Romney’s out, Hillary to follow?

I couldda been a contender

I couldda been a contender

Hillary is “postponing” her campaign announcement, ostensibly because she is guaranteed to win the nomination, so there’s no need for her to spend any effort now trying to earn it.More likely reason is that she’s gonna lose, and is delaying an announcement that she’s not running as long as possible, to grab more speaker fees.


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37 responses to “Romney’s out, Hillary to follow?

  1. Anon

    Thinking she needs more time for most recent facelift to heal. Also, the less you see of her the more popular she is, so why get out there?

  2. Publius

    The classic Hillary pose in the pix that accompanies the linked piece. If I was running a media campaign for her opponent, I would use an endless stream of photos like this to focus the “folks” on the fact that HRC, much like the rest of the political class, stands for nothing, on the record anyway, and spends all their time posturing, jockeying, maneuvering etc to get elected. Other than racking up lots of frequent flier miles, their is nothing here to speak of despite the fact that she has been decades in the making and one gets the sense that HRC’s only goal is to be the first female US President no more no less and if elected the “folks” will be subject, at a minimum to another 4 years of feckless floundering wrapped in the semantic Newspeak of the Progressive era as the country continues the spinning eddy right down the toilet.

    The tragedy is that today is the 50th anniversary of the state funeral for Winston Churchill who died at the age on 90 in 1965. Love him or hate him, he was one of the most consequential figures and true LEADER…. of the 20th century. HRC and the current crowd don’t hold a candle to this Lion and its appalling that this is what we get to choose from…. a washed up, recycled scandal tinged elitist who is out of touch with her fellow citizens.

    • If Churchill’s funeral were to occur these days, the Obozo administration would likely pull out all the stops and send James Taylor to perform “Don’t Be Sad ’cause Your Sun is Down.”

    • Rick

      Funny though, add “drunk”, and washed up recycled elitist is the way a lot of Britons would have described Churchill when he was named PM.

  3. Anonymous

    Go Christie

  4. Riverslide

    You’ve got to wonder what Jeb promised Mitt. Secretary of State..? But whatever; Mitt would be fine in any post. Of course, Jeb would be Bush3, and you’d be deluding yourself if you thought there were reasons why he’d be better than 1 or 2.

    • Mitt’s too gracious a man to think he’d expect something out of the meeting he had with Jeb. And there in lies the reason I think Mitt lost. Just too darn nice a guy. The R’s need someone who can push back when pushed. Christie is probably the only one who could give Hillary a run for her mouth but I’m not ready to throw Christie out of the mix. I think in some way Bridgegate HELPED Christie. It shoved him off the pedestal of presumptive candidates, giving him a chance to regroup and maybe even put together a team.

      • Anonymous

        I agree EOS, Romney lost because he is too much of a gentleman!
        It was a big mistake when Christie hugged Obama after hurricane Sandy.
        It leaves me with a big ?

        • The hug felt around the world. Did him far more damage than Bridgegate ever could. But I still can’t count him out. I’m a more moderate R, not a tea party fan and I think Christie can win over some Dems and the Indies, whereas a conservative or Tea Party candidate won’t. We need an R who can win darn it and to me that isn’t Jeb, it wasn’t Mitt, god help us if Palin jumps in, or worse, Huckabee.

        • Anonymous

          Scott Walker.

        • AJ

          If the Democrats are vanilla, then a moderate Republican is French vanilla, and who the hell buys that except for maybe Boehner, McConnell, etc., etc., etc.? How about a Libertarian Republican, i.e., fiscally conservative and socially liberal as in message to Republicans: adapt or become extinct.

          Lindsey Graham wants to be President. Better a Democrat, any Democrat, than Lindsey Graham.

      • Peg

        Yep; a nice guy and would have made a good president … unfortunately, you do have to get elected first. Not his forte.

        I know a guy who can get elected – and has, over and over, in blue Wisconsin: Scott Walker! πŸ™‚

  5. It would be nice just once if the major media would give a Dem the same treatment they routinely give Reps.

    The Clintons have made hundreds of millions as “public servants”. IF they were Reps they would be crucified for their outrageous and unparalleled poor behavior. No, I remember when she ran for the Senate on her “listing tour” the media acted like a praetorian guard, keeping her from being asked questions about her non-connection to NY.

    I wonder if Bill Clinton’s frequent visits to that billionaire’s island where they had underaged girls might have changed things.

    • Anonymous

      I was grocery shopping at the local chain store here in beautiful southwest Florida when I glanced at the recent National Enquirer’s cover article (with pictures!) of Prince Andrew humping a “sex slave” on the above-mentioned Caribbean island. Prince Andrew appears to be toast – one can only hope that this scandal in the making might keep Hilary from running? Oldtimer

  6. AJ

    Not campaigning? That worked really well for Giuliani. Let’s not forget that going into 2012 Clinton vs. Giuliani was a sure thing.

  7. Anonymous

    Republicans are already underestimating Hillary. The mocking and rhetoric sounds a lot like that around the wishful thinking that Romney would beat Obama in 2012. Remember pundits like Dick Morris and Karl Rove making a case for Romney’s victory all the way to election night. Less rhetoric and more focused “eye on the prize” would go a long way.

  8. Anonymous

    Hillary is looking old & worn out. Does she have the stamina for the job? We need someone to lead us into the future. We don’t need someone from the past.

  9. Greenwich Gal

    My response to the Christie thread-
    He’s done- stick a fork in him!
    Seriously – after Obama hugs, Bridge-gate and private flights, tix with America’s most hated sports team owner, Jerry Jones, he is over! Just the GIF of his obese elf jumping up and down like a little girl will turn Americans off faster than tofu chili at a Superbowl party.

    • Anonymous

      Greenwich gal – that would be true IF NOT for the fact that, what, 40% of American are Obese and so he has a built in unique base.

  10. Greenwich Gal

    I don’t think Americans would have any problem voting for the fat guy, really, so much as voting for a governor who didn’t support his own state’s teams! Also – the bully factor – it is amusing at first, all Christie’s bluster and speaking truth to power act, but ultimately Americans don’t want their commander in chief to be an asshole. And at the end of the day, Christie is an asshole.

  11. Toonces

    aw shucks Chris R beat me to it

  12. Greenwich Gal

    Awwwww….made me smile!

  13. anonymous

    fat prole= christie. are americans that stupid?