The trouble with having a prominent, successful father is that your own idiocy hits the paper with a splash

Bergin Hunt and Fish Club. It relocated from Ozone Park?

Bergin Hunt and Fish Club. It relocated from Ozone Park?

NY Post: Greenwich resident Mario Gabelli’s son tossed out of NYC bar.

The son of Wall Street titan Mario Gabelli caused a scene at hot new restaurant Hunt & Fish Club, bellowing “Do you know who my father is?” as Fox Business’ Charlie Gasparino tried to calm him down.

Michael Gabelli was thrown out of the Midtown steakhouse after he started yelling when the bill arrived.

A witness said, “He forcefully argued with the servers and managers. Gasparino tried to help. Charlie kept saying things like, ‘You’re embarrassing your father.’”

After Gabelli calmed down, he tried to get a drink, but when the bartender refused to serve him, he flipped out. So he was thrown out, but not before dropping, “Don’t you know who my father is?…He runs this city.”

Gabelli reps didn’t return calls.



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28 responses to “The trouble with having a prominent, successful father is that your own idiocy hits the paper with a splash

  1. weakleyhollow

    Apparently his father doesn’t run the bars.

  2. Anonymous

    Dad should make that dumbass clean the highways, today. Which one is it around here that is “sponsored” by Gabelli? I can’t recall. Part of the Hutch, maybe?

  3. Greenwich Gal

    I hope the elder Mr. Gabelli has the money locked up tight in a trust.

  4. Anonymous

    What do you do as a parent who’s achieved considerable success and yet know, explicitly or in the back of the mind, that your offspring are a real disappointment in a variety of ways?

    I know a family of considerable wealth and of the various kids, who haven’t done anything of note quite literally their entire lives (the oldest being in early 50’s, and who’s never had a real job), are just milking the income and waiting for the grande dame to kick the bucket. It’s disgusting. Hopefully mom knows this and the kids (or at least certain of them) are in for a real surprise.

    I suppose another way of looking at it is that the parents aren’t to be congratulated for their parenting either, so perhaps everybody’s getting their just desserts.

  5. Anonymous

    Kid may have behaved like a Grade A douche but I doubt for a minute he said my father runs the city 😄

  6. ROI

    Gabelli is a smart man.
    Love watching him on CNBC
    He’s one of the few that when he does, everyone else is silent.

  7. Anonymous

    Don’t say anything bad about Mario. Great guy. Modest, smart, generous.

  8. Call It Like I See It

    After all, this is a real estate blog, and I will stick to a safer topic.

    Exploding houses a budding problem in Colorado

  9. Accolay

    Would love to be someone like him, if only for the amount of easy puss I’m sure big shot kids get.

  10. Anonymous

    Any restaurant/bar that Page Six describes as a favorite of finance folk and professional athletes is somewhere I never want to go near, where only bad things can happen. Any women who find themselves there: order your own drinks and never let them out of your sight.

  11. Anonymous

    As an aside, go to The Orange House wine bar in Punta Gorda, FL.

    Terrific people, great wines & small plates. And live jazz. Not the kind of place Gabelli Jr. would be frequenting, since at least half the crowd is over 60, 25% over 70 (!), and the other 25% a varied mix. Definitely not the “scene” for 20-something beauties looking for hedge fund sugar daddy…although there is plenty of quiet old money in there.

    Was just there a couple weeks ago, and it’s a gem.

    • Sounds like I should shift my fortune hunting down there!

      • Anonymous

        Chris it’s an awesome town and I mean that honestly. Definitely not for everyone, but we love it. It continues to get better, slow & steady rebuild after Hurricane Charlie really wiped out the downtown area. Have met some wonderful people there, and we hope to find a house there soon (been looking actively for the past year+).

        Much of the town (any of the “Isles” sections) is deed restricted and there are strict HOA’s, but if that’s ok with one’s sensibilities, then it’s great (no trailers or blue tarp front yard decor allowed). There are other non-restricted parts as well, and for the most part they’re ok too.

        The town is like 50% midwestern retirees. Ok I might be making that statistic up, but you literally can’t take a leisurely morning walk anywhere without people actually saying, “good morning” or “hello.”

  12. Anonymous

    Reminds me of the kids of a long-time family friend who is a self-made billionaire. Also, a great, modest guy. But the kids have been spoiled good-for-nothings their whole lives, who often acted like Gabelli’s kid, basing their importance on dad’s achievements. The father gave each $10 million at age 25, Both blew the money within a year. Dad gave them another $10 mill. Sad.

    • Babylon Sister

      Or trust fund baby extraordinaire Bill Ayers… Why get a real job when you can live off daddy’s money, while serving as a political prostitute to Cuban DGI.. start SDS, Weathermen, and Venceremos Brigade… Murder cops and innocent civilians… get pardoned by Clinton… and then enjoy a life of splendor in the free world by crapping on the U.S. as a tenured professor, published author, and the Oz behind the progressive curtain. such a pity the self-proclaimed communists like him doesn’t have the balls to move to Havana…. Capitalism may be evil, but it’s so damn comfy here!

  13. Surfin' @ Saline

    4,651 hits away from 20 million.

  14. rivman

    The Post never embellishes.

  15. Phenut

    Uber wealthy acquaintance has money in a trust fund for kids and they get an equal amount of their wages yearly . No more. Both are well-adjusted teachers.