Well what else is there to do in Norway?

strikking er gøy ! Norway's No.1 knitting show host shows his chops

strikking er gøy !
Norway’s No.1 knitting show host shows his chops

Police: stop calling us to complain about the snow.

“People are calling and complaining that it’s snowing and that they’re late for work, they haven’t received their newspaper, and so on and so forth. These reports will not be prioritized,” Agder police wrote on Twitter.

Police spokesman Per Kristian Klausen drove home the point:

“People just have to accept that they live in Norway and it will snow,” he told newspaper Dagbladet.



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6 responses to “Well what else is there to do in Norway?

  1. Mazama

    Hard to imagine they were once the fearsome Vikings.

    • Mazama

      Now that I think about it this is the all too predictable end game of going socialist… and coming soon to a nation near you.

  2. housecat

    But Al Gore said it would never snow again! I’m so confused.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Actually, he said that global warming would cause major snowstorms in some places and snow droughts in other places. But he did also imply and the Knee Jerk Times stated outright that eventually there would be no snow in the N.E. and that within 100 years, New York City would have palm trees along the West Side Highway. Would that I could live so long to see that!

  3. Mazama

    Chris, I guess there are a few tough retro-Vikings left in Norway after all, but they’re apparently none too bright:

    “Norwegian soldiers sent on ‘naked jog’ catch frostbite: Six young recruits for military police needed medical treatment after being sent on shoeless, unclothed run in northern Norway early on Monday morning…”


  4. Once

    The Norwegians still in Norway are descended from the women, children and cowards that stayed home from raiding. The fearsome Vikings all left.