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I’d have thought they’d teach their students not to do this

brunswickBrunswick alumnus, now a fugitive, taunts police on Facebook.

That only gets them angy.


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More on the settled science of global warming

ClimateHustleHEADERFINALMIT: small volcano eruptions are cooling the earth.

Small volcanic eruptions over the past 20 years have been protecting the Earth from global warming, according to a new study.

Scientists have confirmed that droplets of sulphur-rich aerosols spewed into the upper atmosphere by volcanoes have been reflecting sunlight away from the Earth.

Until recently it was thought that only particularly large eruptions had any noticeable affect on the climate.

Since 1998, the warmest year on record, the steep increase in global temperatures seen during the 1990s has levelled off, failing to match computer model predictions for climate change.

This pause, or hiatus, has been blamed on weak solar activity and increased uptake of heat by the world’s oceans.

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change last year concluded that the deep oceans had been responsible for absorbing an increasing amount of heat, but warned that this could not continue indefinitely.

However, in a paper published in November last year, atmospheric scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that small volcanic eruptions in the early 21st century, which had been largely overlooked, were responsible for up to a third of the hiatus in warming.

Now researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, in California, have found signs of the effects from eruptions from the late 20th century and early 21st century in the atmospheric temperature, moisture and amount of sunlight reflected from the atmosphere.

They also found that the eruption of Pinatubo, a volcano on the island of Luzon in the Philippines, which last erupted in 1991, also caused a drop in tropical rainfall.

‘The fact that these volcanic signatures are apparent in multiple independently measured climate variables really supports the idea that they are influencing climate in spite of their moderate size,’ said Mark Zelinka, a climate scientist at Lawrence Livermore and one of the authors of the new study.

First, the warmists’ precise, infallible computer models with which they were able to compute to the day the arrival of doomsday failed to predict the global cooling that’s gone on for the past 17 years. Now it turns out they’d never included in their models, or even considered, the effects of small eruptions (or solar flares, or absorption of heat by the oceans or or or …). We’re being urged to shut down our economy and revert to the stone age on the strength of this “the-debate-is-over “science”?

Pshaw – the debate has just begun.


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Well they’re right: it’s normal Islam

The face of Islam, London

The face of Islam, London

White House refuses to call Paris massacre “radical Islam”.

Glad they got that right.


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It’s snow joke

They'll only take my snowman when they pry it from my cold, stiff fingers

You can have my snowman when you pry him from my cold, stiff hands

Saudi cleric issues fatwa against snowmen.

A religious scholar in Saudi Arabia has put a ban on a common childhood pastime, Gulf News reports Monday – building snowmen.

Mohammad Saleh Al Minjed released a fatwa (Muslim religious ban) on building snowmen recently, claiming that building any replica of any animalor human – even for fun – could not be condoned. Inanimate objects were fine to build, he insisted.

While it is unclear when the edict was issued, according to the news site, photos of Saudis enjoying the rare snow have still circulated on social media sites – and a debate has been sparked over whether the ban is wholesome or harsh.

“It has no value in our traditions, and those who are fascinated by the West should emulate their inventions and sciences, not their culture,” one blogger said, according to Al Marsad news.


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New broker, same old price

918 North Street

918 North Street

918 North Street, a sort of pseudo-castle built in 2006 and encompassing 14,700 square feet on four acres, is back again, still asking $11.9 million, the same price it expired at back in October. It’s been for sale, on-and-off, since 2009, when it asked $16.9 million. Perhaps the market is now ready for a 15,000 sq.ft. of this building style; who can say?

918 orth living room


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Two more sales

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 3.07.57 PMGreenwich Time reports that 21 Shoreham Club Drive sold for $10 million. It was never listed on the Greenwich MLS, so I assume the buyer approached the owners directly. It’s 3/4 acre of direct waterfront, and I assume the existing house will remain, at this price.

