Sale price reported

45 Old Stone Bridge

45 Old Stone Bridge

45 Old Stone Bridge, $2.1 million. Sold for $2,287,500 in 2006. Prices in this neighborhood took a hammering in the 2008-2012 debacle, but it appears that they’ve recovered.


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  1. News You Can Use:

    This is not just a Colonial as described in the listing, but a Garrison Colonial. Thanks to watching the new season of This Old House, I now know what a Garrison is.

    • Anonymous

      Garrison Characteristics
      Often symmetrical like other traditional Colonial Revivals
      Jettied second story over the first (the overhang is fairly narrow and not usually more than a couple feet)
      Pendant ornaments may be seen at the corners or spaced along the second story overhang
      Rectangular, side-gabled mass
      Narrow eaves
      Medium pitched roof (usually composition) may be gabled or hipped
      Colonial-style multi-light (six-over-six or six-over-one lights are common), double-hung windows. Shutters and bay windows are favorite details
      Colonial-style paneled entry door. Decorative elements are generally restrained but may include a columned porch, pilasters, or pediment; fanlight or transom, or sidelights
      Lapped wood siding is most common, but brick or shingle siding are also common cladding for the first story
      Is your house a Garrison Colonial?
      Like the Cape Cod, the Garrison Colonial is a variation of the Colonial Revival style, which enjoyed enormous popularity during the 20th century.
      It shares with the Colonial Revival many of the same characteristics including symmetry, roof pitch, and decorative detailing in such classical elements as double-hung six-over-six windows, pilasters, and traditional entries with broken pediments, side lights, or transoms.
      Though Colonial Revival was hugely popular during the first quarter of the 20th century, middle-class Garrisons are almost never seen until the late 1920s. During the 1930s, the style peaks in popularity, becoming much more common. It remains a popular style just after the War and into the 1950s when more modern styles begin to emerge.

  2. johnnybowhunter

    Pretty roof

  3. Flash

    Attractive updated fair-weather home. Old Stone Bridge is visually a great New England Colonial community. Buyer got exceptional value and can move in without towing in a crew of contractors.
    But Cat Rock access is a snowy challenge.

  4. nicely nice. and a great street name to go along with it.

  5. Anonymous

    what is the story with 409 round hill rd? Seems expensive for such little land and sq feet compared to neighboring homes on the market.

  6. Cos Cobber

    CF, Are we at a new low for inventory of single family since 2007? Seems like pickings have gotten slim as many delisted and others have managed to sell.

  7. Mid-Country Cos Cobber

    I love that street. The land is a little rocky for my tastes though.