Free house?

420 North Street

420 North Street

420 North Street is approaching that status at $2.699, although it’s not quite there yet. Still, a very nice one – acre (on North, but decently shielded) with an almost-new home (1948 original, basically rebuilt and expanded a few years ago. The layout works for me, although someone else might want to add a playroom or some such thing, which the FAR should allow. Failing that, tear it down and use the grade to take advantage of extra FAR and build a bigger new home.



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17 responses to “Free house?

  1. on those cold winter mornings: this!

  2. Anonymous

    Its a nice house and there’s definitely good value there. However, the lot and house are a bit odd since it is built perpendicular to a slope so there’s only really side yards (one higher than the house and one lower than the house) and not much a front or back yard. Also, in order to get to the 1 acre, they purchased a part of another lot from a neighbor, which is a lower yard that nothing can be done with (can never be built on though it would seem would be screaming for a swimming pool) and is right behind that neighbor’s garage.

  3. anonymous

    Price started at $4.2 in May. That’s why it hasn’t sold. Click the price history tab. Took freefall drops.

    When agents and homeowners sit town to price a listing, the agent doesn’t provide comps, or a link to FWIW?

  4. Publius

    If I ever lost my mind and principal and decided to move to town, this would be a “contenda”. I agree that this house might be a nice alternative for an empty nester vis a vis an overpriced in town condo/townhouse…

  5. Mid Country Diva

    It looks to be a really good deal now. Better than where it started at $4.2m. I guess being on North Street and the strange yard layout is the reason for the discount. I think its a tear down/rebuild to make better use of the slope.

  6. Anonymous

    This sold for about $2.9 in 2003 and $2.75 in 2012. Assuming a $2.6 price this house has essentially zero appreciation over the last 15 years. Compare that to New York City real estate or the stock market and Greenwich real estate is just a horrible investment. This house is not far enough away from town to factor in the trend towards walk ability.

    I’m genuinely surprised how the market in most of the US has just shifted to urban areas like NYC or Brooklyn and even more surprised that Greenwich is behaving more like New Jersey, Florida, Kansas or any other Suburban area.

  7. Cos Cobber

    I think the problem here are the 8ft ceilings and the simple fact that in the 2 to 3 M price range much of the product out there is more interesting on the exterior.