The triumph of experience over hope

Talulah Riley: Because I love him so

Talulah Riley: Because I love him so

Having divorced and remarried the same woman, Elon Musk this time pays her $16 million to go away.

18 months, six months separated – he could have found another call-girl for far less.


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17 responses to “The triumph of experience over hope

  1. weakleyhollow

    May the Farce be with them

  2. Mickster

    What is that Bush saying…..fool me once…?
    Happy New Year to all!!

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    No doubt she’s having a very Happy New Year!

  4. anonymous

    Calling her an actress is quite a stretch. In her IMDB profile, one movie she was The Blonde, so minuscule a part she didn’t get a name.

  5. let’s check on that other power couple:


    • Flash

      ‘Literally obsessed’ seems psychologically sick and would certainly qualify for a medical marijuana script.

  6. AJ

    He obviously didn’t know this guy’s secret to success.

  7. Yos

    Implying that TR is a call-girl is rather nasty, Chris. Do you know the gal?

    I don’t, but I know this much about her: With sixteen megabucks in her wallet, she can afford some damned ugly libel attorneys.

    Right. Happy New Year!

  8. AJ

    What, no prenup for part deux? Is Elon really as smart as everyone thinks?

    • Anonymous

      AJ, I guess you can’t read. There was a pre-nup. How else is she only getting $16 million when splitting up with a billionaire?

      • AJ

        Not can’t read, but don’t bother to read. I guess this is what passes for news on those days when Angelina is laying low. As to how much money Elon has, I’ve never given it any thought. But I’m glad you admire his success because you, the taxpayer, are paying for it:

        ” . . . Even with the support of federal and state politicians, Tesla would still be reporting losses were it not for its ability to profit off of other auto manufacturers in California. In the first quarter of 2013, Tesla reported its first-ever quarterly profit by using special credits from California’s Air Resources Board, which rewards auto manufacturers for the production of “zero-emission” vehicles. So far this year, Tesla was able to turn what would have been a $57 million loss into an $11 million gain by selling $68 million worth of these credits to other auto manufacturers in California. . . .”

  9. P

    $16M sounds about right for putting up with his toupees, internet-sized ego and closet big enough to hold all of Liberace’s wardrobe.

  10. AJ

    In a triumph of hope over experience, a pink haired bubblehead with no physics or math background defeats a NASA physicist and an AP physics guide writer in solving a complex physics/math problem by making use of 9-ll conspiracy websites to come up with correct answers on the reality show “King of the Nerds.” (Tape of show included.) Awesome!