Quick sale on Round Hill

409 Round Hill Rd

409 Round Hill Rd

Doron Sabag and Jim Hoffman’s project at 409 Round Hill Road was priced at $5.5 million 15 days go and already reports a contract. The two paid $1.3 million for this 1 1/2 acre lot in the 4-acre zone, but still managed to build a large – 5,000 sq. ft. home on it and, being the builders they are, created a beautiful home. If the house suits your needs, I can’t see the advantage of four acres compared to an acre-and-a-half.


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21 responses to “Quick sale on Round Hill

  1. Cos Cobber

    A bit of evidence that people want Riverside/OG type new construction (ie size), if it was produced in backcountry.

  2. Anonymous

    The design of this house should make every builder of huge, museum- sized monstrosities sit up and take notice. The house may indeed be Riverside/OG in size, but it outdoes the usual offerings there in sophistication and quality by a mile.

  3. Anonymous

    It’s a beautiful house and an interesting mix of classic and modern finishes. Not all to my taste, but a lot of it is. The advantage of four acres, to me, is some degree of guaranteed privacy and the opportunity to have tennis and/or horses. But for most people an acre and a half is just great. Especially since with a nonconforming lot surrounded by four-acre parcels, your neighbors basically pay for you to have plenty of privacy.

  4. Anonymous

    Jim who 😄

    They do very nice work. I would hire them to build a house for me if I could afford it.

  5. As one of the Anon’s said, interesting mix of classic and modern finishes. Too duded up for me and my eye balked at the glass panel coming down the stairs (picture #11). Otherwise, I can see why this home was snatched up in a nanosecond. Lucky ducks!

  6. Accolay

    Absolutely gorgeous! Personally think they’re the best of the Greenwich builders, with maybe Fieber in a close second? Any idea how much a typical Sound Beach house costs if building custom?

    Also, seems like it’s not distance that’s a concern wrt backcountry vs Riverside, but rather size? People are looking for smaller homes, regardless of neighborhood?

  7. Anon

    Thanks for mentioning Jim Hoffman. He is an equal partner to Doron and just as important.

  8. Anonymous

    Beautiful home—even if it doesn’t look like children or pets could possibly live there.

  9. Anonymous

    Its a lot of bucks!

    • Anonymous

      Yes if it sold for anything close to asking price it seems to be fetching a premium. Very nice house for sure.

  10. Anonymous

    3764 sq.ft says the listing.
    Where did we get 5000 from?

  11. Mid-Country Cos Cobber

    I’m still saving for a Kaali-Nagy house; fits my style better.

  12. Anonymous

    The mid-high end surely has picked up in the off-season. Rates this low sets up for a strong spring mkt. Wonder if the high end pushes up the lower end ie $1.25 to $2m of last spring even higher?

  13. ShedLessToolMan

    I think this house is just turn key beautiful and warm. However, it is next to street and right next to the church.

    I was wondering if the external architecture elements had to do with proximity to the church? There are odds points and such in the roofing.

    Anyone that saw this home over the holidays would love the lighting. It was done very well and the owners have great taste from start to finish.

    • Anonymous

      Beautiful house…needs some updating, but don’t they all. Given current mkt I think sellers did well and buyers got pretty close to fair value compared to whats been going on in greenwich (or at least in the riverside/old greenwich/ north minanus districts that feed in to eastern).

  14. Curious George

    Beautiful house. Does anyone know the name of the architect that designed this house?

    • Anon's Anonymous

      I believe Doron and Jim both design in house, and work with architectural firms – all plans probably need an AIA stamp for code purposes – but as this was a spec house I would imagine most of the style,design and layout ideas were theirs down to the trim details.