These guys just make up any shit they want

Obama’s appointee says that illegals “have a right to work in the United States”. Well no, no they don’t, except in the bizarre world of ObamaLand™, where the law is whatever the Chief Executive and his minions say it is.


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4 responses to “These guys just make up any shit they want

  1. Fred2

    The whole rule of law thing is so early 20th century. We’ve moved on.

  2. Call It Like I See It

    The government has no problem tracking your every move. This includes electronic harvesting of license plates. However they get a little concerned when the shoe is on the other foot.

  3. Demmerkrat Patriot

    Speaking of making stuff up:
    Limbaugh Claims Weather Forecasts Have Been Wrong Because “The Left Has Corrupted Everything”
    Rush On The National Weather Service: “Do Not Believe That They’re Not Politicized.”