manpower to support it, is larger than a bread box.

Weakness invites aggression.


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Modern Journalism

Parade participants take a break and head for the liquor store

Parade participants take a break and head for the liquor store

CBS affiliate reports on imaginary Kwanzaa parade 

In LA, CBS Station Pretends There Was a Real Kwanzaa Parade Yesterday

In an example of shameless Soviet-level deceit, CBS-LA reported colorful details, such as:

Some participants walked the parade carrying signs underlining important issues to the community, such as police brutality, home foreclosures, judicial corruption, transparency in government and environmental racism.

Except — there was no parade.


It didn’t happen.

An imaginary parade for an imaginary holiday.

It’s actually the most fitting “celebration” of Kwanzaa I’ve ever heard of.

(The original CBS story is here.)


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