Californians moan about long lines at their DMVs

Enjoying the good life in the Nutmeg State

Enjoying the good life in the Nutmeg State

They’re blaming 4-hour-delays on the crush of illegal aliens now permitted to apply for drivers’ licenses, but what struck me is that a 4-hour-wait at Connecticut’s DMV is the norm, anti-disirregardless of the presence of aliens. When even California is better run than your own state, you have a problem.


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16 responses to “Californians moan about long lines at their DMVs

  1. Anonymous

    Have you ever been to the Norwalk DMV? i have. Twice in the last 6 months. Register 2 cars, a boat and get a CT drivers license. No problem. I didn’t spend more than one hour either time.

  2. Cos Cobber

    My last two times to Norwalk DMV were actually not a disaster. Maybe an hr in total for each visit. I would like to see a dress code or uniform issued for the employees. The decorum is seriously lacking.

  3. Anonymous

    There supposedly is or is going to be a CT DMV app that will show wait times, and maybe even allow you to make appointments. I’ve waited a long time at the DMV in Norwalk, but everywhere else in the state the waits were minimal. Choosing to live in the NYC metro area has its drawbacks–traffic and wait times among them.

  4. Anonymous

    Longest in-and-out I’ve ever had at norwalk dmv is 45 mins and that was because I had lapsed insurance on a vehicle sullying my good name. (Transferred car to another state and forgot to tell CT in a timely fashion, so I was cleaning up my own error.) I have only good things to say about the professionals, the organization and politeness at our DMV.

    I think if you walk in there with a chip on your shoulder, you get the service you ask for… Just saying – treat others as you would treat yourself.

  5. desidog

    Bummer they stopped doing the mobil bus that would park in front of town hall once a month. It was much easier than going to Norwalk.

  6. Anonymous

    My wife and I have had multiple multiple-hour visits to both Norwalk and Bridgeport branches. Awful employees and awful processes and they act like they think it’s perfectly normal. The state should shut down the DMW and start with a new staff.

    I’ve lived in CT for 25 years and have a grand total of 1 positve experience with the DMV (at the mobile bus). Had multiple awful experiences at both the large and the small Stamford locations before they were both closed.

    I’m quite sure that my attitude is not the problem!

  7. Flash

    Did you know?
    In CA you can make an appointment for DMV.
    In English, Spanish, and few other languages.
    So who’s left to stand in line?
    People with measles.

  8. Walt

    Dude –

    Anti-disirregardless? Are you just making words up now to try and show your Waspy superiority?

    Are you creating a new language that only you and Mayflower blue-bloods understand? You anti-mickpollackhating hack!! You sicken me. Take that ascot off and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

    Anyhows, what listing are we watching the Super Bowl at? Will they have an indoor pool and sauna? A bidet? I really want to try one of those.

    Should I bring anything? Chips, dips, chicks? You are bringing a six foot wedge, right Dude? That’s a sandwich, not your hat size.

    Who do you like? In the game. Not as human being, which I already know the answer to. I am thinking Pat’s.

    Let me know what time. Can you also bring some nacho’s?

    Thank you.
    Your Pal,

  9. Matt

    Last time I had to renew my license, I did it at the AAA office on Newfield Ave. in Stamford. Walked in at 9am, walked out with a new license at 9:08 and a pile of free maps and guidebooks that I never looked at again. They even asked me if I liked my photo or if I wanted to retake it.

    But if you need anything more than that I suppose you would have to stand in line and deal with the muppets in Norwalk.

  10. Anonymous

    California born. DMV experience was always quick – under 30 minutes. In fact, so much was done through the mail, it’s possible I only visited the DMV to take my driver exam…

    Upon relocating to Connecticut I learned of the horrors so many point out about the DMV. Spent multiple hours in the Norwalk branch, most of which I pondered how it was possible that they could make the process of registering a vehicle and obtaining a new license so difficult (read: TIME SUCK). Agree with the idiocy of waiting in line to find out which line to get in.

  11. Mazama

    So… a four-hour wait where such did not previously as de facto amnesty allows “the most vulnerable among us”* to “come out of the shadows”* to the general inconvenience of American born citizens and immigrants foolish enough “to play by the rules”. Wait ’till this same scene occurs in your local hospital or doctor’s office courtesy of Obamacare/Medicaid being extended illegal immigrants.

    Bloomberg reports: “According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, around 10 percent of family doctors already offer shared medical appointments, sessions that bring together a dozen or more patients with similar medical conditions to meet with a doctor for 90 minutes. With pressure from the government and insurers to bring down the cost of care while treating the increasing number of people with health insurance, patients can expect group visits to become more common.” Mark my words, soon these group appointments will be conducted in Spanish with timely breaks for the Islamic prayer calls.

    * “The most vulnerable among us” and “out of the shadows” are trademarks of the Democratic National Committee “Because we care (and those others guys want you to die)”.

  12. Anonymous

    I’ve experienced 8 hours in Manhattan. I don’t think I have ever waited more than an hour at Norwalk’s DMV.

  13. RaisedInRiverside

    Norwalk isn’t bad, but The Bridgeport DMV is hell on earth. I had a faster, more pleasant experience in downtown Brooklyn.