This won’t help central Greenwich property values

Annie get your gun

Annie get your gun

Owners of 62 Ridge Street, which sold, new, for $6 million back in 2011, “bound and robbed” in home invasion.

Pretty rare for Greenwich – I can think of only two such robberies in the past 20 years – but still …

Three blocks from police headquarters, for those who appreciate ironic, useless information.

At about 10:15 p.m. the couple a heard noise and were suddenly confronted by three black males wearing masks and carrying crowbars,” Gray said. “The couple was tied up and the robbers made off with thousands of dollars of cash and jewelry from the family safe,” he said. No one was injured during the robbery.

The suspects are described as: black males wearing partial masks and dark clothing, athletic build, average height, and believed to be somewhere in their late 20’s or early 30’s.


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59 responses to “This won’t help central Greenwich property values

  1. Anonymous

    Was there a description of the bandits?

    • I just posted the official description, but I want to know where Mickster was last night.

      • Anonymous

        If the police catch these men and they resist arrest, they better not use a choke hold or a gun, else we risk seeing some more protesting in Greenwich.

        “The suspects are described as: black males wearing partial masks and dark clothing, athletic build, average height, and believed to be somewhere in their late 20’s or early 30’s.”

        • Cheer up – you can now park illegally in NYC, as the cops have stopped enforcing all laws, including, but certainly not limited to, parking violations. I’d advise readers to go armed into the City but unfortunately, the Democrats have disarmed the law abiding populace -don’t know if the law enforcement suspension extends to the gun laws, but with mandatory, year-long sentences, it seems wise to just avoid the place entirely and attend to you home’s security here.

      • Mickster

        Did someone say “Black Irish”? I was at home with my bride, sipping on a Malbec, catching up on “Homeland”.
        Several things about this do not make sense. 1. Time – 10.30 ish is not the normal time this happens, B. someone on that downtown street with “thousands of dollars as well as jewelry” (albeit it in a safe) does not head to bed without at least locking the front door and/or setting the alarm system and 3. men breaking into a house with the intention of robbing those within usually carry something more lethal than a crowbar.
        Doesn’t smell right.

    • Anonymous

      “Pretty rare for Greenwich – I can think of only two such robberies in the past 20 years – but still …”

      Less then a year ago(January/Feb 2014), East Elm St(around the corner) older woman was pistol whipped, bound and robbed. Similar crimes with in walking distance from one another, hmmmmm……

  2. Charlie

    Helter Skelter. This is just the beginning!

  3. Yos

    Moral of the story: Never bring a crowbar to a gunfight.

  4. Publius

    There is something not right with this. Admittedly the thin reporting in the GT Was out of context to the full police report, but as a New Yorker who grew up when anarchy reigned in the Big Apple, this just sounds fishy. The only thing that makes sense is that the house sits on a corner with a Ridge Street address but abuts Bruce Park lane or road or drive…. And that road is a cut through that may attract a “different sort”

    • I thought the same, but easy I-95 access could explain it – maybe.

      • ...

        Or the proximity to Wilbur Peck. Do you think the GPD will be able to follow the foot prints?

      • dogwalker

        Am I naive, or would any Wilbur Peck suspects really know how to get rid of jewelry? But I agree that something isn’t quite right. They go up to bed at 10:00, then just 15 minutes later hear noise? The front of the house is well lit with unobstructed view, and there are still people walking around in the area up until about 11.

        BTW, there were some significant renovations earlier in the year – summertime, I believe. Stacks of plywood?/sheetrock? in the driveway . . . looking extensive enough to have multiple crews in and out . . . potentially with ties beyond Wilbur Peck.

  5. Call It Like I See It

    P, I am not sure what you mean by “different sort.”

    • Look,like it or not, when cops see a black kid riding an expensive bicycle in, say, Riverside, they pull him over – there are (practically) no black families in Riverside and while that is regrettable, it’s a reasonable assumption for a policeman that a black teen on a bicycle in that neighborhood is “a different sort”, and worthy of official attention. There’s civil liberty, and common sense, and while I would side with liberty, I understand a cop’s common sense.

      • housecat

        CF: I’m pretty sure Biking while Black still isn’t a crime, even in the Riv. However, if someone has reported their (expensive) bike stolen, and its description matches the bike being ridden, then we are in agreement.

