Bush lied!

Pre-Obama fervor

Pre-Obama fervor

ISIS chemical warfare expert blown up by US in Iraq. He was helping SIS reconstruct Saddam’s sarin gas plant, captured by ISIS last year. Of course, since there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in the first place, this heat was entirely needless and cruel


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5 responses to “Bush lied!

  1. a mixture of true, false, and “gee, let’s cut him some slack information”:


  2. Anonymous

    Just one more piece of evidence of media malpractice

  3. AJ

    Ah yes, I see. By Jingo, so the war was justified after all. What’s this, your effing swan song? How does it go . . .

  4. AJ

    You sure it had nothing to do with treasure. How many unaccounted for billions in cash disappeared?

    La Belle et La Bête: the treasure room.