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The trouble with having a prominent, successful father is that your own idiocy hits the paper with a splash

Bergin Hunt and Fish Club. It relocated from Ozone Park?

Bergin Hunt and Fish Club. It relocated from Ozone Park?

NY Post: Greenwich resident Mario Gabelli’s son tossed out of NYC bar.

The son of Wall Street titan Mario Gabelli caused a scene at hot new restaurant Hunt & Fish Club, bellowing “Do you know who my father is?” as Fox Business’ Charlie Gasparino tried to calm him down.

Michael Gabelli was thrown out of the Midtown steakhouse after he started yelling when the bill arrived.

A witness said, “He forcefully argued with the servers and managers. Gasparino tried to help. Charlie kept saying things like, ‘You’re embarrassing your father.’”

After Gabelli calmed down, he tried to get a drink, but when the bartender refused to serve him, he flipped out. So he was thrown out, but not before dropping, “Don’t you know who my father is?…He runs this city.”

Gabelli reps didn’t return calls.


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Attention, Currency traders

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 2.06.50 PMReceived this incredible investment opportunity in the mail today and, while I’m temporarily financially embarrassed and can’t take advantage of it, it seems like a perfect vehicle for Forex traders. If you have any money left, that is.

I want you to lend me (or invest) $1,350,000.  $350,000 will be used to purchase 130 Main Street in Rancocas, NJ ( a mixed use property with two apartments and two commercial units, one of which is the local U.S. Post Office) to serve as our office and headquarters for our supported charity, Sickle Cell anemia & Charity, Inc. (SCAACI). [ **** See follow up, below- ED]

$1,000,000 will be used to purchase INSURED*, short (90 day) term notes at 80% discount.  Imagine getting 20% ROI every 90 days!! In six months, we will return your million dollars with no interest. (Although you might ask us the keep it as an investment in a “green” electricity generator that uses no fuel and produces no emissions.)  

Here’s why you should lend the money:

  1. We will get you an income tax deduction for the full amount of the loan (REALLY)*                     
  2. We will give you a corporate bank account that will allow you to do business income tax free.
  3. We will enable you to make major purchases free of sales tax!! (auto, boat, plane, art, jewelry, etc.)
  4. We will help you buy real estate at a substantial discount and enable you to offset capital gain when you sell.
  5. You will be helping a very worthy cause while making money for yourself!
  6. Finally and most important, we will give you the contact so you may purchase these notes yourself!! You can invest as much as you wish and earn 20% every 90 days!! Collaboration with SCAACI can enable the return to be income tax free!

Here is our full use of the money….

  1. Purchase 130 Main Street, Rancocas, NJ to serve as our headquarters. It is a mixed use property with two commercial units and two residential units and produces good rental income. The net rental income is sufficient to make regular mortgage payments.
  2.   Launch a program to help many of the 6,000 Atlantic City casino layoffs (see www.protect-my-money.net).  We developed this program to help the casino workers but it can help any employee being laid off.

Full details, including a business plan are available upon execution of the attached NDNC and intake sheet. While we plan to use $1,000,000 of your money to buy the aforementioned notes, there is a deeper, long-term purpose. The basis for the discounted notes is a “Green”, portable, electricity generator that uses no fuel and produces no emissions or emissions.  We are already negotiating with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to supply all federal agencies with them.  This could be one of those paradigm shifts economists talk about. I also have a Disabled Veteran Owned Business(DVOB)*** to do business solely with government agencies. The DVOB status provides a mandated advantage in doing business with the Fed.  We plan to buy a distributorship from the generator manufacturer to sell these devices to the biggest customer on the planet.  We hope to attract another funding partner for this effort.

*Insured by AIG

***Government Contract Professionals registered with the DLA (CAGE CODE 79RD2)      http://treymand2/wix.com/govconpro

Wm McGill, Phoenix Consulting      609-893-0619    C: 609-284-8606            Fax: 866-734-1191 for details and NDNC, email taxfixnow@gmail.com with “20% Notes” as the subject.  All questions submitted via email be answered.


*** Follow up:the property is currently listed for sale for $325,000.


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Only in Ireland – I hope

Chips and a six-pack and you've got yourself a true Irish dinner

Chips and a six-pack and you’ve got yourself a true Irish dinner

Potato chip sandwiches flying out the store


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Caught by skeptics, NASA admits it lied about 2014 being warmest year in history

Nurturing America's Socialist Agenda

Nurturing America’s Socialist Agenda

“Only 38% sure that it was, and if it was, it was warmest by two-hundredths of  a degree.”

The Nasa climate scientists who claimed 2014 set a new record for global warmth last night admitted they were only 38 per cent sure this was true.

In a press release on Friday, Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) claimed its analysis of world temperatures showed ‘2014 was the warmest year on record’.

The claim made headlines around the world, but yesterday it emerged that GISS’s analysis – based on readings from more than 3,000 measuring stations worldwide – is subject to a margin of error. Nasa admits this means it is far from certain that 2014 set a record at all.

Yet the Nasa press release failed to mention this, as well as the fact that the alleged ‘record’ amounted to an increase over 2010, the previous ‘warmest year’, of just two-hundredths of a degree – or 0.02C. The margin of error is said by scientists to be approximately 0.1C – several times as much.

As a result, GISS’s director Gavin Schmidt has now admitted Nasa thinks the likelihood that 2014 was the warmest year since 1880 is just 38 per cent. However, when asked by this newspaper whether he regretted that the news release did not mention this, he did not respond.

The way this works is, you release the false report one day, and get the headlines you want: “It’s official – 2014 really was the warmest year on record” then, if you’re caught and must admit your duplicity, you do so a few days later, sure in the knowledge that the media that trumpeted your original “conclusion” won’t bother mentioning the confession.

Works every time.

As I asked a couple of days ago when the NASA claim first came out, if global warming is real, why do its proponents have to lie about it?


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Naked discrimination

Where does he keep the ring?

Where does he keep the ring?

Britain refuses to lift ban on nude marriage ceremonies.

I had to look it up, but I now know that same-sex marriages were legalized in Britain last March, so why this last pocket of hatred?

Stodgy old Brits; it’s in their jeans.


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Ice alert

Greenwich streets are pure ice, making driving impossible. Can’t steer or brake, as of 8:30.

UPDATE: (11:10) Better now, but I-95’s jammed, and everywhere else is a slushy mess. Good day to start the fire and stay home.


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