The Wall Street Journal discovers Riverside, sort-of

Lovely ladies all, but not quite representative of the Cougar Bar at J House

Lovely ladies all, but not quite representative of the Cougar Bar at J House

Puff piece on this section of town. They get the popularity of Riverside right, though I think I’d describe it as having the most expensive real estate in town, measured by the square inch, rather than “more affordable than other neighborhoods in Greenwich”, but since the reporter draws no distinction between Riverside NOPO (North of Post Road) and SOPO, her mistake is understandable.

I’m not so sure about the accuracy of the rest of the piece either.

When Debra Phillips was growing up in the Riverside neighborhood of Greenwich, Conn., it was a relatively low-key place where children could roam and play freely. [True]

The river that connects with the Long Island Sound was a focal point of activity  [only if you were under 16 and used the rope swing on Cary Road, an activity forbidden now by our police (it was forbidden then, too, but the cops didn’t try to hard to stop it, probably because most of them had grown up doing the same thing). Adults were never seen there, and aren’t today.]

“It was kind of like a hidden gem that people didn’t know about—you’re near the water, near the beach and close to your train,” says Ms. Phillips, who …  is a broker with Berkshire Hathaway New England Properties [surprise!] . “People have now discovered all of this about it.”

During the past 10 years, Riverside has seen a surge in popularity, Ms. Phillips says. Some larger lots have been subdivided [almost all larger lots were chopped up long ago]  and many smaller houses replaced by large, luxury homes [true] . But residents say the area has retained its colonial, New England look [hahahahaha] and its close-knit, family-oriented atmosphere [true].

Lot sizes in Riverside tend to be less than half an acre—far smaller than the large estates in other parts of the town [true]

But many residents, particularly those relocating from New York City, have come to consider its relatively high density as a plus, since it adds to the area’s pedestrian-friendly, neighborhood feel.

“You’re not on a big lot with your neighbors way far away, so it’s easier to meet people and it’s good for kids,” Ms. Phillips says.

Back to that river:

“That river is a large part of the community—we have ice fishing, ice hockey, skating,” says Roseann Sarica Benedict,… who is also a broker [surprise again!]

The Mianus is indeed a treasure, but public access is extremely limited and what there is of it is on the Cos Cob side. And who goes there?



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193 responses to “The Wall Street Journal discovers Riverside, sort-of

  1. Upperwestsider

    Does this mean the top is in for Riverside? Falling stock market and WSJ puff piece AND Fed rate increases for all these ARMS!!!

  2. Mickster

    The tone of your post suggests you are upset that WSJ didn’t call you – don’t know why you are surprised that Ms Phillips and Benedict are realtors.

    • I just thought it odd that such emphasis was placed on a river that barely registers in Riverside’s consciousness, and figured that only a real estate agent would use the waters as a hook. Then again, maybe the reporter needed an angle.

      • Mickster

        Just seems like a badly-written piece to me

      • When I was out walking the dog today, I saw alot if activity at the houses for sale on Willow , Hidden Brook and Meadow. People seem to be out looking to buy.

        • Indeed. I saw people yesterday evening at 324 Riverside Avenue, brother Gideon reports something like 10 couples viewing his new listing at 5039 Indian Head between yesterday and today, I’m receiving calls from potential buyers, etc. The spring market has started.

        • Price Reduced

          Knocked a million off the ’13 price @ 50 Indian head.

        • Price Reduced

          Can they get 1000/ft?
          12 oak drive, a quieter street, a Cul de sac, a nine iron away is brand new, 6500 sq. ft, asking 4.4
          That seems more like the going price for new over there (800/ft)

        • Anonymous

          People are actually looking at the $2mm “oyster barn” located on a trickle of refuse that no one’s eaten an oyster from and lived to tell the tale in at least 50 years? Shocking.

  3. Aerial 69

    Riverside is my retirement in the making.

    • Anonymous

      And yet still outperformed by basically every other decent town in the county.

    • Anonymous

      I guess Riverside Elementary is not the draw it used to be. North Mianus and Dundee Schools are ranked ahead. Why is Old Greenwich Elementary ranked so low?

