This sounds like great advice, except for the calling afterwards – don’t do that

Love at first sight

Love at first fright

“Have sex on first date, pay for dinner and call him – how ANY woman can bag the man of her dreams in 60 days”

Advice from a man, naturally, with a book to sell, naturally.


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25 responses to “This sounds like great advice, except for the calling afterwards – don’t do that

  1. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

  2. anonymous

    Anyone personally know the current Jeopardy champ? Christine Kim, from Greenwich. She says tonight she fundraises for The Greenwich Alliance for Education and calls herself a retired homemaker since her children are in college. She’s smart.

    • Sound Beacher

      Yes, I’ve been at parties in town with her, she’s very nice. Too bad she flamed out tonight, tho.

    • greenwich old timer

      I was a Jeopardy contestant back in the Dark Ages when the host was not Alex Trebek and it was based in NYC. I was a new mother married to a grad student and we could have used the money. As it happened, I was on a roll (lots of music, literature and history questions) and was leading the pack when the Double Jeopardy question came up. Seeing as the category was Music, I bet most of my money, sure that I could handle anything they threw at me. The question was, “In the song the “Camptown Races”, which horse came in last?” I had not a clue, but at the last second blurted out “the Nag!” Hesitation on the part of the host, who went to the judges and then came back to say – “could you be more specific?” Of course I couldn,t and because what they needed me to add was the BOBTAIL nag, they disallowed my answer and I lost most of my winnings. (I did go home with a few dollars and a cheesy set of encyclopedia volumes.) The audience actually booed as they thought my answer should have been accepted. In spite of that, being on the show was actually a fun experience! Greenwich Oldtimer

      • Heck, I could have answered that question, if only the trail boss hadn’t cut them off before they got to that verse.

      • Great story Old Timer!! I presume you mean the host was none other than Art Fleming?? He was wonderful. I watched then too. Kudos on your appearance.

        • greenwich old timer

          EOS: Thanks for the clip! I watched all 22 minutes of it as it was truly a trip down memory lane. My appearance was in 1970 and Art Fleming was the emcee. I was struck by the relatively low money amounts and the categories, which understandably reflected the culture of the time. P.S. My hubby and I appeared on another short-lived quiz show around the same time which was geared to young couples and called “Dream House”. It was the same format and the questions were relatively challenging (which is probably why it didn’t last long). It was winner take all – if you won you took home $20,000 (a lot of money in those days) and if you lost you got zilch. In the pre-telecast warmup we spotted only one other couple who might present a problem, which they did – after a neck and neck contest, they beat us at the buzzer by a puny five points (out of 200 or so) and took home the dough. We got nothing (except I received some Sara Coventry costume jewelry!) and as I remember went home to our tenement apartment on the West Side and cried. That was the last of our quiz show experiences. Oldtimer

        • Sara Coventry Jewelry. That’s funny. What, no Rice-a-Roni? I don’t remember Dream House at all. My sister was on a couple of shows, both hosted by Bill Cullen. She came home empty handed both times. I remember she said that she was required to say Bill’s name each time she spoke, like “Bill, I’ll take shoes for $300”.

          Quiz shows today, with the exception of Jeopardy, are dumbed down to the masses (ex: Wheel of Misfortune). I used to love watching Password and then Password Plus, Name That Tune, $10 and $25k Pyramid, and the real oldie but goodie, Stump the Stars, hosted by Mike Stokey. Charades basically but by really smart actors.

          The smartest panel ever was What’s My Line: Bennett Cerf, Kitty Carlisle, Dorothy Killgallen, and Arlene Francis.

          Cablevision USED to have the Game Show Channel as part of its regular packages. Now, for whatever stupid reason, it’s part of some SPORTS package. It shows all the old great game shows.

  3. LAK

    Good girls dont have sex on the first date

  4. Accolay

    My best relationships were the ones where we had sex on the first date. I’m sure I’m not the only person in town who thinks this way…

  5. Can't win

    I’m pretty sure my wife offered to pay for one of the first dates, and yes, we had a great time thereafter.
    Day after our wedding, her dad says to me
    “She’s all yours”
    Turns out her meant her credit card debt, and all future expenses.
    Somewhere in that debt was that dinner.

  6. How to Bag a man in 1 day…. Tell him you like to lick things.

    • anonymous

      If he lives in Greenwich he will know that when you say you like to lick things that what you are really saying is just code for “I will do this twice a year if you will buy me lots of shoes and handbags.”

  7. Yos

    HEY! Thought I recognized him. That’s Dullard in the pic, no?