Even the most powerful military force in the world is no match for Americans’ stupidity

Turn around, it's a boobies trap!

Turn around, it’s a boobies trap!

Army deletes post referring to a “chink in the armor” after illiterates complain that it’s racist.


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20 responses to “Even the most powerful military force in the world is no match for Americans’ stupidity

  1. Walt

    Dude –

    This makes absolutely no sense. It’s ok for the military to KILL chinks and gooks, but we can’t call them chinks and gooks? WHY NOT? Don’t they know they are chinks and gooks?

    Barry and his administration can’t bring themselves to say “Islamic Terrorists”. Political correctness to the Nth degree, which puts us all at risk. SAY IT GOD DAMN IT!! They are radical slums who want to kill us all!! Crazy religious fanatics.

    A slanty eyed chink could see that.

    So does that mean our President is a moron? Or a Musrim?
    Want to go for some take out?

    Your Pal,

  2. AJ

    So, how’d he get in the armor, and what are they going to do about getting him out?

  3. Anonymous

    Only one word, Seriously!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    And i meant, seriosly???

  5. AJ

    What can one say but let the eagle soar.

  6. Fred2

    It’s really past time we collectively tell the perpetually aggrieved to kiss our derriere, and laugh at them.

  7. Patrick

    I am studying Chinese. Ironically, the entire language is positively replete with words which have identical sounds. A certain word (sound) can have a dozen or more meanings. This is why the Chinese love wordplay and puns. Whomever thought he was doing a service by attacking this word (and in the style of illiterates everywhere it would appear that it is the word itself that is being attacked) is ignorant of the linguistic practices of the culture in question.

  8. AJ

    Ignorant of linguistic practices? How ’bout just plain ol’ Dumb as Shit.

  9. Al Dente

    This whole thing has me spooked. I gave my housekeeper some spic and span to clean the kitchen and she quit!

  10. Lady broker

    Seriously CF, is there any ethnic group that does not aggravate you?

    • Walt

      Why do you feel mocking an ethnic group means you don’t like them? The ability to make fun of oneself shows a sign of maturity and security. You insecure little snot nose.

      Putting things off limits, above reproach, is dangerous. Political correctness is dangerous. It puts topics off limits, and makes them dangerous to discuss. You really don’t see that? That is what you want? A censorship filled society where someone else decides what is appropriate to say? You moron.

      Anything beyond criticism or above satire is deemed a demigod. We don’t need demigods. We need a society where people can say anything. It may piss you off. But deal with that. You will get over it. Not allowing them to say it carries much greater consequences. And if you don’t see that, you really are a moron. And a fucking jerk.
      Thank you.

    • The only ethnic group that annoys me is composed of illiterate idiots,and they come in 50 shades of hue.