Because it forgot who it was

Food Fail

Food Fail

McDonald’s CEO ousted after sales drop. McDonalds sells hamburgers; beefy hamburgers and french fries. When it began responding to its pc critics, people who were never its customers and never would be, by adding salads, chicken wraps and apple slices, it merely cluttered its menu, slowed service and gave its real customers an excuse to try another chain.

Back to basics and, while they’re at it, they should resume frying those potatoes in lard – turns out lard’s good for you after all, and no vegetable oil, transfatty or not, cooks fries like lard.

Real Food

Real Food


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46 responses to “Because it forgot who it was

  1. anonymous

    Wait til Al Sharpton hears this news. #blackceosmatter

  2. Cos Cobber

    McDonald’s is in a lot of trouble. The french fries will keep them float along with the low prices and ubiquitous availability. Growth will be damn near impossible beyond the inflation rate – particularly in America and other industrialized nations. They are being bumped out by a push for fresher and zestier food – whether its healthy or not. McDonalds is looking seriously passe.

    • The trouble is, they seem to be responding to the social critics, who aren’t their customers, rather than responding to criticism from actual customers. Personally, I think Chipoltes is going to clean their clock (and eliminate the dreadful Taco Bell while they’re at it), but that’s another issue.

      • 5 Guys makes a pretty awesome burger and fries. Everything is fresh, nothing frozen. They even cut the fries at the store.

        Do you have that chain in CT yet?

        • Cos Cobber

          Richard, Yes, in Stamford on High Ridge and my kids love it.

          CF, You maybe right…but even if they simplify the menu, their core problem is that their food – their entire taste – has become passe to a large swath of the youth because its overly processed. Chipotle, Five Guys, Panera, etc are literally stealing their lunch. Starbucks too with coffee and egg sandwiches. Now, how do you make McDonald’s ‘fresh’ and flavorful without alienating the core who still loves the original?

          McDonalds is looking like Sears in 1985. Lots of life left, but can they grow?

      • Jonathan

        Crazy thing is, McDonald’s pretty much owned Chipotle prior to selling out in 2006

      • Mid-Country Cos Cobber

        I totally disagree. They are trying to respond to customers as their core customers goes away. There have been some studies done showing that Millennials aren’t going to McDonalds. If they lose an entire generation of customers the valuation of the company is screwed as the DCF analysis turns negative.

        So as a public company, they have to try and fix it.

        Now, can it be fixed? Probably not. I would guess the stock keeps getting hammered until a PE firm buys it for the cash flows (even if they are declining) and returns it back to its roots.

        Here is one of the studies:

      • >>turns out lard’s good for you after all, and no vegetable oil, transfatty or not, cooks fries like lard.<<

        UR right about lard health wise, but I remember Julia Child teaching us that the proper way was peanut oil at high temp and cooking twice. Partially cooking and removing the fries and then putting them back in for a final cooking.

        Well, at least she was right about butter.

  3. McD’s needs to talk to In-N-Out

  4. thurston

    The CEO was an affirmative action hire. Things did not work out. They need to get back to serving their core audience, poor people and fuzzy foreigners who do not know any better. That should right the ship.

    • Anonymous

      Affirmative action? You realize that it’s not just you white trash who eat McDonalds–its mostly black people and other minorities.

      • thurston

        That does not mean that you put white trash at the helm just because they eat fast food. The board voted him out after they realized that obviously this man was in over his head. Would you put an alcoholic in charge of a adult beverage company? Would you put an idiot in the white house? The USA is in about the same shape as MCD’s. We need to get back to basics and stop pleasing the PC crowd.

  5. Anonymous

    Beefy? More like beef-ish.

  6. Pure Fluff

    Another problem is that it tastes like crap now. Back in the old days, McD’s actually tasted like real food. Now it’s just muddled, gmo junk and you have idea what pile of chemicals you are ingesting.

    Back to basics – cut down on the chemicals and other fillers. Who wouldn’t rather wait a while longer to go in Shake Shack or 5 Guys in Wesport or even Burgers Shakes and Fries in Byram. Nobody wants to ear McD’s except the truly ignorant or highway travelers.

    • Anonymous

      Coach Albonizio said the parent are to blame for the change at McDonald’s. It’s a well orchestrated plan to bring down Ronald.

    • Right on. The fries are still great. BTW, the grilled chicken wraps do taste good…but they cost almost $5, and the average McD customer won’t buy it. Five Guys and the place in Byram are great.

    • Jonathan

      I have always said McDonald’s should go a bit upmarket and launch a mass market steak franchise. They probably have the scale and vertical integration to get some of the best steak at reasonable cost.

