We knew this all along

Francis Fudrucker, Chairman of the Greenwich Democrats and founder of this august firm, shows his true colors

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30 responses to “We knew this all along

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    Rule Britannia is a much more stirring anthem than God Save the Queen. Also, what happens when she dies and they get another King? Change the anthem again? What about a GAY King, do they keep God Save the Queen? Does it matter what a “colonial” thinks?

    • housecat

      They switch back to God Save the King, silly. But if William suddenly comes out flying the Rainbow Flag, who knows?

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Oh, BTW where is Frankie’s Pancho, Dullard Bill? Couldn’t GPCP* foot the air fare for him? Or did his move down to Bronxville take him out of the Greenwich party apparat?

    *Greenwich Progressive Communist Party

  3. Publius

    The air quality looks very good from the pix. It’s probably because of the climate deal that O struck with the Chinese. FF should have picked up a few masks at Greenwich Hardware before he boarded the plane. There very “in” in many of the Asian countries…….

    • Rick

      Wow, so Riverside and OG can’t crack the top 20, barely top 25 schools in CT? What will be the excuse for moving there now?

      • Bet Right.

        Yes, sad to say it.
        But North Mianus and Dundee now tops in town!!!

        • Cos Cobber

          Two comments. The predominate school ranker – School Digger, stopped updating their rankings in 2013 because changes implemented by the state to statewide testing. So, the good and bad in terms of so called rankings is locked as is for the foreseeable future. School Digger appears to only use statistical data to evaluate schools – albeit there maybe some subjective weighting bias – but I haven’t check.

          Meanwhile, this Niche rating system is very much the opposite of school digger, relying heavily on subjective data such as parent comments. I’ve never scene Niche. If it gains ground on school digger, it will be interesting to see how much parent campaign bias gets plowed into their system. Niche has all the town’s elementary schools ranked in the top 100 (of the approx 450 public schools). Interesting.

        • Toonces

          Did anybody look at the details? All of those top elementarys – North Mianus, dundee, OG, Riverside and North st school scored exactly the same for the 1st 3 things – district satisfaction, academics and teachers. The ONLY score that differs slightly is the diversity/culture grade and those range from a B- to a C+.

        • Cos Cobber

          Funny, I wrote “scene” instead of ‘seen’ – par for the course for moi.

        • Anonymous

          Once you stop doing what everyone expects you to do, in this case, school digger needs to regularly rank all the schools…
          Once they paused, it allowed a competitor to swoop in and make a name for themselves.
          School digger so 2013.
          Come on man
          You mad bro?

    • greenwich old timer

      My son and his family moved from NYC to Westport two years ago, mainly because they could no longer afford private school for their two elementary age children. My daughter-in-law did all the research and came up with Westport as the Fairfield County town with the best elementary schools. Their children are in Saugatuck Elementary (#4 on the list) and thriving. It’s nice to be right every now and then! Greenwich Oldtimer

      • Accolay

        Westport is very good, but long commute. For similar great schools, I think Scarsdale or Bronxville are the obvious choices, but much $$$ier than Greenwich.

        • Anonymous

          Greenwich is better than Westport. GHS consistently wins more science fairs, more national merit scholarships etc. etc. and more sports awards. GHS is more diverse, which is a very good thing. Not to mention: it is closer to NYC and major airports. I calculated the time spent in traffic if living in Westport and let me tell you it is DAYS more per year. We looked in Westport, Darien and Greenwich and chose Greenwich.

        • Anonymous

          Accolay – you won’t save anything choosing scarsdale or Bronxeville. The extra taxes are like private school tuition!

        • Accolay

          But the little villages are a bit more bucolic and Leave it to Beaver-like. Greenwich feels more cosmopolitan, which is why a lot of people leave the city to begin with.

          I don’t know if WSPT is days more, but certainly hours.

          • Anonymous

            I agree Accolay – Greenwich is bigger for sure. If you want quaint though you can always choose OG (we did). I find the size of Greenwich nice because in Darien/westport it felt like everyone knew everyone elses business.. different tastes, I suppose.
            I was speaking about extra time in traffic over the course of the year. An extra hour a day adds up to MANY days. Even 1/2 hour more per day is 7.6 extra days per year spent in traffic. And those are 24 hour days!! Greenwich real estate is such a good bet because of that fact, because it’s beautiful and because the taxes (at least up until now) are far less than Westchester.

        • Cos Cobber

          Greenwich is terrific because it has the big (the ave) and the small (og) and so much more.

          Personally I have always found Bronxville, Scarsdale, etc very congested and compact. They are fine towns though, with rows of tasteful residential streets.

      • housecat

        Have to agree re: westport v greenwich. Sorry, gw old timer. Lived in the ‘port for three very, very long years. I sooooo wish we’d just sucked it up $ wise and just bought in g-town instead. Saugatuck is a lovely school, though. (No snark)

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    O/T But Just now EXPLODING…. NY STATE ASSEMBLY SPEAKER Sheldon Silver busted on corruption charges….. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/assembly-speaker-silver-arrested-report-article-1.2087758

    • Cos Cobber

      OMG! Finally! For non NYers, understand that Shelly Silver is a Pelosi/Reid like nightmare for NY politics wielding as much power as the governor from his NYS Assembly Speaker position which he has held since 1994. This weasel has thoroughly undermined ever governor, regardless of party, during his entire tenure. Absolutely nothing gets done in NY without Shelly Silver’s blessing. Nothing.

      PS – There should be term limits on speaker.

      • The back story here is that Cuomo shut down his own Moreland Commission investigating corruption in Albany because it looked like they were actually going to do their jobs. Preet Bharara, the US Attorney for southern NY trashed Cuomo’s decision publicly and vowed to carry on the investigation himself.

        This is the result. States have never been able to clean house themselves. Christie had to do it in NJ when he was the US Attorney there and the same thing happened in Louisiana.

        • Not only did Cuomo shut it down, the head Republican went along with it just a few weeks ago – word was Silver had vowed to bring them all down with him.

        • Three cheers for Preet. Maybe he can get them all into the same cell block in Sing Sing.

          Cuomo is such a totally political animal with no actual principles. He’s trying to appear pro school reform while keeping the teachers union in his back pocket. Pick a side.

  5. Anonymous

    cuomo going down!!!! Yay.