Another Cos Cob contract

22 Hilton Heath

22 Hilton Heath

22 Hilton Heath (off Cat Rock) reports a contract, asking price, $1.595 million. Assuming there was some negotiation of that asking price, this seems like a decent deal. The house was built in 1966 and has that era’s trim and finishing (I haven’t seen a formica counter since leaving my own house this morning), but that’s stuff that’s easily updated, while the location is a good one and the house, to my eye, is just fine.

Rip out the kitchen and all that knotty pine, re-do the bathrooms, upgrade the trim, and bingo: almost-new house, for what passes as not a lot of money in this town.

Formica is forever, until the wrecker crew arrives

Formica is forever, until the wrecker crew arrives


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23 responses to “Another Cos Cob contract

  1. Toonces

    That’s a good looking home on a great looking lot. Seems like a steal to me.
    I love homes with extra living spaces on first floor – like that library and 3 season porch. They are very nice to have when you have teenagers especially.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Change the street name and add another 10% to the gross value.

  3. Toonces

    haha great minds think alike

  4. wasn’t Formica an offshoot product from R&D for ballistic missile nosecone protection?

    • AJ

      I remember how pleased we all were with the modern miracle of Formica when it first came out and we had it installed in our house — the perfect complement to our ultra-modern, molded plywood chairs. Those were the days of the future when every new thing was even more futuristic than the last — push button, at the tip of your fingers; the miracle of the TV remote. It wouldn’t be long before we were all living the life of George Jetson as portrayed in this Monsanto promotional film “House of the Future.” Kind of reminds me of some of the exhibits at the 1964 Flushing Meadows World’s Fair.

      • Formica’s great stuff. Cheap, incredibly durable, and easily installed by DIY types like myself. I’d prefer a Formica work surface over granite, hands down.

        • Toonces

          I have green granite, circa 2000. It chips, is not good with hot pans. On the plus side it shows no dirt. Formica is far more durable.

        • AJ

          You’re right, if you don’t allow the kids to cut on it, i.e., use cutting boards — I use plates — it lasts forever. The only time we changed ours was when coral became passé and avocado became the must have.

    • AJ

      A kitchen any chef of the future would more than appreciate.

  5. Anonymous

    the architect, Anson Lowitz named the street after his wife, her maiden name,Heath
    so it had a meaning to them in the late 60s.