Nothing happened in real estate this week

215 Old Church Rd

215 Old Church Rd

Market should kick off next week, although the latest forecast – and we know what they’re worth – calls for another snowstorm Monday. In the meantime, 215 Old Church Road, that partially renovated 1920 home that was trying for $11 million, has rented for $27,500.


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41 responses to “Nothing happened in real estate this week

  1. desidog

    …but the Greenwich Bank & Trust just got robbed at gunpoint.

  2. This house totally suits my sense of the aesthetic. I’d redo lots of the interior – the kitchen especially (it’s hideous), and I’d strip all the wallpaper, rip up the old macadam driveway and put down stone, etc, but I love the long exterior bones of the home, love the gardens, adore the big porch, love the staircase.

    • Cos Cobber


      This is most unusual rental home – older – very large. I have no idea who would rent this kind of place. For instance, how do you furnish this on a short term basis?

      • I just looked at 215 on Bing Maps Birds Eye. Can’t tell very well, but is there another house that shares this driveway that got cut off from the original estate? On the left, there’s a second green roofed building, not the garage. That would be a deal breaker for me.

  3. Anonymous

    Old Church is a grand pile in a great location. Backcountry feel, in-town location. It needs extensive work but it really has great bones. I’d consider cedar shingles for the exterior.

    • To my eye it does have cedar shingles – just painted. You’d prefer it to be natural? Natural might change the whole look of the house from 1920s to Nantucket-y. A lot of houses are meant to have naturally weathered shingles – just not sure if this is one.

      • Anonymous

        Looked like clapboards to me, but on closer inspection, it’s shingles. Yes, I meant natural cedar. I like the white a lot, too. But this house is sort of a mix of early colonial revival/late shingle style to me so the natural cedar would work, IMO. The qualm I’d have is that (1) this is Greenwich, not Watch Hill, and (2) every dime-a-dozen trashy new build in Old Greenwich has natural cedar shingles now.

        Either white or natural, I’d love for the shutters to be green. And your suggestion of a stone driveway would do wonders.

    • Anonymous

      It will be very hard to get your money back on Old Church. It looks like it needs another $1.5mm and still not sure that it ends out being worth more than $10mm.

      • Sure, but if I were moving to Greenwich as a young bride with four kids in tow, I’d park myself right there, fix it all up, and stay fifty years. Great place for the grandkids to come home to.

        • Homey The Clown

          A young bride And 4 kids.
          And moving into a mansion.
          Keep dreaming.

        • Hey Homey. Look at all the ugly ass mega new builds that are sold for more than this and bought by young families. Plus Chris has said this is stupidly overpriced for all the work it still needs. There are lots of young brides with four (or more) kids who worked their tails off at GS or private equity who could buy this without skipping a beat.

        • Homey The Clown

          Doubt it. GS bonuses have been down for years.
          Esp this year.
          And if you mean dropping to their knees as working their asses off, then yes I will concede that as well compensated.

        • AJ

          EOS, I would advise you to not attempt discussing anything with Homey the Clown: he is quite confrontational; he don’t play dat.

          • AJ: I can out-clown this Homey any day. I’m a graduate of a legit clown college. Really.
            As for the real Homey, I’m a HUGE fan of In Living Color. Homey’s character was outrageosly funny.

        • AJ

          When Bernard Landry became Premier of Québec his first official act was to give $18 million of taxpayer money to a clown school in Montréal. I remember it well. WTF?

        • every clown has a different story

        • Anonymous

          this isn’t 1986 or 1996 or 2006….tastes and culture of the younger generation is changing (because it has to) …unless of course you are inheriting your money…then go for it, i geuss

          • Disagee. The 30-somethings I know are buying big old houses and fixing them up. The difference could be that here in Bedford, THE toniest houses are the oldest and biggest. One couple i know just completed a mega transformation of one of the crown jewels on the village green. No inherited money. Just a love of restoration.

        • AJ

          Oh-oh, something tells me you may have once been a hippy.

        • Anonymous

          i hear you…your citing one example, and great for them …but I do not see an army of young up and comer’s breaking from the city and buying multi million dollar homes. The economy has changed the age at which people are marrying, having babies etc. Have you spoke to 30 year old lately? theyre like teenagers, the play video games and do not even own a cars. there is a stat that approx 150k women in the US will forgo having children due to the downturn from ’08 ….

        • Anonymous

          typical of your generation…me, me, me…were the best and you all suck …your missing the point….look at the over all picture not just your situation…are you thirty year old children happy to inherit the bill that is being left…i think stanley druckenmiller used the term “inter generational theft”

  4. Refinance

    Inventory in NOPO is the lightest I’ve ever seen for this time of year.
    There’s at least 25x as many homes for sale in RIV/OG south of the chipotle border.

  5. Saline Beach Bum

    Just read I can get a Patron Margarita @ select Chipotle’s

    Now that will def. pull some customers across the parking lot!

  6. AJ

    Another snowstorm Monday? Shut down everything immediately: you wouldn’t want anyone caught outside when an ice twister appears.

  7. Accolay

    There are a ton of thirty something’s buying pricey homes… They’re just in more neighborhood settings and not in secluded enclaves like backcountry. Doesn’t mean that the fresh out if the city kids don’t want Peacock kitchens and 100k swimming pools, because they still do. Tastes haven’t changed…

    • Anonymous

      your right….i stand corrected,

    • Anonymous

      Tastes have changed. More emphasis on high end appliances and finishes, less emphasis on space and exterior property. So 5,000 sq ft palaces on 1/2 acre. Preference for living closer to town and community. Obviously there are exceptions but the trend is clear.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, it’s true that’s what you want immediately post city move, but after two to three years? Not so much.

        • Accolay

          I don’t know. Plenty of people bought in OG in last 10 years aren’t moving to backcountry anytime soon. Doesn’t have to do with with being underwater, cause a lot are upgrading within OG, just with a nicer house on a similarly sized small lot. Is this true or only what I might have observed?

        • Anonymous

          Plenty of wealthy people paying up to live near Milbank and around Maher, Park etc. Maybe downsizers.

  8. Anonymous

    Shore & Country being acquired by Houlihan & Lawrence would seem to be worthy of a post?