  4. Anonymous

    Riverside may be more expensive per inch, but the fact is that there’s relatively inexpensive houses aplenty. That’s its popularity. It’s Darien for people who are slightly less comfortable with white supremacy.

    I always wonder about people who describe any part of Greenwich as having a New England atmosphere. Have they ever left the I-95 corridor south of Bridgeport? Been up to Bedford?

    So what’s the over/under the Riverside/OG bubble to burst? 1 year? 2? It can’t be much longer. Someone said something about all those ARMs adjusting soon–sounds like they’ll get a reprieve through the summer. Phew!

    • GreenITCH

      well if Riverside / OG bubble burst it will not be because of higher rates … have you looked at current ARM and Fixed rates …. they are at 5/6 year lows !!! Seeing people looking at refinancing into a better more liquid situation if anything ,,,,

    • Anonymous

      You can refi anytime, rates are at mult year lows. You can get a 5 year ARM at 2.375%

  5. Christina

    Everyone knows Riverside is the best place to live !!! Why else would Frank & Katie Lee Gifford , Lara Spencer , my family live here!! Cha Ching – go riverside !!!

  6. Greenwich Gal

    Yeah, but no billionaires in Riverside…

  7. Anonymous

    Interest rates and therefore mortgage rates are at all time lows. I took out a mortgage in October and am doing a refi now at a rate 3/8% lower. One day rates will go up but right now it is as cheap as ever to borrow money.

  8. Anonymous

    To say Riverside is the most expensive area of Greenwich per square inch is laughable. 1 to 1.5mm shitholes abound south of the tracks for young families who can’t afford private schools. The nice parts of lower mid country good building lots go for 3 and nobody would touch north street school unless they are sending the help there.

    • Says Anon with a house that can’t sell in backcountry.

    • Anonymous

      What’s your problem 🙂

    • There isn’t even 1 listing south of the post rd in Riverside 1-1.5 M.

    • Anonymous

      You make Riverside sound like a nice place to live. Of course it’s more affordable than Midcountry. Most people who live in Riverside do so for good public schools, so obviously they’re not rich. But it’s just odious to talk about $1.5mm “shitholes.” A true sign of being lowborn.

      • Price Reduced

        Plenty can afford private schools, the thing is, they aren’t that good.
        More kids get into top schools from GHS, then all the privates combined.

      • Cos Cobber

        And another back country jerkoff shows their true colors. Lowborn? Odious? Most of the truly great leaders in business in America and the world were ‘lowborn.’

      • Moving to North Mianus

        There are better schools than Riveraide. NMS and ISD are ranked ahead.

        Manhattan transplants like the density, until they realize there is nothing to walk to.

  9. Anonymous

    Clearly I struck a nerve. There have been well over a dozen sales under 1.5 the past year.

    • james

      Anom is right about RS homes sold…

      But fact of the matter is I like my barber more than anyone else in Greenwich. Riverside people suck, midcountry people too (I live there and yes I am probably an asshole too).

  10. Riverside forever

    Where else in Greenwich would you rather live if you want the best public schools!!

  11. Toonces

    I just read my WSJ and found it interesting that they constantly mentioned OG. If you want more restaurants, go to OG, if you want a beach, go to OG, for shopping, walk to OG. OG rules people.

  12. Anonymous

    not to mention a madoff in the midst

  13. Bruce

    great schools,great neighborhood,close proximity to fine schools,trains,,beaches and very low taxes..if you want better public schools and be closer to manhattan your taxes will be more than double and you will be in rye ny….did i say you will be in ny? come out to g-ds country ! the fabulous greenwich (riverside )

  14. Just the Facts!

    With the Town reval just around the corner, get ready for a huge shift in tax burden. This one is going to sting Old Greenwich and Riverside homeowners bad. Brokers keep touting the east side of Town like it’s the only area worth mentioning. They forget to mention that low taxes was the bait…now here comes the pain….JTF!

    • Best Family neighborhood riverside

      Show me this report about taxes going up!- you are full of it!!! Sounds like you’re very jealous that you don’t own and can’t afford a beautiful $4 million home with 13,000 taxes in riverside !!! # Haters want to hate! You probably live in stamford!

