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Fox Butterfield, is that you?

Chanelle Riggan

Chanelle Riggan

Beauty pageant contestant suffers embarrassing wardrobe failure yet somehow still wins.

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Smack down

Chris Wallace points out to White House flack that the increased energy production Obama’s touting occurred despite the White House’s opposition. The flack does an admirable job of sticking to his talking point, but I sort of feel sorry for him: what  miserable, humiliating job for a grown up to endure.


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From England to New York, global warming has doomed us to snowless winters – unless it hasn’t

The Telegraph, 2000: “Snowfalls are now a thing of the past”.

UN climate “experts”, 2001: “Global warming will bring us  milder winters with less snow.

NYT, 2014: The end of snow.

But wait a minute, what’s this?

January 26, 2015: Emergency declared in five states as “worst snowstorm in history” bears down.

We’re already in the snowiest decade since NOAA started keeping track,and we’re only half-way through 

What’s a warmist to do?

Change the line:

Climate activist Bill McKibben, who was key organizer of the NYC climate march in September 2014,  wasted no time in blaming the massive blizzard bearing down on the Northeast on ‘global warming.’ McKibben tweeted on Monday:

McKibben: ’5 0f 10 worst blizzards in NYC in last ten years, 0.2% chance that’s chance. Climate change at work’

Not to be outdone, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo joined in:

New York governor says massive storms are ‘part of the changing climate’: Andrew Cuomo says frequency of extreme weather, such as hurricane Sandy and current blizzard sweeping across north-east, ‘is a pattern never seen before’.

Also wading into the blizzard and ‘climate change’ connection is Bill Nye, the Science Guy.” See: WATCH: BILL NYE ON MSNBC: BLAME CLIMATE CHANGE FOR BLIZZARD – NYE: ‘I just want to introduce the idea that this storm is connected to climate change.’


I keep asking: if global warming is real, why do its proponents have to keep lying about it?

2-3 feet of global warming,coming up

2-3 feet of global warming,coming up


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Great moments in real estate sales

A reader went to a public open house yesterday at 762 Weed Street, New Canaan and wasn’t particularly impressed with the price: $2.795 million; or its run-down condition. He was amused, however, by the realtor’s sales pitch that, “if the property were divisible, which it isn’t, you could sell off the extra lot and pay your taxes.” In the real estate world, we professionals call that the “If we had eggs, we could have ham and eggs, if we had ham” truism – works like a charm.

What most struck my reader, however, even beyond the hapless salesman, was the supreme efforts the agent and the owner put into getting this home ready to show to the public. No one says you have to stage a house like this, but as you can see, the effort pays off.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 1.36.10 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 1.36.26 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 1.36.47 PM





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Which is why he wasn’t actually marching in the parade

I can't walk!

I can’t walk!

Indians complain that Obama chewed gum during parade.

President Obama is being knocked by local press for chewing gum today at the Republic Day parade in India.

“In an ungainly sight, cameras caught US President Brack Obama chewing gum during the Republic Day parade on Monday. In the picture captured by cameras and posted on Twitter by some users, Obama was spotted removing his chewing gum while PM Modi was seen trying to explain something to the US president,” reports the Times of India.



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A little real estate new before the MLS shuts down

67 Loughlin

67 Loughlin

67 Loughlin Avenue, Cos Cob, reports a contingent contract. Asking price is $1.349 million.

94 Cognewaugh Rd

94 Cognewaugh Rd

94 Cognewaugh, also in Cos Cob, has sold for $1.150 million.

30 Montgomery

30 Montgomery

30Montgomery Lane, originally asked $2.450 million, has sold for $2.070

30 Montgomery Lane

30 Montgomery Lane

15 Deer Park Meadow

15 Deer Park Meadow

15 Deer ParkMeadow Road, a September contract, closed for $5.1 million even.


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Smart Diplomacy™, Obama style

Castro-Obama. "Is my nose growing?"

Castro-Obama. “Is my nose growing?”

Cuba walks out of talks, refusing to change domestic policies

Iran vows to “open a new front” on West Bank.

Roger Simon: Obama the Shiite goes to Riyadh

… Much of this Iran-coddling began back when the Green Movement was in the streets of Tehran seeking the overthrow of the ayatollahs and chanting “Obama, Obama… Are you with us or are you with them?” Our president did not respond.  He was already in private communication with the bizarre Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Obama wanted to be the one who got credit for reining in the excesses of the Islamic Republic, not those unruly student demonstrators who were the ones suffering from the regime in the first place, being murdered, tortured and raped in Evin Prison, often in reverse order.

Indeed, this unconscionable and out-of-control narcissism has been the key to Obama’s foreign policy throughout and accounts for the catastrophic global results we see in front of us now.  The “leading from behind” mantra has always been a fraud, masking what it really means: “I, Barack, know best and manipulate affairs from behind.”  It’s all about me.  (Is it ever!)

…. The reason for Obama’s persistence is not religious, but the aforementioned narcissism. He had already plighted his troth on a pax Iranian.  Making it easier was his longtime conviction that Western imperialism was the root cause of most evil on the planet anyway.  The president now has an Iran deal so tied up in his mind with his legacy that the appearance of Netanyahu in front of Congress opens a psychological wound so large Obama is likely to do almost anything.  The world — not just Saudi Arabia and Israel — had better beware.


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Bummer: the real snow’s gonna miss us

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 1.04.39 AMAs of 1:00 AM, the forecast is saying we’ll only get 8-12″, while the areas northeast of us will be getting the good stuff.

UPDATE: Accuweather’s Bernie Rayno says we’ll get 1′-2′, which is more encouraging. I love this guy, because he says things like, “I’m worried that Boston may fall into a dry stretch and get less snow”. Any weatherman who “worries” that a storm may by-pass an area shows the type of enthusiasm for disaster that’s essential to the job.



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