A contract and sale

265 Valley Rd

265 Valley Rd

The reported contract is for 265 Valley Road, $2.995 million, that great house built into the side of a cliff. I thought the house was fabulous, but the lack of parking was a real drawback to many. I’m glad it’s found  buyer.

14 Chieftans Rd

14 Chieftans Rd

And way out west under the flightpath, 14 Chieftains Road has sold for $2.475 million on its asking price of $2.795. I personally wouldn’t touch this development, but at the right price, I suppose it makes sense for Westchesterites who want to skip across the border for lower taxes. This house sold new in 1999 for $2.395 million, $2.525 in 2002, then $3.7 in 2005 and again for $3.7 just six months later. It’s been downhill for Chieftain values since then.


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30 responses to “A contract and sale

  1. Cos Cobber

    Must be the Mianus pond hockey that sold the Valley House.

    • Anonymous

      This part of Cos Cob in the NMS / EMS School districts is starting to heat up…two $2m+ homes sold on Gregory and River Rd looks to be under development.

      • Anonymous

        Also heard that 61 Mimosa at corner of Valley was bought by the builder that did the two on Gregory and has plans for a new comstruction that is advertised on the fence but nowhere online. May end up being a new post-crisis high water mark for that neighborhood.

        • Cos Cobber

          Of the 39 listings in the 06807 zip code (which seems like a relatively low number of homes for the zip), I believe 7 are under contract. Furthermore, its interesting to see that 95 Valley (the two new construction stucco townhouses by Gyski?) is in the MLS.

        • Anonymous

          Interesting, are all 7 in the NMS / EMS districts? There is a monster (for the area) going up on River Rd before you get to the Stamford border, haven’t seen listed yet but looks like a few going up there, and a leveled yard 1 property in from the NMS.

        • Cos Cobber

          I think it breaks down as two under contract in CC school, two in NM and 3 in NS.

          Also of note, the house at 11 Circle Drive (CC school, near exit 4) at 1.95M list seems to have been dropped from the MLS this week, contract perhaps?

        • Anonymous

          11 Circle Drive, prob. went back to a rental.

        • Cos Cobber

          Ah, you are right, 9500 for 11 circle.

        • Anonymous

          $9,500 for 11 Circle holy cow!

  2. Anonymous

    Why do folks hate the Chieftains?

    • Inconvenient, lots of noise from King Street and Westchester Airport, dated designs, falling values. That’s a start; I’m sure there are other reasons, too.

      • Riverside Dog Walker

        More reasons like zoned for Western Middle School if one is going the public school route. And as is pointed out below, other people to the extent that you care thinking your development is passé, trying to catch a falling knife almost always bloodies one’s hand, etc.

    • Anonymous

      This blog has a lot to do with it.

      • While I’ve been writing about Greenwich real estate since 2003 or so, I hardly can claim credit for the price fluctuations of Chieftains. Values went up until 2005, stalled, and have been spiraling down since. Buyers determine prices, not cranky opinionaters.

  3. re: 265 Valley Road
    did they purposely make the exterior painfully bland in order to increase that Eureka! moment as one entered the interior?

  4. anonymous

    Does anyone know what 256 Valley Road sold for?

    • It hasn’t sold, it’s under contract, so selling price has yet to be disclosed. It’s never wise to disclose a price before a deal is closed – someone else, learning of it, may step up with a higher offer. That’s a bad thing if you’re the buyer’s rep, and a rather unethical, I think, act on the part of the seller’s agent.

    • rumormiller

      Grapevine number is 2.65

  5. Accolay

    I once heard people making fun of Chieftans homeowners. Made me realize that people in Greenwich do gossip and think about your house and, probably more importantly, your address…..

    • anonymous

      That’s breaking news Accolay. 🙂

    • Cos Cobber

      As if nobody gossips in Westchester….

      • Accolay

        But in Westchester, the towns/villages are more equivalent to the neighborhoods in Greenwich, and no one from Scarsdale, for example, interacts with folks from Larchmont to the extent that OG folks interact with mid-country families. That said, I do think about where people live, but I think this is amplified only after being a regular reader of this blog. I’m sure we all smirk when someone brags about their north-of-the-post-rd-riverside ranch (kidding).

        • Cos Cobber

          Spend an afternoon driving around queens, newark or elizabeth nj and we’d all stop smirking about that NOPO ranch.

        • Riverside cat lover

          Westchester is 500 sq mi, Greenwich is 65 sq mi. To put Scarsdale and Larchmont on the scale of Greenwich – no one east of sound beach would interact with people west of sound beach in Old Greenwich.

  6. Cos Cobber

    I just toured that Chieftains house. It seems like a hell of a value at 2.4 given the pool and some of the grandiose interior rooms and details (albeit some of which may be dated).