      • RE junkie

        Greenwich property taxes are peiodically re-assessed to catch up with market value, so if you think your house is worth $4million then I can guarantee your taxes will rise

        • Anonymous

          RE Junkie and Anon@10:40: don’t bother trying to use numbers and facts with someone who uses the language of 12 year olds to communicate.

      • Anonymous

        If you have a home worth $4mm in Riverside your taxes are going to be higher than $13K after the next assessment. It may still take another 5 years before they catch up with a similar valued property in mid country.

        • Toonces

          Are taxes assessed based on the value of property or the size of the lot or both? What is fair? I think if you have 4 acres of land with a house worth 2.0 you should have higher taxes than someone with a property that sells for the same amount of money but is on .2 acres.

          • The same reasoning would see a 1986 Buick Roadmaster taxed at a higher rate than a tiny Lamborghini, but I don’t that’s going to happen soon.

          • Toonces

            Nah, you can’t compare the size of a car to acreage. A 4 acre lot is 20 times the size of a .2 acre lot and I don’t know of any cars that are 20 times the size of other cars. Plus – the cars don’t have town maintained wires/pipes etc… going to them (hmm… is this cost born by all or is it private?). Anyway – I think bigger lots should be taxed higher, said the girl who lives on a relatively small lot and is probably biased.

        • Anonymous

          All you need to know about Greenwich property tax.

          • Toonces

            Anonymous: no doubt private school is a good choice for some students. However there are no Intel semifinalists from the private schools here (or anywhere in CT). Your statement that the chances for academic success are higher at a good private school is an opinion and nothing more. Statistics do not support it.

        • GreenITCH

          as someone in Riverside that sounds like good news to me as then I can fight my assessment going forward and lower my taxes …

  15. Accolay

    No mention of the swinging that goes on? Definitely the main selling point of Riverside, especially for the husbands.

  16. littlelordflauntleroy

    Another advantage of Riverside is that it borders Cos Cob, with its reasonable priced restaurants and abundant pool of laborers.

  17. Anonymous

    Public access to Mianus only happens in Cos Cob. Wait ….

  18. In this year’s Intel Talent Search for Science, there were 7 semi-finalists from Connecticut. How many were from Greenwich High? And from Westminster, Kent, Avon, Hotchkiss, Loomis, Darien High, New Canaan……

    • Toonces

      Precisely Balzac. All of the Intel semifinalists from CT are from one town, one class, one teacher. Greenwich public schools are not perfect but they are stellar. PS: The titles of the projects give you an idea, but if you saw the posters and abstracts you’d be even more amazed.

    • Anonymous

      Who cares? What a weirdly irrelevant measure of success.

      • Toonces

        What a stupid thing to say Anonymous @ 1:57pm. Intel is one of the most prestigious science awards for high school students. It’s incredibly difficult to make it to the semi’s and kids spend years coming up with and executing their projects. You obviously know nothing about it.

        • Anonymous

          He probably makes his kids play football. Pay no attention. Seriously. Anyone with half a brain knows what a big deal it is.

  19. Toonces

    Also interesting: Candidates for Presidential Scholars Program, chosen for their high SAT/ACT scores were announced this week: 6 from Greenwich. 4 are from GHS, one from Brunswick and one from Horace Mann. You do not need to send your kids to private school in Greenwich.

    • Anonymous

      You certainly do not need to, if you have a highly motivated and intellectually curious child they will prosper at Greenwich High School, and likely would have prospered anywhere. However there are 700 graduates per year at GHS and the chances of academic success are higher at a good private school.

      • Toonces

        Out of that 700 a huge number are getting into Ivies and top 25 schools. Others are getting into top performing arts schools and art schools etc…
        They are doing a lot of things right at that school and they do it in spite of the size. It’s quite an accomplishment for a school that is bigger than many colleges.

        • Anonymous

          I can only agree. I am a fan of the high school. If you want the data it is here:

          • Toonces

            Acceptance to top schools is not higher at the private schools. I am stating that just by experience and knowing personally who got in to certain ivies/top schools from Greenwich. Where are the stats that it is “materially higher” at private schools? I think for certain kids private school is a better choice – because they need more attention or they want a smaller student body or the parents want a certain experience for themselves. For my kid it was “the bigger the better”. More choices, more friends, more teachers, more course options. At GHS you can take more interesting courses than you can at any of the private schools. For some people that’s overwhelming though I bet.