        I set the alarm early this evening just in case, but people have raised some interesting questions about this thing. The neighbours didn’t notice the small army of crow bar-wielding black males roaming the streets of downtown Greenwich last night? Seems odd, considering it’s cheek-by-jowl down there…

        • Housecat, you’re too innocent. Standard procedure in Greenwich is to stop all blacks travelling through town after dark, and kids on bicycles 24/7.A few sandwiches short of a constitutional picnic, but there you are.

      • SBH

        What about the caddies at innis?

      • GreenITCH

        black or white ..ask a few of the commuters about bicycles stolen at the OG train station I can literally name several fellow commuters that have had bikes stolen over the last few years

    • Publius

      Someone who would burglarize a 6 million $ home as opposed to living in one

  6. Anonymous

    I agree with other comments….something seems fishy. It seems a little too organized, too easy of access into the house, and thousands of dollars and jewelry easily available and taken.

  7. Greenwich Gal

    One word – DOG.

    • Large dog, and I agree; no one who hasn’t trained with a gun should rely on one for home defense. Dogs do it by instinct.

      • Mid-Country Cos Cobber

        I am an avid hunter and have two kids in my house. By the time I have unlocked, assembled and load my shotguns …. well; it wont be a quick process. It goes to your point …. DOG + alarm system + threat of yelling that you are calling 911 = a good deterrent. Remember, thieves just want to rob you without hurting you (most of the time). So if they know the cops are on their way … they will boogie out of there.

        Of course, if they are able to walk into the house and bind you up before you can call 911 … then you are in trouble

        • Riverside Dog Walker

          Top 5 Guns for home defense. This was educational. I’ve been thinking about a Glock 19….

  8. Anthony Fountain

    If the victims employ any domestics, the cops might want to interview them first.

  9. SBH

    Maybe the intruders knew the family, knew they keep the door unlocked from time to time, maybe one of them once or twiced work for a contractor that worked at that house. I’ve had to change my garage code a few times for the same worry/wonder.

  10. SBH

    Maybe locks are easy to pick and unlock
    Maybe they tried a bunch of doors in the neighborhood, and the first they found unlocked, they entered.
    3 men with crowbars tends to overpower most average company [chief? ED] that doesn’t have a .45 bedside.

  11. Anonymous

    Most people I know don’t lock the door when they are home. Maybe they will reconsider. I still think this is more likely to happen in an isolated backcountry home off the Merritt. I would have guessed there are more potential witnesses downtown.

    • housecat

      Frankly, that’s just foolish. Granted, I was born and raised a city girl, but still… Having said that, the vast majority of people actually *aren’t* out to get you, but why make it easy for the ones who want to steal your s—?

  12. SBH

    I think proximity to 95 and metro N, and Wilbur peck allow for an easy getaway. It’s always those lower avenue banks that get hit.
    Occasionally they take a shot at Betteridge, but run away when they find Terry already tied up in jewels with his “best customers”

  13. AJ Nock

    The perps were black males? Who saw that coming?

  14. Greenwich Gal

    SBH – what do you mean, Terry tied up? Is he packing? There must be a story there….

  15. Just the Facts!

    Chris, Better check your facts…..there have been more incidents of home invasions and swatting in Greenwich than “twice in the past 20 years”. Hope you’re not using the Greenwich Time for your fact checking. The 007 gang invasions early in the 2000’s, the recent violent invasion on Round Hill, now Ridge Street, and others have become an all too frequent phenomenon in Greenwich. I suppose that invisible force field surrounding Greenwich from evil and purported by politicians like Malloy/Tesei has cracks after all. Wake up Greenwich, the bad has landed and to date the police have only been lucky to catch some of these perps after the fact. JTF!

  16. Anonymous

    I recall new reports of robberies downtown in the general area last year and year before…some in early evenings. n

  17. Flash

    If the perpetrators were white, there would have been a raid on Le Bruce Park Bar and Grille. Where they probably would have found some home boys drunk as skunks rolling in cash and jewels.

  18. Matt

    On the bright side (if there is one), no one was injured or killed in some sick way during this incident.

