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No deflation here; quite the contrary

Greenwich Daily uses this picture to illustrate its story about assistant GHS coaches following their fired coach out the door. I don’t want to be too mean, but their physical conditioning seems a tad un-inspirational.

Just saying …

Belly Busters

Belly Busters


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Uh huh – and he doesn’t know how that football got deflated, either

Saudi Obama will not attend Tuesday’s ceremony marking 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. :

Bernadette Meehan, National Security Council spokeswoman, said in an email that, “President Obama will be in India, on a long-scheduled trip.”

In fact, that’s not true. On Tuesday, the man will be in Saudi Arabia, because he’s figured out a way to ditch his Indian hosts:

President cuts short his trip to India to pay homage to late Saudi king.


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