        • Anonymous

          As parents in this town we are lucky to have great choices in both the public and private sector. I don’t agree with discussions that suggest one choice is empirically better than the other. It is very impressive that GHS has 7 Intel Semi Finalists, it is also very impressive that the acceptance rate to competitive schools at the local private schools is so high, and materially higher than at GHS. Neither statistic means that one is superior to the other. They are just data points that do not capture the whole high school experience. Let’s just be happy that we have great choices that work for our families.

        • Anonymous

          Toonces last post because it is getting off topic, and I have children in public and private school so I have no axe to grind.

          The data is readily available, the High School matriculations have been posted here already. You can google college matriculations for any local private school and it will give you 2014 and 5 year numbers. The percentage accepted at competitive colleges is a lot higher than at the high school.

          Once again we are all lucky to have great choices.

        • Anonymous


          Admissions to Ivy League Colleges + Stanford.

          2014 GHS 38 students 6.3% of class
          2013 GHS 25 students 4.2% of class

          Assumes 600 class size.

          2010-14 average RCDS 26 students 26% of class
          2010-14 average GA 21 students 23% of class
          2010-14 average WCK 21 students 23% of class

          Assumes RCDS class size 100, GA and WCK 90 each.

          Source school websites.

          Can we just agree that all is good here and as parents we have great options in public and private.

          • Anonymous

            GHs doesn’t release those numbers Anonymous. Why are you only including Ivies + stanford? Leabing out MIT, u chicago, duke – etc… all of which are ranked higher than Brown, Cornell dartmouth?

          • Toonces

            GHS does release those numbers, but I agree with you, Anonymous – MIT and other schools should be on any list of great schools.

          • Toonces

            Anonymous – thanks for the links! GHS has better programs/more courses/more AP’s for top students. They also have better programs for students who need extra help. They are able to do that because of their size and because there are more (number/not percent) of every level of student because…. they take everyone. For us that was a positive – we wanted accelerated academics and we also wanted a school that seemed a little closer to the real world. Of course, the curve will be flatter at a private school. It is a more homogenous population of parents and kids which I suspect is the attraction for many people. Still no Intel semifinalists this year from *any* private school in CT. I never said that that parents in Greenwich don’t have great options. I said it was not necessary to go to a private school for a top notch education.

        • Anonymous

          Toonces you clearly said acceptance to top schools is not higher at private schools. The data shows it is. If you add Chicago, Duke, MIT etc the private school percentages are even higher. We are still in agreement that GHS is a great school.

          • Toonces

            Exactly – I said more kids from GHS got in to those schools. Not a bigger percent – but a bigger number of kids. GA and Brunswicktake kids partly based on test scores so they should have a higher percentage getting in to good schools. That is not because they are better schools , it is just that they are selective. But I think people are getting bored, or at least Joey is getting bored with this discussion :).

    • Anonymous

      The difference is the few smart kids from publics will do great regardless thanks to their smarts and good parents, whereas just about every Horace Mann grad will reap a lifetime of connections/benefits just because they’re Horace Mann grads.

      • to: parent of Horace Mann student

        Justifying your private school tuition anonymous @ 4:24? I think people absolutely make connections in college. High school? Not so much

  20. childpsychiatrist

    Even though Greenwich is an affluent town and GHS is relatively good as public schools go.
    If you go to GHS, you will be regarded around town as one of those poor kids.
    This bothers some kids, doesn’t bother others.

    Also the contacts you make will likely not be as valuable.

    • Anonymous

      you can’t be serious childpsychiatrst. poor kids? that’s very funny and if you’re serious I feel sorry for your patients.

    • Childpsychologist – You obviously don’t live in Greenwich. Diana Ross’ son Evan and Kathie Lee’s son , 2 extremely wealthy families off the top of my head, went to GHS. No one refers to GHS students as “the poor kids” in town. Stupid post.

      • Toonces

        RC – I concur, stupid post.

