My finest achievement to date

Fudrucker’s over in China drumming up business and during a dog and pony show he clicked onto this blog, to show what else we’re doing. The message blared across the screen, he tells me, is that access to my site is blocked. Banned in Peking! That’s better than banned in Boston. I’m awed, and grateful.

China no likee

China no likee


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17 responses to “My finest achievement to date

  1. anonymous

    The Chinese blocked Lockwood and Mead or FWIW? I’m confrused.

    • AJ

      My guess would be this blog, as in (see above) “this blog.”

      Glad to have been of help and playing my small part in getting you banned — and on an International scale, no less. All I can say is that it’s been my pleasure.

      • AJ

        Sorry, I meant helping to get you banned. Sometimes I forget my advertising background and forget those little words help and helping that help avoid the mistake of making a direct claim. Note to myself: edit and proofread before posting.

      • anonymous

        I’m still conflused. Why show a screen shot of L&M if the “my” and “this” is FWIW?

  2. Call It Like I See It

    The Liberal Elite have not lost sight of their end goal, which is government control of everything. If they have their way, this blog will be banned in the good old US of’ A, because it is counter to their philosophy. It is a long term agenda, so you don’t need to worry – for now.

  3. Walt

    Dude –

    Quit making fun of the Chinee. The last thing we need to do is piss off the Chinks. Who else will ruv us rong time?

    So this is serious. BE NICE!! The last thing we need is to be unwelcome in Southeast Asia. Won’t you miss your midget sex with your little school girl Tai Nee? Are you abandoning your love affair with Wun Dum Ho? And what about the salmon eyed little girl you just want to talk to, while you watch TV and fart? What was her name again? Lim Ping?

    So tell Francis to repair our relations with them. IT’S IMPORTANT! I don’t need to lose my LBFM’S because of YOU!! THAT CAN’T STAND!!

    I have a date scheduled with Sum Dum Ho, and the last think I need is for your irriteracy to screw it up for me.
    Frank you.

    Your Pal,

  4. Pop goes your ego

    For a racist, red neck sack of something, does your ego really think FWIW is that important!? They also seem to have blocked my red neck facebook page with 2 friends! Damn I am as important as you!!

    For what its worth, China blocks all wordpress blogs, and facebook, and thousands of others.

  5. Anonymous

    If you start promoting the thousands of empty luxury residences in China, you’ll be back on-line.

  6. Cuomo & Comrade D’ are getting 500 m. to provide “free high speed inernet to all” …..when you are banned from that you will have reached stardom & be able to retire to Cuba……

  7. Anonymous

    Lots of Chinese buyers making purchases through Greenwich real estate brokerage offices these days. Many closings in Greenwich as well as up the line.