134 Butternut Hollow Rd

134 Butternut Hollow Rd

134 Butternut Hollow Road sold recently (I was in Maine) for $1.395 million. Sellers paid $2.010 million in 2002, and have been trying to sell it for the past four years, beginning at $2.495 and ending here. Decent deal, if you can put up with the Merritt Parkway as a neighbor.


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Western Greenwich sale

20 Heron front20 Heronvue has sold for $3,062,50. A rather odd spec house, it started at $5.4 million back in 2008 but never sold. It seemed well built back then, but over the years, foreclosure proceedings and rentals took their toll and it was in rotten – and rotted – shape the last time I saw it.

heron fireplace


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While we await some real estate news, let’s continue our food theme

Food critic Kenneth Harvey

Food critic Kenneth Harvey

560-pound sex offender complains that the food taxpayers are buying him sucks.

A 560-pound former pimp and convicted sex offender called The Post to whine about his taxpayer-funded stay at a Queens medical center — saying his bed was too small and the food is scanty and bland.

“My body is literally bending the mattress like an accordion,” [Kenneth] Harvey said in his private room, which costs Medicaid and Social Security up to $10,000 a month.

“A lot of times when they bring a meal up here, almost nothing is on the plate,” he said. “There might be lettuce and tomatoes and two pieces of bread. That’s what they call lunch.”

The supersized slacker, who was once 700 pounds, said he griped to the state Health Department and Queens Legal Aid to no avail.

Harvey says his apartment in Brooklyn burned in 2013. He lived on the streets for a while and panhandled at Grand Central Terminal. Eventually, he was hospitalized with pneumonia.

A social worker at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Bushwick, Brooklyn, set him up at Peninsula.

“It’s a rehab place and also a long-term home for you until you lose enough weight to get back on your feet,” the social worker told him.

“I’m the heaviest guy here in the home. Nobody is nearly as heavy as me,” Harvey said.

“A lot of people don’t like people as heavy as me,” he whined.

Harvey says Peninsula’s staff is slow to respond to his requests for pain medication or to empty his urine bottle.

“I have to wait three hours for medication here,” he said. “I am in pain from not being in a proper bed.

“I’m being verbally abused by everybody.

Harvey hopes a lawyer will help him sue the home.

Or he could go to work for that Birmingham butcher shop and shave off a few pounds.


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Then again, depending on where they source their meat, I might prefer to starve

Who are we to question Allah's will? Mr. Akhtar Khan, proprietor and philosopher, discusses workplace safety and sanitary guidelines

“Who are we to question Allah’s will?” Mr. Akhtar Khan, proprietor and philosopher, discusses workplace safety and sanitary guidelines

Employee loses three fingers to meat grinder, fellow workers wash it down with Fairy Liquid and keep on grinding.

A part-time supermarket worker’s hand had to be amputated after it got stuck in a faulty meat slicer, a court has heard.

But despite the brutal accident staff at Ash Food Fair in Birmingham began using the machine an hour after it sliced off Nasa Iqbal’s fingers and mangled his hand after they washed it down with Fairy Liquid and hot water.

Owner Akhtar Khan has admitted a charge under the Health and Safety at Work Act at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court and will now be sentenced next month.

Barry Berlin, prosecuting for Birmingham City Council said the small supermarket’s meat slicer had lost its safety guard a month before Mr Iqbal lost his fingers.

Staff had been using a plunger to insert meat since the breakage, the city’s magistrates’ court heard.

Fellow workers heard Mr Iqbal screaming on the morning of October 12 last year as he placed his right hand inside the machine, which continued to operate as an ambulance crew rushed to the shop.

A paramedic only recovered three of Mr Iqbal’s fingers after the machine was dismantled.

But an hour later a police officer arrived to find the machine was back in use and one of the employees said washing liquid had been used to clean it.


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I’d starve

Hot chop suey

Hot chop suey

China: restaurant offers free meals to the beautiful.