      • anonymous

        If you are impressed by Kathy Lee you are a buffoon!

      • Nutmegger

        The DAUGHTERS of both Diana Ross and Kathy Lee Gifford went to Greenwich Academy by the way. And may I point out that the Intel winners every year from Greenwich are like 90 to 100% boys?

        • Toonces

          Last year Anne Merrill went all the way to Finalist status and she visited the White House. Sure there are generally more boys doing Science research but that is a whole different discussion.

    • Anonymous

      Idiotic comment. Also I’ve known exactly 0 people whose day school connections helped them in a material way later in life. Boarding, yes. That’s like going to war together. And the pool of people is much, much, much more exclusive. Day? Please.

    • Cos Cobber

      Private school is about the contacts for most households.

  21. From the Block

    And the boarding school “pool of people is much, much, much more exclusive.” An even more idiotic comment.

    • Anonymous

      But it is–you usually have to be smart AND connected AND rich. Only the latter’s required for area day schools.

  22. Walt

    Do you really all believe your crotch droppings should be successful based on how much money you have? Or where you send them to school? That is truly disgusting. YOU ALL SICKEN ME!!

    You pompous, arrogant pieces of SHIT!! The vast majority of brilliance is God given. It can’t be bought, and it can’t be taught. It just is. Greatness always rises to the top, in spite of any obstacles.

    So when your underwear puppies disappoint you, after you have pissed away a fortune to help them succeed, blame no one but yourself. Why not instead love them for who they are? And don’t leave them a pile of money, because that will screw them up.
    You morons.

    • Anonymous

      I love you, man.

    • Anonymous

      Underwear puppies 🙂

    • New to Greenwich

      We are new to Greenwich and wealthy, and we think we made a mistake. This town is so elitist and insecure. They spend so much time talking up their school, neighborhood, street, supermarket, car, hair dresser and ice cream store. We so agree with Walt.

      • Anonymous

        “We are new to Greenwich and wealthy”

        “This town is so elitist and insecure.”

        See above.

      • Anonymous

        Dear New to Greenwich: methinks thou dost protest too much. Listen to what you said: “We are new to Greenwich and wealthy”. Now, tell me again who sounds elitist and insecure?

        • New to Greenwich

          That’s my point Anonymous! I am elitist and insecure, but not when compared to the people in this town!

      • Anonymous

        Not everyone in Greenwich is elitist and insecure. In fact, I’d say most of the people I’ve met here are just the opposite, and we’ve lived here for eight years. There’s a lot more to Greenwich than SoPo in Riverside.

  23. take an hour and imagine:

  24. childpsychiatrist

    Here is why a few rich exceptions let their kids go to GHS.

  25. Belle Haven Maven

    The discussion here is laughable. This town is full of insecure people who are worried they overpaid for their houses or are trying to maintain the pretense of their Zillow valuation, and try to bring others down to make themselves feel better. Stop the bitching at each other and get involved in improving the town and the schools. We have so much more to offer than New Canaan.

    • Toonces

      You, Belle Haven Maven, are so secure that you feel the need to put your neighborhood in your screen name. We are all just having fun here talking about the merits of the neighborhoods and schools. I don’t think people are insecure at all. They just feel strongly about their own ‘hoods. It took us 2 years to find a house because we found homes and neighborhoods we loved in mid country, Glenville, back country, Riverside AND OG. There is something to be said for every one of those places. Oh, and we loved a certain home in Cos cob too.

      • Belle Haven Maven 2

        I’m keen on getting some gates put up on Field Point Rd and Shore Road. We need to keep out the tourists from the rest of Greenwich, especially those who live on postage stamp lots who come by our neighborhood to drool over our 2 acre lots that are not in back country. And of course our Christmas lights.

      • Accolay

        People who live in Belle Haven read and post here? Interesting! I agree, Toonces, I love most neighborhoods of Greenwich (well, maybe not Western Greenwich, NOPO, Cos Cob, etc). Actually, I take that back: I like mid-country and south of the tracks Riverside/OG.

        • Toonces

          Accolay – we saw an incredible house in Glenville – on a pond with its own moat almost. We saw a truly cool , unique new home in Cos cob. There is something for everyone here I think and good schools all over the place.

