Al Gore’s new favorite weatherman

TV temperature screen goes haywire, showing temperatures in the high 1,000s, reporter adapts – just like global warming. “There’s probably nothing left there, so don’t even bother looting.”


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6 responses to “Al Gore’s new favorite weatherman

  1. Anonymous

    That was hysterical! He handled that situation just perfectly.

  2. Fred2

    Nicely done.

  3. AJ

    In his book “Irreverent Acting,” an actually usable approach to Stanislavski, author Eric Morris explains that one of the keys to believable acting, i.e., remaining natural and organic, is to use and not ignore whatever is going on around you, whether it has anything to do with the scripted play or not: after all that’s what people do in real life.

    In the clip below, at 0:23, you can notice these amateur actors completely ignoring what’s going on around them. How do I know they’re actors? Because this would never happen in real life. Excuse me, but your acting is showing!

  4. Anonymous

    This is hilarious