Looks as though overpriced yogurt stores have the same shelf life as muffin shoppes and popcorn emporiums

Well, someone likes it

Well, someone likes it

Pinkberry closes on Greenwich Avenue


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28 responses to “Looks as though overpriced yogurt stores have the same shelf life as muffin shoppes and popcorn emporiums

  1. Cos Cobber

    You can only make a point of eating these places so many times. We went to sizzles and pink berry with some regularity for about year – then winter comes and breaks the habit and the following spring you start new habits and forget the old frozen desert cycle.

  2. AJ

    What Pinkberry needs is an expensive yogurt mandate such as was done for cheese in Wisconsin:

    . . . Chodorov noted that in the years leading up to the New Deal in 1933, various states had embarked upon quasi-socialistic experiments. He referred to a Wisconsin law, passed early in the Depression, that required restaurants to serve two ounces of Wisconsin-made cheese with every meal, whether or not the patron wanted the cheese. . . .


    • AJ

      Speaking of mandates, wasn’t Obama the guy who said he would NOT mandate health insurance? But then, he said a lot of things.

  3. FlyAngler

    CF, you seemed to left off overpriced smoothie/juice shops from the title.

  4. Al Dente

    Candy bars are good – hysterical Super Bowl commercial:

  5. anonymous

    Pinkberry closed a couple of NYC stores, most recently, without notice, the one at St. Marks Square in the EV. Never been in one myself.

  6. AJ Nock

    What Greenwich Avenue needs is a really good Neopolitan pizza restaurant. Enough yougurt and juice/salad places for crying out loud.

  7. Mickster

    The reality is that very few stores actually make money on Greenwich Ave. – probably only the jewelry stores because of their margins. The clothing stores are all losing money but are carried by other branches of the same chains.
    The frozen yoghurt store in Old Greenwich has closed also, I believe.

  8. Mid-Country Cos Cobber

    Thank goodness there are two stores on the Ave for the ladies to buy their yoga pants!

  9. another starbucks 4 me

    I know it’s not on the Avenue but I do enjoy Crumbs!

    • dogwalker

      Seriously? I went once, and it was so awful (coffee undrinkable; cupcake worse than Entemann’s . . . MUCH worse) I wouldn’t go back.

  10. Martha

    Maybe people are finally figuring out that frozen yougrt is basically a cup of sugar with probiotics sprinkled in.

    (The article said they were only closing temporarily for sprucing up, etc)

  11. Walt

    Dude –

    There are three keys to being successful in retail:
    1 – give the people what they want at a reasonable price.
    2 – Stay with the tried and true.
    5 – avoid the trendy, homo, fad of the month stuff.

    People always want entertainment and food. So we stick with that.

    For entertainment, a well run rub and tug is always a can’t miss. Mama sans work cheap, and you can provide a lot of entertainment at a reasonable price. Have you ever seen one go out of business? NO!! If not for the Vice squad. And that is only because the cops got greedy.

    Now food can be a little more challenging. More capital intensive, but still doable. I think Greenwich needs a kick ass sit down burger and comfort food type place. With a nice bar you can hang out at. With lots of TV’s and hotties. Plus they should build a mini trolly system, that you can ride up and down Greenwich Avenue. And vallay parking. That’s frog speak Dude, for having some low life park your car for you, and bring it back when you want it.

    And why not just combine all these elements into one business? How about – “Slice of Heaven – On a Bun, or Just for Fun”. I LIKE IT!! I will draft a white paper.

    Do you know how to park cars?

    Your Pal,

  12. Nutmegger

    I mainly don’t go to Greenwich Avenue (and particularly the bottom section where Pinkberry was) because there is literally no parking. Ever. Going out for ice cream is a fun impulse until you are circling around the block 3 or 4 times.

  13. Anonymous

    This has nothing to do with Pinkberry, but I was just reading that it looks like 329 Riversville Road may be on the market soon. The owner may be spending 70 to 87 months in prison for wire fraud. He embezzled more than $9.2 million from the hedge fund where he worked. The house is close to the Merritt Parkway but maybe the government will auction it off for a good price after they seize it.

    • Yes, I wrote about that a month or so ago. This was the foreclosed spec house, purchased at a crazy price by our soon-t0-be incarcerated felon. Of course, since he was spending other people’s money, I imagine price was no object.

  14. There is (or was) an Orangeberry frozen yogurt shop in the next town over from us. I went there with my daughter last summer. Two medium sized cups of yogurt with a few toppings was $16. I walked out thinking “There’s no way anybody is ever coming back to this place after their first visit with those prices.”.

    • I had the same experience at a yogurt store in Cos Con – I wandered in from Packages Plus next door, ordered up a medium cone and was gobsmacked when told it was $7.50. Great yogurt, but I never returned.

  15. FlyAngler

    To be honest, part of the reason the “make your own” yogurt is so expensive is that they give you such large cups and human nature seeks to fill empty space. Like larger carts at super markets, it is social engineering to make dumb patrons spend more, and ingest more of the sugary goodness.

  16. Anonymous

    The Old Greenwich yogurt shop recently closed; you could have predicted it the day they opened. Housewarmings vacated that space after the landlord raised the rent during the economic downturn, so it was unlikely a seasonal yogurt shop would fare any better. So glad Housewarmings found a new hope a few doors down!

  17. Artie

    In college, my best friend was pulled over in the Hamptons with a dark brown Caprice wagon full of us, leaving a bar. The state trooper had us all get out of the car, while he spoke with the driver. This was just before there was such a thing as DUI, but they weren’t too fond of drunk drivers.

    We were all leaning against the car as they chatted. The conversation went something like this:

    State Trooper: So, do you go to college, son?

    Driver: Yes, sir.

    Trooper: Oh, where do you go?

    Driver: Princeton, University, sir.

    Trooper: OH!! Princeton, eh?

    Driver: Yes, sir.

    Trooper: And what are you majoring in down there at Princeton University, son?

    Driver: Sociology, sir.

    Trooper: SOCIOLOGY?!?

    Driver: Yes, sir.

    Trooper: And what do you INTEND to do with a sociology major when you get out of Princeton University?

    Driver: I’m going to open a Sociology Store in the mall, sir.

    We all froze – did he just say he was going to open a sociology store?? We’re all going to get locked up! He and I used to joke with people when they asked us what we were going to do after college (I was a history major). I was going to open Ye Ol’ History Shoppe, and he was going to open The Sociology Store at our local mall – right next to the scotch tape store (I think it may have been a SNL skit), but I wasn’t expecting him to casually mention it to a State Trooper who had us dead to rights!!

    The Trooper paused for a second, just a second, and laughed and laughed!! He got us all back in the brown Caprice wagon, and sent us on our way.

    Who knew that maybe we should have opened The Sociology Store and Ye Ol’ History Shoppe!! People will buy anything – especially people with too much disposable income…

    • Sort of, kinda related: the summer of 1970, when I was still 16, I hitchhiked to California.Somewhere on the western border of Pennsylvania a state trooper confronted me on an entrance ramp and searched my backpack, presumably looking for drugs. He found none, but he did come across a thick copy of “The Collected Works of Bertrand Russell”, which he warned me against: “The guy was alright when he stuck to philosophy, but then he went communist – watch out”. I thought at the time that conversing with a state trooper on Bertrand Russell’s theories of metaphysics and political philosophy was probably going to be the oddest encounter with any policeman I’d ever have and so far, I was right.