          • That’s a point I’ve been trying to make here for years, Toonces – there’s a huge variety of housing in Greenwich, with different styles, architecture and lot size, and neighborhoods to meet the needs of most people looking for a suburban lifestyle (no rural hunting grounds anymore, alas). Schools are all good enough to pose no hinderance to students whose parents care about education and are willing to provide the home environment necessary for success, so that really shouldn’t be a consideration. I joke about Cos Cob because it’s fun to do so, and Cos Cobber, in particular, makes that joke work by sassing me back, but really: find a house you like, a neighborhood you like, and settle down – you can’t really go wrong.

          • Toonces

            Exactly! There are so many cool homes, lots , neighborhoods or non-neighborhoods that for people like us, it was actually very hard to make a decision. I could be happy in a lot of different spots here.

        • Anonymous

          Silly rabbit, Belle Haven people hire people to post for them on the internet.

  26. Joey

    This is definitely suburb talk!!!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!

  27. Diana

    All of you people on here going on and on about Riverside vs Greenwich etc…is so ridiculous. Having grown up in Greenwich one did not rip apart one part of town vs another…who has more billionaires…good god how ridiculous!!!

  28. Anonymous

    Glenville Elementary has 5 stars!

  29. Anonymous

    Popular thread. Covers all the bases. Public vs private. Riverside vs OG. Everywhere vs Cos Cob. Swinging vs monogamy. Nature vs nurture.

    • Cos Cobber

      Speaking of the Cob, going to be a blowout weekend ahead of big steak dinners and heavy drinking at Louie’s. Back to back to back snowfall events has pushed the 06807 snow plow economy into high gear. Anyone who bet wrong on the Swiss Frank and needs to sell their boat should post their sorry tale at Randy’s Wines. Expect a cash proposal!

  30. Diana

    To anonymous 11:38, yes I guess being fourth generation Greenwich does make me better because I don’t feel the need to put down areas of town and various schools, discussing what celebrity lives in one area vs. another etc.. rather than having a straight forward conversation with facts and data. Yes you newbies make us real Greenwich natives laugh at all of you scurrying around with your tails between your legs trying to figure it all out. Thank you though for the entertainment !!!

  31. Diana

    oh yes Nutmegger you are so accurate I must be from Cos Cob or Chikahominy…you are so right how did you know…. and inbred as well…this is such comedy!!!

  32. Jan

    I am also new to Greenwich. Could have lived anywhere in town, even Mid- or Backcountry. Chose the Cos Cob/Greenwich border (and Cos Cob School) and could NOT be happier. We have a thriving, diverse, hard-working community. Lovely neighborhood/village on the upswing. Loads of parent volunteers in the school. Lots of happy, thriving kids with bright futures. I’ve met stressed out parents from other parts of town who pass on that stress to their kids. I just don’t find that as the ‘norm’ at my school and where I live. Just sayin’

  33. Jan

    Cos Cob School has a significant number of foreign-born students. Some are passing through (1-2 years only while parents are on work assignment). And some are here to stay. If that’s what brings down the test scores, comparatively, then so-be-it. It makes CCS the best-kept secret around, IMHO.

    • IB Wife

      Completely agree. CCS is a great school, and we have met the best families that have kids there. I wished we bought there.

      • Cos Cobber

        Nice to hear some kind words.

        I think there are many misconceptions about Cos Cob.

        First, the community is not 100% 4th generation Italian, although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that (and there are some!). In fact, the school is very diverse. We’d match up well with any modern central casting. One of the highlights is that its about 10% Japanese and about 10% eastern European. I’m probably understating the Asian influence, it maybe 20% Asian when counting mixed race households. Long term, I’m not so sure Cos Cob will be running high school football in another 10 years. There is also plenty of job diversity, people working for banks, investment funds, as doctors, as lawyers, as professors, international business, fortune 500 firms, as plumbers/tradesman/etc and as small biz owners.

        Second, yes – we have an active PTA and ample parental volunteers. And although there are many prof. working moms, there are probably more homemakers.

