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This doesn’t inspire confidence

David Cameron greets Heathrow workers:" Heck of a job, Brownies"

David Cameron greets Heathrow workers: “Heck of a job, Brownies”

Scottish nurse with Ebola now in critical condition

Miss Cafferkey…  returned to Britain last Sunday after spending five weeks in Africa with other volunteers.

After disembarking from her flight to Heathrow, the 39-year-old was questioned by officials to whom she complained of a fever.

She was allowed to board a connecting flight to Glasgow however, after having her temperature taken seven times.

Concerns over the checks in place at UK airports have been raised following Miss Cafferkey’s positive testing for the disease. 

Protocol in place at Heathrow Airport was slammed as ‘shambolic’ after it was revealed the nurse complained of a fever, but was allowed to board a flight to Glasgow despite having her temperature taken six times in one hour.

Martin Deahl, 58, who was part of the same volunteer group as the victim and sat next to her on the plane home from Africa, said: ‘The precautions and checks at the airport were shambolic.

‘There seemed to be too few staff and too few rooms or places to put us in.

‘We were crowded into a small reception area where we waited for an hour or more.

‘I had a higher temperature so they wanted to put me in a room by myself – but they could not find one because they were using every inch of space.’

The consultant psychiatrist from Newport, Shropshire, also described ‘bizarre’ official guidance telling the group they could travel home by public transport – with many boarding crowded buses and Tube trains. 

The chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies, said she would consider if the screening procedure should be altered so people with lower temperatures are tested.

Dame Sally also said there were a lack of staff and ‘process issues’ at Heathrow.

She said: ‘She was cleared to travel because she didn’t have Ebola symptoms including a raised temperature.

‘It does raise a question whether we should be more precautionary. The risk of raised temperature when she came back appears to have been very low.

‘Clearly queuing and things like that are unacceptable and we will review.

‘But we will let people who are well travel because they will not infect the public.’

She added: ‘(Mrs Cafferkey) was well. She had no symptoms. Her temperature was within the acceptable range.

‘She would not be transmitting the virus, therefore she was cleared as fit to fly.’

Health officials are [now] frantically appealing for passengers on board each of Miss Cafferkey’s flights to come forward so that they may be tested. 

 I’m not sure how much to make of the Ebola scare, but I certainly wouldn’t want to travel through Heathrow right now with these clowns in charge.


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Fox Butterfield, is that you?

Getting to know you

Getting to know you

Speaking of Taranto, he likes to report Fox Butterfield stories, named after Mr. Butterfield for his famous NYT article headed, “More inmates, despite decrease in crime”.

Today’s New York Times demonstrates that its reporters still don’t get the joke:

The [Swedish Anti-immigrant] party’s growth has occurred despite the fact that roughly a fifth of Sweden’s 9.6 million people were born abroad or to immigrant parents in Sweden.

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