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I think it says more about the parents than Hasbro, but I get the point, so to speak

Icing on the cake

Icing on the cake

Parents furious with toy maker for including phallus-shaped icing tool in baking kit.

Hasbro is under fire from parents who are outraged over a penis-shaped part in a Play Doh cake decorating set.

The toymaker has been attacked by moms and dads who bought the innocent-looking Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain Playset for their loved ones – and were shocked at the toy’s phallic connotations.

The piece in question, which is around the length of a thumb, is a mock frosting applicator, which the company refers to as an ‘extruder’. It is one of many parts in the $20 set.

Next, these same parents will be insisting on veils over their grocery’s banana section.


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