Imagine if there were fracking going on



Connecticut officials freak out over seismic activity in the nutmeg state.

The earth shakes – always has, always will, just like the climate changes. A tremble now and then, even a major earthquake like the Cape Ann (Boston) Quake of 1755 is part of the natural order. For fun,you might reflect on the New Madrid Earthquake of 1811, which ripped through most of the mid-west, causing incredible damage. Fortunately for FEMA, there wasn’t all that much human settlement out there in 1811, but when it next stirs, things will be even more eventful.

The point of my reference to fracking is that people are woefully ignorant about the earth we live on, and rush to attribute unexpected phenomenon on God, conspiracies or,these days, the Church of the Holy Gaia. We’re no better than the most primitive New Guinea cannibals in that respect.


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6 responses to “Imagine if there were fracking going on

  1. burningmadolf

    I’m not worried, the gov’t will fix it.

  2. funny, nobody mentioned worst case scenario

  3. In Peru they’re still talking about the Lima-Callao earthquake/tsunami of 1746 that destroyed both cities in a matter of minutes. They would laugh at the “Moodus noises”and itty-bitty tremors here in Connecticut.

  4. Speaking of woefully ignorant and primitive as a New Guinea cannibal, consider Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

    In the 18th and 19th centuries, banking and finance were not as well understood as today. Presidents Jefferson and Jackson had many virtues, but for both, banks were a bogeyman: evil, mysterious, dangerous.

    Today most people understand that a properly functioning financial sector is necessary to an economy.

    But Elizabeth Warren, Harvard professor, rejects the modern understanding of banking, in favor of 18th-19th century ignorance.

    Please please Elizabeth, won’t you run for President?