Ice alert

Greenwich streets are pure ice, making driving impossible. Can’t steer or brake, as of 8:30.

UPDATE: (11:10) Better now, but I-95’s jammed, and everywhere else is a slushy mess. Good day to start the fire and stay home.


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24 responses to “Ice alert

  1. Oh Gee

    Warning came too to prevent me from falling on my first step out, but thanks for trying. Surprised we didn’t get a robo-call from the police chief or Peter Tesei.

  2. Chimney

    Same conditions in Bruce Park

  3. AJ

    Check out my lost in cyberspace link to ice sandals. Or look up ice sandals for yourself on Amazon.

  4. AJ

    Scroll down to the bottom of this page for past present and future radar of ice rain (in pink). Click settings at the top of page to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

  5. Bedford police subscribe to the Nixle system so early on, as early as 7, text messages came in re road conditions. Updated as need be. A text at 8:49 basically says Don’t go Anywhere.

    We were scheduled to head to Gardiner NY today, for a tour (tasting tour even) of the Tuthilltown Brewery, home to Hudson Baby Bourbon. Lunch before at a nearby mill. Going nowhere fast instead. Be safe everyone.

    • It’s now (9:35) 34 down here in Greenwich and Rt One, if not the secondary streets are ok. Sidewalks are still ice and someone told me I-95’s a mess. I’d stay put.

  6. Pete

    To her amazement and disappointment, I refused to walk my dog this morning. 61 days to Spring.

  7. ML

    Cold down here in S. Fla as well. 62 this morning!! 🙂

  8. Pete

    11:00 am and I just received a robo call from Captain Kordick of our Police Dept. that the roads are icy. CF beat the police by three and one-half hours.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Hehehehehehe…. Doesn’t that tell you something useful? Greenwich could unload its department by 50%, assign the balance of the pink-slipped cops’ duties to CF and save a ton on salaries and pensions in the process. What’s not to love? Walt could chair the Civilian Complaint Board.

    • Mickster

      I thought that so funny because it was soo LATE. Mrs Mickster had already gotten stuck on the 95 going to Mass and when she called me from there I looked at the CT DOT cameras to see it was all a mess.
      No idea why GPD took so long – GPD Folk – whassup wid dat??
      BTW – Pats are looking good!!!!

  9. Walt

    Dude –
    Ice schmise. I know what you are slipping it into. I want to do an expose on Greenwich dirt sales. If this is going on in New Jersey, I can only imagine what is going on here:

    Can you get me a sit down with the GAR Evil Princess? I always knew what you were up to. You pervert.
    Your Pal,

  10. Anonymous

    Managed to step out my front door and immediately hit the deck. What looked like a puddle was sheer ice. Ventured out anyway and was unsurprised to see at least two YogaMoms driving SUVs with the headlights off.

    • Mickster

      Just curious, is YogaMom a term of derision now?

      • AJ

        I think that Yoga Mom may just be the latest nom de guerre, incarnation, of the designation Soccer Mom though, perhaps, with more eco-friendly, Greenie, connotations, which, when combined with SUV, presents an oxymoron or perhaps an archetype. Either way, either appellation, in my opinion, is just a euphemism for MILF.

  11. Sound Beacher
    Tesie could take a lesson from Danbury, who at least notified his city while the storm was bad. Unlike Greenwich who does a robo call @ 11am, much too late!