A restaurant in central China is offering free meals to its most attractive clients.

The Jeju Island restaurant, a Korean eatery in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, says the 50 most handsome people to arrive at its gates each day will be spared paying their bills.

Those hoping for a free lunch have their looks evaluated by a panel of local plastic surgeons whose tummy-tucking talents the restaurant is attempting to promote.

Before eating guests are taken to a “beauty identification area” where they are photographed and considered. Potential diners are judged on the quality of their faces, eyes, noses and mouths. Protruding foreheads are a particular advantage, according to reports.

Well okay, maybe my Neanderthal brow would get me a free fortune cookie, but otherwise, I’m doomed.


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And we thought we had problems with Greenwich Democrats nominating a cult member to our BOE

MessClassic59(Democrat, duh) Mayor of Syracuse appoints minister of Nation of Islam to school board.

The Nation of Islam, led by Louis Farrakhan, follows practices and ideas that are sexist (women are barred from speeches), homo-phobic, racist (whites are spawn of the devil) and anti-Semitic (Judaism is “a gutter religion). It endorses the tenets of Scientology, and believes that the damage inflicted on New Orleans by Katrina was the result of a deliberate plot by whites to wipe out the city’s black population.

In addition to his role as a Nation of Islam minister, Muhammad is an adjunct professor at Syracuse University and an assistant communications professor at Onondaga Community College (also in Syracuse).

“Mark is a positive influence on our community and has been for many years,” [ Mayor Stephanie] Miner said in a statement obtained by the Post-Standard. “I am confident he will go on to do good work for the children and families of the school district.”


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The snows of yesteryear are back

Quoth The Independent, "no more"

Quoth The Independent, “no more”

March, 2000, The Independent: “Snowfalls are now a thing of the past”.

Sledges, snowmen, snowballs and the excitement of waking to find that the stuff has settled outside are all a rapidly diminishing part of Britain’s culture, as warmer winters – which scientists are attributing to global climate change – produce not only fewer white Christmases, but fewer white Januaries and Februaries.

January 13, 2014: Britain to be blanketed by snow as far south as Somerset.


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Move On

Mr. Haji Yakub Qureshi announces his intention to award 500 million rupees to Paris shooters

Mr. Haji Yakub Qureshi announces his intention to award 500 million rupees to Paris shooters

Byron York: Obama’s refusal to send a representative to the Paris march against terrorism was not an oversight

It was of apiece with his determination to shift attention from Islamic terrorism to his own domestic agenda.

Obama’s supporters, weary of Bush’s focus on terrorism and eager to tackle a variety of domestic issues, cheered the president on. After the Defense University speech, the Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson wrote, “President Obama wisely avoided the phrase ‘mission accomplished’ in his major speech last week about the ‘war on terror,’ but columnists aren’t obliged to be so circumspect: It is time to declare victory and get on with our lives.”

The White House reaction to the attacks in France, going back to the first reports of shots fired at Charlie Hebdo, has been noticeably subdued. Obama had scheduled last week as a time to roll out some upcoming State of the Union proposals in trips to Michigan, Arizona and Tennessee. When world events intruded, the president stubbornly stuck to his schedule, mentioning France only briefly before introducing his plan for free tuition at community colleges.

Then came the unity march. No, it was not essential that Obama himself attend. But there’s no doubt he should have sent Vice President Joe Biden — why is there a VP, if not to go to big foreign events? — or at least Secretary of State John Kerry.

But not to worry, the president has a plan:

On Sunday morning, the press office announced the president will host a “Summit on Countering Violent Extremism” on Feb. 18. The plan is to bring together “social service providers, including education administrators, mental health professionals, and religious leaders, with law enforcement agencies to address violent extremism as part of the broader mandate of community safety and crime prevention.”

York thinks the idea of using social workers to thwart AK-47-wielding terrorists exposes Obama’s unseriousness, but I disagree; he and his type actually believe this s..t.


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