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Bush lied!

Pre-Obama fervor

Pre-Obama fervor

ISIS chemical warfare expert blown up by US in Iraq. He was helping SIS reconstruct Saddam’s sarin gas plant, captured by ISIS last year. Of course, since there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in the first place, this heat was entirely needless and cruel


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Even the most powerful military force in the world is no match for Americans’ stupidity

Turn around, it's a boobies trap!

Turn around, it’s a boobies trap!

Army deletes post referring to a “chink in the armor” after illiterates complain that it’s racist.


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The Wall Street Journal discovers Riverside, sort-of

Lovely ladies all, but not quite representative of the Cougar Bar at J House

Lovely ladies all, but not quite representative of the Cougar Bar at J House

Puff piece on this section of town. They get the popularity of Riverside right, though I think I’d describe it as having the most expensive real estate in town, measured by the square inch, rather than “more affordable than other neighborhoods in Greenwich”, but since the reporter draws no distinction between Riverside NOPO (North of Post Road) and SOPO, her mistake is understandable.

I’m not so sure about the accuracy of the rest of the piece either.

When Debra Phillips was growing up in the Riverside neighborhood of Greenwich, Conn., it was a relatively low-key place where children could roam and play freely. [True]

The river that connects with the Long Island Sound was a focal point of activity  [only if you were under 16 and used the rope swing on Cary Road, an activity forbidden now by our police (it was forbidden then, too, but the cops didn’t try to hard to stop it, probably because most of them had grown up doing the same thing). Adults were never seen there, and aren’t today.]

“It was kind of like a hidden gem that people didn’t know about—you’re near the water, near the beach and close to your train,” says Ms. Phillips, who …  is a broker with Berkshire Hathaway New England Properties [surprise!] . “People have now discovered all of this about it.”

During the past 10 years, Riverside has seen a surge in popularity, Ms. Phillips says. Some larger lots have been subdivided [almost all larger lots were chopped up long ago]  and many smaller houses replaced by large, luxury homes [true] . But residents say the area has retained its colonial, New England look [hahahahaha] and its close-knit, family-oriented atmosphere [true].

Lot sizes in Riverside tend to be less than half an acre—far smaller than the large estates in other parts of the town [true]

But many residents, particularly those relocating from New York City, have come to consider its relatively high density as a plus, since it adds to the area’s pedestrian-friendly, neighborhood feel.

“You’re not on a big lot with your neighbors way far away, so it’s easier to meet people and it’s good for kids,” Ms. Phillips says.

Back to that river:

“That river is a large part of the community—we have ice fishing, ice hockey, skating,” says Roseann Sarica Benedict,… who is also a broker [surprise again!]

The Mianus is indeed a treasure, but public access is extremely limited and what there is of it is on the Cos Cob side. And who goes there?



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Another “can’t fail” fails

Here's looking at you, kid

Here’s looking at you, kid

$2.5 million Gunboat catamaran dismasted at sea, owner rescued.

This exact boat was profiled by Forbes just last September. Oops.

From the 78-foot mast to the lithium batteries in the bilge, Cohen’s Gunboat 55 represents an assemblage of technology that was practically impossible to obtain 20 years ago. The enormous mainsail, 1,300 square feet of high-tech fabric, has a computer-designed shape that can handle a much broader range of wind than old-fashioned Dacron sails. The hulls and 200-square-foot bridge are made of carbon fiber and epoxy to achieve the strength and stiffness necessary to haul two luxury staterooms with en suite bathrooms, plus amenities like a fresh-water maker, a freezer and a washer-dryer. The cabin top is covered with solar cells that help charge an 800-watt electrical system that powers computer navigation screens, electric winches and a cranking marine audio system.

I love cats, and the Gunboats look fabulous, but nothing can’t fail: ask the skipper of the Titanic or, for that matter, me – I was aboard a 60′ Swan 200 miles off Bermuda when its “unbreakable”, one-piece rudder became two pieces, and sank to the ocean floor 3,000 feet below. Dang.

As an aside, three Gunboats were on display at Indian Harbor Yacht Club the summer of 2013.  Their designer, Peter Johnson, probably regrets now saying he’d designed “the safest world cruising sailboat that could be conceived.” On the other hand, the cat didn’t sink when dismasted, which many keelboats would have, so maybe Johnson was right. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to sail one.


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Another independent bites the dust

(Former) world headquarters, Surf & Turf Realty

(Former) world headquarters, Surf & Turf Realty

Word yesterday that Hooligans and Lawyers has purchased Riverside’s Shore $ Country Real estate. Too bad; there aren’t many independents left – in fact, Lockwood & Mead is one of the very few. The times do change.


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Sometimes you feed the bear, sometimes the bear feeds on you

Here kitty kitty

Here kitty kitty

Woman who fed wild bears eaten by wild bears

COLUMBIA, N.C. — Officials in Tyrrell County say a woman known for feeding bears may have been killed by one of the animals.

Sheriff Darryl Liverman told local media outlets that 67-year-old Kay Grayson may have been dead more than two weeks when her body was found Monday in some woods.



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