  19. Chimney

    A lot of smart-assed comments on this robbery, but there has been a recent rash of break ins, with very little publicity- I know of at least six.
    Strangely enough, most of the homes had alarm systems, that were not turned on- I bet they are now. I would think that the GPD would want people to know about these to alert homeowners to be more careful. A number of suggestions have been mentioned- dogs, perimeter lights, lights with timers on in house, alarm systems activated when at home, as well as when away, use of the police “dark-house list” when away, not leaving newspapers in driveways are all common sense ideas. I’ve been too close to some of these break-ins to think they are funny.

    • dogwalker

      And if people want to have a safety assessment, someone from the Community Impact Section at GPD will come for free!

    • I gave Mickster a years worth of laughs when I mentioned we have security cameras outside, but I gotta say, they sure make a great deterrent. That, and as others have said, we have a very big dog, so we feel as safe as one can be today.

  20. Anonymous

    Robberies like this are a simple fact of living in Fairfield County amid pockets of extreme wealth and poverty. The getting is just too good, and too convenient. I would feel less comfortable in mid or backcountry than in town, though–no one’s going to drive by and notice a robbery in progress back there, it’s dark, there’s typically more money at stake, and it’s going to take the cops a minute to get to you. Everyone should get a dog. Thank God I live in a house (in town) so shabby that I don’t lock my doors.

    • anonymous

      Uh, rich kids rob houses too. Perhaps even more so in Fairfield County. They might not break in or tie up homeowners like this incident, but they can secretly steal something valuable when in someone’s house as a guest, the homeowner unaware until it’s too late. It’s often not reported either or even charged.

    • Chimney

      I agree with Anon about Fairfield County- as a famous bank-robber once said: ” that’s where the money is.” However, being as prepared as possible at least decreases the odds that it will be you that they pick.

    • Yes, I’ve adopted the “too poor to bother with” look myself. A wonderful disguise.

      • Walt

        Dude –

        It pains me to be the one to break this news to you. But I have known you for a long time, I like you, in spite of yourself and all of your obvious flaws, and I have always been honest with you, so I am going to have to give this to you straight. OK Hombre? SPIC DUDE!! Así que sentarse como un buen perrito.

        The “too poor to bother with” is not a “look”. Or “a wonderful disguise”. IT’S REALITY!! YOU REALLY ARE TO POOR TO BOTHER WITH!!

        What is someone going to mug you for? Your endearing personality? Your ten year old topsiders? A half written manuscript scribbled in crayon? A pocketful of pennies and already chewed bubblegum? Dead deer heads on the wall? PLEASE!! You are safer from being mugged than Fort Knox.

        But…..BUT!! We should address this tomorrow, and do your annual skills assessment. Start the year off properly. Bring you back to reality. You little space alien.

        Agreed Amigo? Frog speak DUDE!!
        Your Pal,

  21. CatoRenasci

    When threats are immediate, the police are just minutes away….

  22. another starbucks 4 me

    Wow. Is the tax assessment on this property really only $593K = $7K per year. Who’s robbing who here…?

  23. FlyAngler

    Of course the GPD are going to say this is a rare event, the world is watching. The inter webs and AP will pick up the first story published locally and run with it. The GPD spokesman says it is “rare” and the world reads that since no one does any investigative reporting these days. Only we locals know better due to local memory, etc.

    Btw, what about this guy who might be the next victim due to his observation about making sure he locks his doors? I read that and pretty much assume locking his door has been optional in the past. CF, the Mickster’s real name is not Andrew Collins, is it?

    “I’m going to make sure my doors are locked, and I’m going to look into getting an alarm,” said a local resident, Andrew Collins. “Not a happy situation.”

  24. dogwalker

    Don’t worry about Collins. Even better than a dog, Collins has kids.

  25. We were robbed last year just after Christmas. BF was snoring on couch with TV blaring on and Christmas tree lights and all shining about. I came down around 2am to rouse him and put prime rib leftovers away, including large knife and let him snore. Weird, a little voice in my heard told me to clean up kitchen and put that big knife away. Woke up the next morning to two missing laptops, a ton of cash, etc. Called GPD and then got messages from my bank about a credit card being used in West Haven. GPD finally caught the women using my cards, but I don’t think she did the crime. Bottom line…brazen break ins are happening everywhere….even in Cos Cob….lock and load.