        Third, yes according to school officials, the school’s performance on statewide tests is handicapped by the elevated number of foreign born ESL kids. Not sure I believe that is fully accurate myself, but that is what they say and its true, we do have a fair amount. As previously stated, many of these households are here for just a couple years.

        Fourth, believe it or not, most everyone I meet is happy to live here. They like the small compact village like life tucked inside the larger Gwich community. On a snow day it can feel very Leave it to Beaver around here, which is nice.

  34. anonymous

    Fuzzy foreigners ruin everything!

  35. mystreetisbetterthanyourstreet

    Some parts of Riverside are crappy, like near Balducci’s food store.

    HaHa, 161 comments and still going!

    • nomineisbetterthanyours

      yes – up that riverside lane street CHEAP homes for only 2 mil

      • Riverside Chick

        I can’t believe people who live west of Riverside Drive think they live in Riverside. It feels much more like Byram – quality of housing and price.

        • Cos Cobber

          Oh come on now RC, if someone has a Riverside zip code, what are they supposed to say when asked, seriously? And should these people walk in shame, with a bag over their head?

          That said, there is a difference between having a modest, but tidy home and someone running a pseudo junkyard and no house maintenance. I’m understanding of the former, but not of the latter.

        • Riverside SoPo

          We all know from CF that Riverside NoPo is distinct from Riverside proper. We should also highlight the other less desirable neighborhoods in Riverside like Riverside WeRA (West of Riverside Ave), Riverside CuTh (Main Cut Thru roads like Riverside Ave and Lockwood Ave which will just get worse with the train bridge work) Riverside Train (all the streets that back on to the train line like Summit, Oval, Hendrie, Wilmot, Miltiades) and lets not forget the Buxton community, which is really part of Riverside WeRA. Then we have the disaster between the Post Road and I95, Riverside Inbetweeners.

        • nomineisbetterthanyours

          i said the 2mil homes on riverside lane are “CHEAP”. They aren’t – i was being facetious. It is still nice up there – especially near the river! No Po is very nice! Riverside Chick, that’s just obnoxious.

        • Anonymous

          Riverside NoPo IS very nice. I am sure she was being as farcical as you were being facetious.

        • Accolay

          So basically you think the streets off Indian Head are the only nice parts of Riverside? I’m sure most would agree. ; )

        • NoPoOr

          With any home purchase there are compromises. Some might put up with postage stamp lot on the busy corner of Riverside and Lockwood Avenues so they can walk to the train, others might put up with a longer commute to the train so they can have a more privacy on a street off Sheep Hill Road on the water (my preference). Both live in Riverside, and can walk to their respective good schools.

    • banksvilleisbest

      We would not touch most of Old Greenwich because of our concerns over flooding. We also found the playgrounds and eastern civic center full of Stamford kids.

  36. Greenwich Gal

    God, I’ve really got to get out of here….

    • anonymous

      There is nowhere to go and you would not fit in anywhere else. Sure they might worship your money if you moved to a place where you could be a bigger fish but people still would not really like you. Anyway, you are way more pretentious than you give yourself credit for. Embrace your pomposity. Your kind of chick gave us the original stepford wives movie and countless men’s locker room jokes at the club. The world would certainly not be as funny or as ridiculous without you. Enjoy the ride! You sure make it fun for the rest of us!

    • Cos Cobber

      We’ve seem to picked up some toxic new voices.

      • housecat

        We now have a resident bigot, Cobber. Oh, the joy.

        • Greenwich Gal

          Who is Anon at 8:23 talking about, me? What the hell? I have not even been part of this post!

        • housecat

          GG: yes, Cousin Itt@8:23 was talking to you. Try not to take it personally, he likes to troll other commenters (females are a particular favorite – no psychiatrist needed there) and make bigoted comments just for kicks. Hopefully he’ll be putting in some more hours at the gas station soon.

        • Anonymous

          that’s an insult to gas station owners!

        • Greenwich Gal

          Thanks, housecat. What a laugh! This guy obviously doesn’t even follow this blog regularly to know better.

  37. Anonymous

    wow is this the biggest response thread at fwiw of all time?

  38. Anonymous

    schools and neighborhood discussions sure brings out the best in people.

  39. where is Jonny Depp ?

    Does GHS have a big coke problem?