Sometimes you feed the bear, sometimes the bear feeds on you

Here kitty kitty

Here kitty kitty

Woman who fed wild bears eaten by wild bears

COLUMBIA, N.C. — Officials in Tyrrell County say a woman known for feeding bears may have been killed by one of the animals.

Sheriff Darryl Liverman told local media outlets that 67-year-old Kay Grayson may have been dead more than two weeks when her body was found Monday in some woods.



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16 responses to “Sometimes you feed the bear, sometimes the bear feeds on you

  1. AJ

    Lions, and tigers, and bears . . . and measles?

    • Measels can have a lot of nasty, dangerous complications. My wife suffered a permanent 30% hearing loss as a result of a childhood case of measles, a disability she’s had to struggle with her whole life.

      Prevaccine, almost 48,000 people were also hospitalized each year because of measles and measles complications. One in 20 of those infected developed pneumonia. More rarely but more seriously, each year 1,000 became chronically disabled due to measles encephalitis.

      • AJ

        According to the CDC deaths from choking are put at approximately 4000 per year, more than deaths from drowning and accidental shootings combined. I say it’s time we mandate that all food sold for consumption in the U.S. be in the form of puréed baby food! If it saves just one life . . .

        Annual deaths from flu are put at approximately 36,000 a year, according to the CDC. Why are people allowed to walk around without wearing surgical masks? Are they not taking this seriously?

        Over the last 10 years zero people have died from measles; one hundred have died from taking the measles vaccine.

        • Comparing a vaccine preventable disease with an accidental cause of death is just silly. Have you been mandated to get the vaccine? Did I suggest that it should be mandated?

          My point, which you seem to have missed, was that it’s not a benign illness.

          Complications with measles are relatively common, ranging from mild complications such as diarrhea to serious complications such as pneumonia (either direct viral pneumonia or secondary bacterial pneumonia),[10] otitis media,[11] acute brain inflammation[12] (and very rarely SSPE—subacute sclerosing panencephalitis),[13] and corneal ulceration (leading to corneal scarring).[14] Complications are usually more severe in adults who catch the virus.[15] The death rate in the 1920s was around 30% for measles pneumonia.[16]

          Between 1987 and 2000, the case fatality rate across the United States was three measles-attributable deaths per 1000 cases, or 0.3%.[17] In underdeveloped nations with high rates of malnutrition and poor healthcare, fatality rates have been as high as 28%.[17] In immunocompromised persons (e.g., people with AIDS) the fatality rate is approximately 30%.[18]

          There have been no deaths from measles in the US in the last 10 years because the disease was largely eliminated. It’s now making a comeback because vaccination rates have fallen, in large part because of misinformation spread on the internet by people prone to conspiracy theories.

        • AJ

          The number one killer of adults in the 1920s was dental infections. As far as for people with aids . . . Try not to sneeze in their direction.

  2. Maitre d'Oyer et Terminer

    Maybe there’s some meaning to the term “wild”? Surely she knew there was real risk. Bears have bad days too.

  3. anonymous

    The sadder aspect of the story is that no one called or checked on her regularly. Two weeks is a long time not to hear from a friend, mother, sister. Two DAYS is long in some families. Maybe that’s why she befriended the bears.

  4. Anonymous

    Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.

  5. Off topic. CT state rep on an emergency donut run had no choice but to part his BMW in a handicapped spot. Photo posted on line, now he says he’s sorry:

    • anonymous

      Looking at the way he half-assed parked in the space, I’d say he is handicapped, or an Asian female.

      • Best Served Cold

        If you see an Asian female driving a 128i and flip her off, cut her off, or cause her to veer off the road, I will pay everyone on this blog 50 dollars per incident, per person, for life.

  6. dogbreath

    A la Tim Treadwell, at least she died doing what she loved 😉