Another independent bites the dust

(Former) world headquarters, Surf & Turf Realty

(Former) world headquarters, Surf & Turf Realty

Word yesterday that Hooligans and Lawyers has purchased Riverside’s Shore $ Country Real estate. Too bad; there aren’t many independents left – in fact, Lockwood & Mead is one of the very few. The times do change.


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36 responses to “Another independent bites the dust

  1. Sandcastle Contest @ Gouverneur

    Is OLD greenwich becoming the NEW construction hot spot for the next few years?

  2. Anonymous

    Say it isn’t so!! Why would that not have been mentioned at the annual meeting yesterday?? Curious minds want to know!!

  3. Xyzzy

    Wait till the two train bridges are under construction and the traffic starts backing up. That will kill some of the interest in OG

    • Sandcastle Contest @ Gouverneur

      Those bridges have been a topic of future discussion for many years now

      • Sound Beacher

        They are actually starting to do some work. Check out the train parking lot behind the OG Post Office. Equipment staging area starting to see activity, fyi.

  4. anonymous

    Is there any advantage to maintaining an independent firm?

  5. Anonymous

    Lockdown and Meade holding out for a better bid ?

  6. Anonymous

    Why is it so difficult for the independents to stay that way?

    • Sandcastle Contest @ Gouverneur

      BC everyone acts as an independent.
      Think NBA all star game, minus that level of talent.
      Or the Knicks, every game, of every year.

  7. Anonymous

    So do u think the owner/partners of shore&country got some serious coin for their shop?

  8. Walt

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  9. Mickster

    The reality is that Shore and [obscenity deleted – really, Mickster!] numbers have been lagging for a while – especially in the very hot OG/Riv market. Most of their more recent people are from outside the OG/Riv area and this reduced their business here (IMHO). The move is certainly a good deal for the partners. Congrats!!

  10. Anonymous

    I have observed zero difference in overall service, knowledge, or ability among the various firms, independent or no. A handful of moderately capable agents awash in a sea of low IQ hucksters and former stay-at-home moms who just care about making lease payments on Range Rover is the rule at all these places.

    • Mickster

      People know you by the company you keep. Obviously you don’t keep great company!! There are many excellent people in the local RE business – you just haven’t met them!

      • Mickster, It sounds like the point was that 1. A few good people at each firm and a lot of not so good and 2. the mix of people is standard at all firms and not a perceivable difference between corporate or independent shops. Do you see it differently? Do you see one firm that has mostly great reps with other firm employing mostly less qualified agent?

    • Aerial 69

      Don’t forget their club dues too!!

  11. justaskfordiscount

    The dirty little secret is that nearly every client is offered 5%, and many negotiate it down to 4%. (Still high compared to England where sub 2% is the norm)

  12. Price Reduced

    House we bought in ’13 was negotiated down to 4%

    • I’m surprised – commission on a <$1million isn't that much to begin with (for the selling agent, not the owner) after it's split four ways.

      • Anonymous

        4% is stingy on $1mm. But does a $5mm house take any more work to sell than a $4mm house. I could see why some people would try for 4% on more expensive listings.

        • james

          If you are dumb enough to use a stay at home mom then well…. there are some very smart professional RE agents on both sides of the deal.

      • I always thought a fixed dollar plus a percentage made more sense, or 1% of the first _$ and then 10% of any amount over that _$.

  13. Anonymous

    Mom & Pop firms don’t have the staff or funds to spend on marketing, training, etc in an ever changing market