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Taranto’s back from vacation, thank goodness

The WSJ’s James Taranto has resumed his daily column, and offers this witticism:

After All, the Republicans Ran on It and Won 
“Obama ‘Frustrated’ Dems Didn’t Run on His ‘Great Record’ in Midterms”—headline, Breitbart.com, Dec. 29


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Camp of the Saints

Ghost ships crammed with immigrants set on course towards Italy and abandoned by crew.

170,000 illegals came into Italy last year, more on the way.

The two episodes may open a horrifying new chapter in a human-trafficking saga that has brought as many as 170,000 refugees to Italy by boat over the course of the past year or so from Africa and the Middle East. (Thousands of other migrants have died along the way.) This week, in lieu of the small, unsteady boats typical of such journeys, border forces have contended with large ghost ships full of people and abandoned by the smugglers.

“At first we wondered if it was a one-off, but it now seems to be a trend,” an official from Frontex, the European Union’s border control agency, told the Telegraph. “The smugglers acquire a decommissioned cargo ship, recruit a crew, pack it with migrants and then abandon them at sea, telling them to call the rescue services.

All of which is exactly as predicted in French author Jean Raspail in his book, Camp of the Saints, published in 1971 (or so), and denounced as a hysterical, racist rant.


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Gideon writes!

63 John Street - yours for a song

63 John Street – yours for a song

No doubt stirred by my absence, brother Gideon decided to come out of retirement yesterday and post about last week’s sale of 63 John Street. 13 acres, big house, guest cottage, $5 million. It originally asked $10 and Gideon correctly points to the selling price as an indication of just how out of favor the back country has fallen.


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The champion of the Little People dines out

I think I'll eat cake

I think I’ll eat cake

Obama dines on white truffles and other tastes of the good life.

In a review of the restaurant Vintage Cave  last year, Honolulu Magazine noted:

The Vintage Cave menu showcases techniques, flavors and ingredients never before seen in Honolulu. As a result, praise showers as easily on its chef, Chris Kajioka, as white truffles shaved onto his crab, onion and rice porridge dish. “There’s nobody in Hawai‘i doing this caliber of food,” says Ed Kenney, one of the chefs dining at a preview dinner.

But who exactly will see this menu? Vintage Cave offers only one tasting menu, set at $295. The total bill for two, with wine, will approach $1,000. Clearly, Vintage Cave is not accessible to 99 percent of the population. So why does Vintage Cave matter?

Well it doesn’t, for most of us, but for the Democrat’s most hated segment of the population, the 1%, it clearly does. Welcome to the club*, Barry.

*There’s a $500,000 initiation fee, but that should pose no hurdle for this protector of the poor who’s gotten so rich, so quickly, helping others.


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