  7. Anonymous

    I have the Southwest salad with grilled chicken at least twice/week. In addition to being delicious, it is also healthy. If it only had burgers & fries, I would rarely be there. Anyway, McD’s still has plenty of great burgers, fries and other junk food delights, which I have occasionally.

  8. Open Border

    Chipotle opening in the former Hunan Cafe location in Riverside.
    Maybe that will get rid of the old McD’s

  9. Peg

    I like a few McD items – yet I think that the company has not been listening to customers. Their Egg McMuffin is a great item to grab fast, relatively healthy and easy to eat while you’re tooling down the road. Yet, they stop selling it at 10:30AM.

    Oftentimes I’m out and about, and would like to get one at 10:35 or thereabouts…. but, not not possible. I’ve even shown up prior to the 10:30 deadline and have to battle with them to make one for me.

    So what I can’t figure out is, if people wish to get a breakfast item up until about 11AM, why wouldn’t the company provide them? Isn’t that the trick; giving customers what they want?

    • Anon58

      Have to battle getting an Egg McMuffin right at the deadline? The manager of that outlet has obviously never seen the movie “Falling Down”.

  10. Matt

    They need to stop trying to be a ‘cafe. They are a burger joint. The muted colors they have added over the course of their renovations are a turn off for me, again it’s trying to be something it’s not…bring back the red roof with yellow ‘fries’ laying on it and the maroon vests and visors (and maroon pinstriped shirts) for the employees! They are trying to take themselves too seriously, and when your bread and butter is a 1 dollar hamburger, that’s the wrong way to go.

    I don’t eat there ever, but I’ll bring my son for a happy meal as a treat once in a while. Although I have to say that most people my age (mid-30s) who did grow up going there would probably tend to stop in more often for a quick fix if they brought some of this stuff back…it’s all about the childhood memories. The sights and smells…and would it kill them to make a decent happy meal toy again? Maybe some movie/tv show/cartoon themed glassware as giveaways again? Kids tend to hold onto stuff like that and play with or use it for a long time…which serves as a constant reminder / advertisement for the restaurant…the toys these days pretty much end up in the garbage in 2 days because they are cheap, useless and most importantly, not fun. I probably still have happy meal toys laying around my mother’s house that were played with for years.

    • desidog

      “bring back the red roof with yellow ‘fries’ ”

      Ah, yes. Bring back the color psychology! That was proven to bring ’em in… remember Howard Johnson’s with the orange roof?

  11. Anonymous

    Generational change. The kids are going for Chipotle, Panera, etc.

  12. A Big Mac cost $.45 in 1970. It’s now $4.89, having risen at 2x the official politically adjusted CPI.

    So, it’s not cheap food anymore. And they want to add another $.80 cents to that by raising the national min wage.

    Ask Dem Sam Zell what he thinks:

    • anonymous

      MickeyDees has a large $1 menu and also has senior pricing. On a budget, McD can be an excellent option.

      • Actually, most of those of “dollar” items have gone way up. $1.59+.

        I hadn’t been to a McD in years and was shocked by the confusing menu, “package deals”. Hard to find what single items cost.

        $1.89 for small fries? Krazy.

        • Peg

          We can still get a $1 double cheeseburger and a $1 fry in MN. And – we have almost every tax known to man here, so – you’d think if we could have it here, we could have it anywhere!

  13. Anonymous

    They should have never stopped toasting the buns.

  14. The food is disgusting and when I do eat it, when I have a coupon to use, it always makes me sick, literally, gastric distress. It’s been two years since the last episode and that suits me fine. In-N-Out Burger, out west, is a good fast food place, plus the name is fun to repeat if you bring a date: “Are we going to In-N-Out?” is my favorite.

  15. Matt

    I’m a sucker for their nuggets and fries, on the rare occasion I do stray into a McDonald’s, that is my go-to. For a burger, I would take Shake Shack any day of the week.

  16. anonymous

    Greenwich and NYC people are NOT the core audience. It is interesting to read your restaurant critiques but rest assured that MCD mgmt. should not give one hoot about this demographic and should care much more what people in the flyover states (and the ‘hood) thinks about their product. You all can shake shack it all you want. We’ll see how long they last and if it shakes in heartland. I would put it down in the trendy foodie department. This fad will be over soon enough. I have seen this movie before.

    • Cos Cobber

      Of course we are not their core audience. But you cannot deny that the upstart quick serve places like Chipotle are stealing their customers. Even Starbucks… Shrinking on the coasts and flat sales in the heartland is not a success story.

  17. Anon58

    I believe McDonald’s has been hurt by GPS technology. Too easy to find better alternatives.