This why I keep a fire going 24/7 after traumatic break-ups

Just for the first six months or so

Just for the first six months or so

California: woman strips naked and tries to enter ex-boyfriend’s home via the chimney.



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13 responses to “This why I keep a fire going 24/7 after traumatic break-ups

  1. Steve

    Well, it is flue season…

    • According to the article, another CA girlfriend got stuck in a chimney a couple of months ago. It must be a trend out there, like twerking or the ice bucket stupidity.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    I thought for sure Walt would have weighed in on this one by now. Hmmm.. maybe he actually does have a life outside this blog.

  3. Fred2

    Seriously. I’m a big guy so sliding down, or up, a 12×12 flue without a couple of pounds of cordite providing the shove, is right out. ( talk about being hoist on a petard, but I digress)

    But, that being said, I’m looking at my 3 y.o. and she’d have trouble sneaking through a hole that size ( i think she could, but it’d be cozy), never mind my 11 year old, and he’s a skinny little snake.

    On what planet do grown women look down a narrow tube barely larger than their heads and think they can get their hips and shoulders down that, even nekkid & oiled up? I’m I know kids come out of places that would appear unlikely at first, but why would anyone with enough grasp on reality to make breakfast think that they could get down a flue?

    Boggles the mind.

    • a grasp on reality might include a little research to discover that, with most normal fireplaces, the smoke shelf and damper impose a serious impediment to easy passage: