The balkanization of parking lots

signFemale veteran is upset to find  a nasty note on her car after she parked in a “reserved for veterans” space. I understand her annoyance at someone assuming that a woman can’t be a veteran, but I’m more upset to discover yet another expansion of the special privilege parking allocations clogging our lives.

We started by reserving spaces close to shops for cripples – a fine thing, and one that makes sense, given the difficulty of walking (some) handicapped drivers suffer from. But now, up on the Merritt Parkway, there are now spots designated for “high occupancy “vehicles” and “low emission vehicles” – different spaces for each, and in other areas, I’ve noticed special spots for cars with “babies in strollers”. And today it’s veterans, “to honor those who fought for our country”. Noble sentiments, but haven’t most of us served our country in one fashion or another? How about spaces reserved for taxpayers, who paid for the roads more travelled on? How about one for me, for quitting the practice of law and removing one litigator from the planet?

In the pc world we live in, everyone is “special” and deserves special treatment; unfortunately, there just aren’t enough parking spaces to give us all a warm, fuzzy feeling, and isn’t that sad? Still, we’ll just have to suck it up, and get on with our lives.

Maybe we can reserve spots for those of us attempting to do just that.


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17 responses to “The balkanization of parking lots

  1. desidog

    I never cared about the space in front of Stop & Shop reserved for Customers with Infants… until i had an infant. Now every time i go i notice there’s an asshole without a infant, or even a car seat, parked there.

    Of course, now that i have an infant i need to park by Val’s anyway, because by bedtime i need a stiff drink…

  2. Anonymous

    I guess I don’t know why we give veterans today–a volunteer force comprised in large part by people otherwise unemployable which account for an astronomical percentage of our national budget–so much more services than we did veterans of Vietnam, WWI, and WWII, who were largely conscripted and suffered equal if not greater horrors. Somehow we’ve managed to victimize an entire class of people who volunteered for a job, when before we considered service an obligation to which you were entitled your country’s warm regards and not much more.

    • Mazama

      Anonymous, are you the infamous defamer of U.S. military personnel John Kerry?

      I ask because your stereotypical elitist/libtard bigotry about military personnel which assumes them to be “otherwise unemployable” is both insulting and ignorant. Current active duty military personnel have higher percentages of high school diplomas and a higher percentage of college degrees than the general U.S. population. The same is true of Vietnam Era veterans.

      Nevertheless, as veteran of long ago service, I agree with the general sentiment that most veterans don’t need, don’t expect and, among ones I know, don’t want) petty “privileges” such as reserved parking spaces.

      IMO this borderline obsequious lip service and exhibitions of appreciation toward active duty and recent serving veterans assuages the gilt of the general population (especially social and economic elites) who realize that only 1.7% of the U.S. population provides the military preparedness and bears the burdens of frequent grueling and often dangerous deployments that the President and Congress demand. Many Boomers also harbor some guilt about their treatment of Vietnam veterans.

      BTW, Anonymous, your ignorance of current defense department expenditures relative to total government expenditures is as profound as your bigotry concerning military demographics. Defense expenditures, which are still falling in relative terms, total just 18% of current the annual U.S.Government budget; that’s about the same as total non-defense spending (17%) and much less than Medicare/Medicaid (25%) or Social Security (23%). And defense spending at just 4% of GDP, 50% less than in 1990 and down 75% from the early 1950s.

      Hope you’ve learned something.

  3. Matt

    I purposely park my Audi in the “green” spaces at Whole Foods in Darien when given the chance.

  4. Removing one litigator from the planet…..
    God bless you……….

  5. Anonymous

    I’m with Matt for Darien WFM… Except i park my 5.7L Hemi Ram in the fuel efficient spots. Love the glares from prius/leaf drivers.

  6. Just_looking

    I too park my SUV in any spot I want, except handicap for the reasons cited above and for the fact that none of those parking requests are enforceable, except handicap. I am sure the day will come when those parking requests become enforceable regulations, but until then, they can go …..

  7. 4.54 Billion Years

    This spaced reserved for Democrats saving the planet.
    No Parking for Republicans hell-bent on destroying the planet.

  8. Anonymous

    I’ll take the spot reserved for high occupancy and low emissions vehicles. But I’ll continue respecting the veterans. misused as they have been by Obama and his predecessor.

  9. Tom S.

    Regarding the low emission vehicle spots, if there isn’t a charging station I completely agree that they shouldn’t be designated as such. However if you are blocking a charging station with a gas powered vehicle then you are just intentionally being a jackass and deserve to get towed.

    Disclosure: I drive a gas powered vehicle, although I have considered buying a Tesla.